Bernalillo Dems Spread Love, Not Hate

By Damian Lara, Ward Chair, 16A

On Sunday, August 18, Swing Left New Mexico teamed up with the Democratic Party of
Bernalillo County to spread love, not hate.  In light of the tragic events in El Paso and Dayton,
hand writing letters to our neighboring State seemed like the way to show Dems Care.  Because
every eligible voter in the Swing Left Texas campaign had already received a hand written letter
and accompanying voter registration by mail form, we decided to reach out to eligible voters in

Nearly 30 letter writers spread out in three conference rooms and wrote 570 letters to
prospective voters in Arizona!  It was so heartening to have this turnout, and people were really
motivated and grateful to have this opportunity to make a real difference together. 

Flora Lucero made the Letter Writing Party possible by hosting the event in the DPBC’s
downtown offices; and took care of printing costs, plus supplied envelopes and stamps for
those who couldn’t provide them.  Nancy Carr, representing Swing Left New Mexico, provided
instructions and helped train volunteers on the letter-writing and voter-registration-by-mail

Voter Registration By Mail is a powerful way to make a real difference together! We want to acknowledge and thank the following letter writing volunteers who are making waves to turn Arizona blue in the next election: 

Flora Lucero, Damian Lara, and Nancy Carr

Letter Writing Volunteers

Katyer Adams
Wendy Brown
Kathy Cranage
Sally Davis
Becky Gordon
Nick Harrison
Wanda Harrison
Vivian Heyward
Keya Horn
Terry Ihnat
Deborah Krichels
Cornelia Lange
Brenda Mansker
Amy Marash
David Marash
Ed Melton
Julie Melton
Samuel Nevarez
Geri Newton
Hanh Nguyen
Brenda Pace
Lynn Perk
Mary Robert
Ray Shortridge
Judy Smith
Paul Szauter
Gayle Vance
Maria Williams
Sue Wolinsky