Be Aware: The Republicans Want Their Own Brand of Justice

By M. Benevento

The Republican Party of New Mexico is targeting more than the Roundhouse and the White House this fall. On their website, they blatantly announce a plan to change New Mexico’s judicial system by pushing a slate of conservative-leaning candidates on the ballot for November (

Their candidates, they promise, will “change New Mexico’s courts,” “be tougher,” and “not coddle criminals.”

They speak of “personal freedoms,” the “abortion laws,” and the “weakening of 2ndAmendment rights” as making it “imperative that New Mexico get more conservative justices and judges on the benches.”

They even promote the idea of circumventing the collective will of our elected NM Senators and Representatives: “The legislature creates the state laws, but the courts interpret them. Progressive and liberal policies are endangering our liberties and freedoms, and this must stop.”

We Dems of Bernalillo County take issue, and are here to present better, more enlightened choices for New Mexico’s courts. Read Lance Chilton’s article (below) about Democratic judicial candidates appearing on the November ballot. And/or visit our DPBC website any time to see a complete listing of Democrats standing for positions in the:

Help make sure Republicans fail in their effort to bring backward values to bear in our justice system. Know and vote for the Democrats we want in our courtrooms. Encourage your friends and family to vote for them, too.