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Candidate Focus 2020: Bernalillo County Commissioners Priorities

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New Mexico County Commissioner District 2

Frank A Baca 2020 New Mexico County Commission Candidate
Frank A Baca, 2020 New Mexico County Commission Candidate

Frank A. Baca


Criminal Justice Reform

There is a distinction between career criminals and crimes committed due to mental health, substance abuse and alcohol issues and those who resort to crime due to poverty. Career criminals need to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. Crimes committed due to mental health/substance abuse issues must be medically treated as a more cost-effective manner of reducing crime and assisting the individual in leading a productive life. Treatment  must be made available while a person is incarcerated and afterwards. The behavioral health tax provides a vehicle to fund in-patient and out-patient programs. Basic educational and vocational training programs are an alternative to incarceration for poverty-related crimes.


Education is the foundation for economic development and is the most effective way to address social ills associated with poverty. It is crucial to support education financially and to seek to change the narrative surrounding education by developing a campaign to promote a “culture of education.” A county commissioner can support education by helping to develop a program that promotes the value and importance of education.  Much of the funding for this campaign can come from private sources. In addition, a commissioner can and should collaborate and support initiatives of APS, CNM and other existing educational organizations to expose students to various post-secondary and vocational educational opportunities beginning at the mid-school level.

Transportation & Infrastructure

The primary responsibility of the office of county commissioner is to address basic, infrastructural, needs of the community: roads, bridges, water & sewer etc. It is crucial to determine those needs and priorities by inquiring and LISTENING to community members to ascertain THEIR needs and concerns. As we begin the process of contemplating economic recovery, funding basic infrastructural projects serves the dual purposes of stimulating the economy and addressing basic needs. It becomes a matter of prioritization and the county commissioner should work to ensure the district receives its fair share of county expenditures for infrastructural projects.

New Mexico County Commissioner District 3

Adriann Barboa 2020 New Mexico County Commission Candidate
Adriann Barboa, 2020 New Mexico County Commission Candidate

Adriann Barboa


Public Safety

Families do not feel safe; we see crime and violence in our neighborhoods daily. Too often people are desperate, looking for food or their next fix.  Resources that serve the whole family and community around behavioral health, recovery from substance use, and prioritizing businesses, arts and safety needs of our communities will create neighborhoods that our families can feel proud to live and play in. 

First responders and front line workers risk their own health and safety, they must have the equipment, pay and respite time needed to re-energize for their families and to best serve Bernalillo County


Healthcare is a human right. Bernalillo County is responsible for upholding a healthcare safety net to provide care for our most vulnerable families. We must improve access to care upfront and policies that support our workforce; better meeting the needs of patients from the onset leads to cost-savings for our whole system and increased wellness for all people.  

Working on state legislation for Medicaid Buy-In for New Mexico, I know it is critical to the health and well-being of all our communities that our county systems and resources work effectively, efficiently and collaboratively with state, city, and federal governments.


My life’s work has been in Reproductive Justice, the condition in which all people have the social, economic and political power to make decisions about their body and their lives. The environment has a direct impact on our health, reproductive health, our children and the sustainability of our communities.  It is my cultural tradition to respect, defend and protect our land, energy, air and water. 

Bringing an intersectional lens and traditional and cultural values approach to decisions on the environment and its impact on our health and well-being, has not been done at the degree I am equipped to do.

Adrian Neal Carver 2020 New Mexico County Commission Candidate
Adrian Neal Carver, 2020 New Mexico County Commission Candidate

Adrian N. Carver


Public Safety

Born and raised in District 3 I plan raising my family here with my husband. Just like your family, we want our children to grow up in a community that is safe:

  • Ending homelessness – being unsheltered should be rare, brief, non-recurring. Let’s invest in affordable housing.
  • Sheriff’s Office Accountability – Community-level oversight through a BernCo Civilian Law Enforcement Oversight Board. 
  • Deliver on promises of the Behavioral Health Tax – use a comprehensive public health approach to ending the cycles of violence and addiction.
  • Reduce recidivism – Establish a Re-Entry Advisory Commission including formerly incarcerated community members.
  • Establish a taskforce to close the Juvenile Detention Center – expand on nationally-recognized, trauma-responsive work and determine safe alternatives for those who require a secure facility.

Business, Economy, and Revenue Sources

Moments of crisis demand that we re-center, renew, and strengthen our social contract – COVID-19 is no different. We have the opportunity to demonstrate that we believe that no matter who you are, what you look like, where you live, who you love, no matter what’s in your wallet, we’re all human. We’ll recover, together, by doing the following:

  • Expand the small and local business procurement preference – inject more public dollars in the local economy.
  • Establish a CABQ/BernCo Small Business Recovery Taskforce –  real-time feedback to inform recovery policy.
  • Raising the minimum wage – gradually, to $15/hr.
  • Maintaining our Immigrant-Friendly County status
  • Expanding access to affordable fiber internet access
  • Build a truly integrated, equitable regional transit system

Energy and Environment

My values and work are rooted in social justice, racial healing, and public health – all of which are how I approach environmental issues. As a millennial, I am keenly aware of the immediate need for action from local, government to save the planet from catastrophe. 

  • I’ll sponsor a moratorium on fracking – which is an existential threat to our aquifer and wellbeing.
  • Finish cleanup of the Kirtland Bulk Fuels Spill – vigilant accountability for the Air Force.
  • Let’s build a regional public composting and recycling facility – no more rotting recyclables.
  • No more transit debacles – let’s establish the Central Albuquerque Authority on Regional Transit (CAART)
Marcos A Gonzales 2020 New Mexico County Commission Candidate
Marcos A Gonzales, 2020 New Mexico County Commission Candidate

Marcos A. Gonzales


Business, Economy, and Revenue Sources: Economic Development

Bernalillo County needs a Commissioner who will set policy for the next wave of Economic Development, leading to positive changes within the County and our economy. Job growth will create additional County revenues, which we will be able to reinvest in our community. We must fight to keep new and old businesses in our community and connect businesses to resources, expanding their ability to grow. This means every job at every skill level is valuable in creating the right environment for all businesses to rebuild in Bernalillo County.

Public Safety

Unfortunately, crime is a common thread in our community. Bernalillo County must do better at providing a safer environment for our children, families, and businesses. With a commitment to justice and fairness, we need a renewed focus on Public Safety within Bernalillo County that concentrates on meaningful collaboration across jurisdictions. Ensuring that our families are safe by monitoring how Public Safety dollars are spent towards essential entities to maximize their effectiveness will be a priority for Marcos A. Gonzales as County Commissioner.

Business, Economy, and Revenue Sources: Affordable Housing

Housing costs within Bernalillo County continue to climb and are becoming out of reach for many of our working families. A roof under one’s head means community members have the foundation to strive towards a new era of growth. So, we need to establish a strategic community plan for creating and sustaining affordable housing for today and the future of Bernalillo County. Affordable housing builds safe, successful, and productive communities. This is why keeping District 3 and Bernalillo County affordable is a top priority.