A New Force Comes to DPNM!

By Diane Torres-Velásquez

A new caucus focused on including and mobilizing Hispanic activists awaits approval by the party’s State Central Committee (SCC) at its next meeting on October 23.

Fuerzas Unidas values unity as a strength and, as such, is a newly envisioned Hispanic caucus with roots in advocacy and Chicana and Chicano activism. This group reaches out to rural as well as urban New Mexico, with an emphasis on the unity of tribal and Hispanic New Mexicans, honoring our Black and Asian communities, as well. By design, its bylaws will require leadership by rural as well as urban Hispanic leaders, who are guaranteed a voice in caucus affairs. For more information on the push for Hispanic inclusion, see MSNBC, https://www.msnbc.com/cross-connection/watch/promoting-education-equity-for-hispanic-americans-123782725567.

The need for Fuerzas Unidas came into focus from concerns that the Democratic Party is losing favor and participation with Hispanic/Latino New Mexicans. In particular, the Hispanic vote for Democrats has declined by 13% in the last decade, which is of concern as Hispanic and Latino families continue to struggle economically and educationally. Moreover, Hispanics provide key votes for Democrats throughout our state. Therefore, with the midterms just around the corner, we cannot be complacent and need a strong and active caucus to mobilize our communities today for a more hopeful future. Fuerzas Unidas is that caucus.

Our new caucus aims to work for the well-being and dignity of all Hispanic groups and to provide space for the voice of Hispanic and Latino voters. Expressly included in the term “Hispanic” for purposes of Fuerzas membership are people who identify as: Chicana, Chicano, Chicanx, Puerto Riqueño/a, Afro-Caribbean, South American, and Central American. Our by-laws call for two vice chairs; one from urban areas and one from rural areas. The urban vice chair of Fuerzas Unidas is Marsella Duarte, who also serves as DPBC 2nd vice chair and the treasurer is Vicky Estrada-Bustillo. Associate membership is available to non-Hispanic persons who support the goals and mission of the group.

To join, submit the following form: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSe4SS_yZVeK-

If you are a member of the SCC or friendly with a member, the Bernalillo County Democratic
Party urges you to press for inclusion of the Fuerzas caucus as well as all other caucuses that
conform to the requirements of State party rules. The DPBC takes the position that all people
who are willing and able to participate in formally organized Democratic Party activities should
be included. We welcome the energy and enthusiasm of new members!