Project Connect: Leaving No Student Behind

PROBLEM: You’re a student, but in-person learning has been canceled, so you don’t go to school any more.  

Your daily schedule includes plugging into online learning platforms, but you don’t have a computer.  Albuquerque Public Schools loans you one. Problem solved? Not if you don’t have internet.  Not if you don’t have a home.  What to do?

You rely on Project Connect, part of the Albuquerque Public Schools student support structure.  Project Connect relies on donors such as subscribers to this newsletter–The Blue Review and the Blue Bulletin. Donations are tax deductible.

Project Connect donations are targeted to individual students.  Donors providing $60 ensure that one student gets internet access through the end of the school year, payable in a lump sum or at $10 per month.  That guarantee of internet access helps prevent spotty attendance and absenteeism, avoiding increased drop-out rates for students leaving formal education behind before earning the credential required for most jobs that pay a living wage. 

Already in School Year 2020-21, some 234 students at West Mesa High lacked reliable internet service.  Another 154 students there were homeless and, despite programs for homeless students, their internet requirements lacked funding.

You can join this important effort. For full information on the project, including how to make a donation, Read More.