Some Facts About COVID Testing in Bernalillo County

A Q&A With David Morgan

The New Mexico Department of Public Health is offering COVID-19 testing at no-cost to the individual. There are many testing sites around Bernalillo County. Please refer to the Announcements section in this newsletter for more information.

David Morgan is the Media Manager for the New Mexico Department of Public Health.

Is NM Expo one of the public testing sites?

It is but one of many in Albuquerque. That particular one is hosted by Presbyterian.  You’ll find many more Albuquerque locations and more statewide

For people with insurance, will the test also be no cost to the patient?

For people with insurance, the test itself is free – but you may want to call ahead at the location of your choice to assure there are no other fees. Some private companies have other charges. The Department of Health does not charge anyone a dime, but if you do have insurance, we encourage you to bring it to allow us to bill your insurance company to recoup the cost of testing.

Is the on-line registration for any site?

Private companies may have separate sites for their own testing, but for testing at the Department of Health office nearest you, you can pre-register at

Is proof of residency required for the public testing sites?

Not at Department of Health locations, but testing criteria, required information for testing, and results turnaround can vary widely for all non-Department of Health locations. Please ask their criteria and required information before making an appointment.

What is the true cost to the State of each test?

I am unaware if we ever calculated that, so I’m going to double check and get back to you on this one. 

Is New Mexico doing pooled testing?

Where possible, yes.