An incoherent and rambling address…

Dear Democrat,

Moments ago Donald Trump walked out of the White House and into the Rose Garden to deliver the most incoherent and rambling address that I’ve ever heard. Most of it made absolutely no sense at all, but the few parts that were close to understandable were self-praise for “the greatest economy ever” (it’s far from it), great deals that he’s made, or is making, with China, North Korea and Russia (we know who his real friends are) and then a little bit about the problems we face as a country. He touched on human trafficking and drugs. And then he actually got to his real point in making the speech in the first place. His precious wall.

He announced that he was declaring a “national emergency” to allow him to divert funds from necessary programs to build a wall that will have little or no impact on the problems he alluded to. Webster’s defines an “emergency” as “an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action”. There is nothing unforeseen about the border issues. People have been moving fairly freely, back and forth, across our southern border for generations. It’s true that there are dangerous drugs flowing across the border, but they’re mostly coming in through our ports of entry, and a wall won’t even slow that down. Human trafficking is deplorable, but a wall won’t even make a dent in that problem. There is nothing calling for “immediate action” that a wall will address.

But, my point today isn’t about the wall itself. I think that we’re virtually all in agreement that “The Great Wall of Trump” is one of the stupidest wastes of money ever conceived. It would compound the already existing humanitarian crisis with ecological disasters while wasting billions of taxpayer dollars. My point today is Trump himself. The speech he just gave on the world stage was worse than what I would expect from a candidate for the presidency of a five-member middle school chess club, and ridiculously short of the worst speech ever given by any previous President of the United States. It was an embarrassment for our entire country and an embarrassment for our constitutional form of government, given in front of a world-wide audience. This man is a disgrace to our nation.

No, impeachment is not the answer, nor is Section IV of the 25th Amendment. Neither approach is realistic at this time. The answer is 2020, when we MUST soundly defeat him in the election process. The upcoming two years are critical. We mustn’t be complacent. We can’t afford to just assume that New Mexico will vote “blue” in 2020. We must get to work now, and build on the phenomenal successes of 2018 to ensure that New Mexico’s five electoral votes go to the candidate of the Democratic Party, regardless of who that candidate may turn out to be.

We MUST keep working together!

Bill Peifer
Chair, Democratic Party of Bernalillo County
505-463-7045 (Text Please)