Just think!  It’s only a short time until the presidential elections!  As Democrats we have tons to do between now and then to make all our voices heard. 

One major task is getting ourselves involved in the ground-up representative democracy that leads to selecting the strongest presidential candidate.  

Although the State pays for primary elections with our tax dollars, the competitive internal party process for ballot ranking on the primary ballot and, later, for selecting presidential candidates relies on party volunteers. DPBC is beginning the process to organize the pre-primary ward meetings and county convention and the post-primary ward meetings and conventions where delegates to the national convention are chosen.  

We need volunteers

  • As voice talent—people with mellifluous voices to read training video scripts explaining the pre-primary and post-primary processes;
  • To prepare for and make the ward and post-primary conventions run smoothly—helpers prepared to help Democrats from our 58 Bernalillo County wards at 10 sites, including:
    • making directional signs to and within the meeting places (no art skill needed),
    • providing technological support for digital voting,
    • preparing supply packets with ballots,
    • staffing ward convention sites on Feb. 15 and 22, and Jun. 3 and 6, 2020,
    • hosting a simple party for assembling supply packets

We hope you will be part of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County ward convention process that will lead to a glorious day just a year from now!

You can volunteer at the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County Website.