Bernalillo County Volunteers

Bernalillo County volunteers are strengthening our connections through service and organizing in hopes of having an efficient, inclusive network that supports Democratic victories here and across the country by the November 2020 elections and beyond.

People of all sorts of backgrounds are showing up and making a difference: People who know about learning management systems are designing online training tools for people training for presentations on behalf of the Democratic Party and its candidates. People who understand the New Mexico school system are working with those who know the urgent need for increased voter turnout to make sure every single high school senior in Albuquerque has an opportunity to register online to vote and be part of the change we all hope to see.  Your Democratic friends are doing outreach, voter registration, issue education and recruitment at all sorts of community events. The Democratic Party of Bernalillo County is a presence; our volunteers are a force.

Please join us!  We welcome your skills, talents and ideas.

If you are disheartened by the enormity of the problems we face, don’t despair!  Doing ANYTHING to help make a positive change is a step toward success—and working for change can support your own mental health.

If you wonder why we aren’t already doing something you advocate, we encourage you to join all of us —your Democratic colleagues—who also have priorities and are willing to work on projects that can be effective.

We are an all-volunteer organization with a workable, inclusive structure.  We have “service teams” that need volunteers, fiscal projects that need knowledgeable maintenance, fundraising goals that could use some advocates, phones that need to be staffed, data that needs to be analyzed in order to become useful.

If you have a willingness to help bring about change for the better in New Mexico and in Washington, we hope you’ll contact us at