Last NameFirst NameMiddle NameSuffixWhy I am running for this officeGenderCD
AcostaJohnDHi I'm John I'm running because i was born and raised in this neighborhood and want to ensure my family and community is represented.MaleCD1
AdlerMollyI Moved to Albuquerque 15 years ago to start a business, and truly got enchanted! Since my co-founding of Self Serve Sexuality Resource Center, I hit the ground running in getting involved in the small business community, supporting LGBTQ folks of Albuquerque, and getting to know the people in my neighborhood. I have volunteered with the Transgender Resource Center of NM and helped start the local chapter of Showing Up for Racial Justice (SURJ) in 2016. After attending NM Highlands University I became a social worker to pursue service in mental health. As a therapist, I enjoy the one-on-one healing work, as well as working towards structural change and improving the policies and institutions all around us. As Audre Lorde said, “There is no thing as a single-issue struggle because we do not live single-issue lives.” It’s all connected. And I would love to see our Democratic Party tackle the intersections of all the issues that affect our lives, while centering the most marginalized among us. That means we need to confront racism, health disparities, environmental justice, poverty, education, worker’s rights, reproductive justice, mental health, immigrant rights, disability justice, LGBTQ2+ issues, and much more. I hope to work with you!FemaleCD1
AlaridVanessaMI have grown up in multiple generations of Democrats. I was the Executive Director of the Democratic Party. I have worked on every presidential election since Bill Clinton. My grandfather was a strong Democratic Senator, Michael Alarid. My husband is Antonio "Moe" Maestas and we have continued our Democratic values that we both posses, in the raising of our family. I fight for Democrats and personally put in hours and hours of work, each election cycle and off-cycle. I am not a fair-weather party member. I put in the work, time and energy to make sure we elect Democrats to office. Please consider voting for me. Thanks, Vanessa AlaridFemaleCD1
AlexanderMelissaMarieI seek to add my diversity and talents, along with my life-long commitment to the values of the Democratic party to its efforts. I seek provide guidance to others who share my values for the direction of our party. I have enjoyed volunteering for the party and believe that this role is the next step in my process of serving the Democratic Party in New Mexico.FemaleCD1
AllenRoxanneR.I’ve always been a voter; I’ve always been a Democrat. In fact, I am an FDR Democrat and a believer in active inclusion and anti-oppression. As Democrats we value all our neighbors and work for policies that ensure a dignified and fulfilling life for all. Values are essential We must also have the mechanics necessary to put those values into action. The State Central Committee is part of that engine. It provides the structure that maintains fairness in party activities and decisions, that supports groups interested in specific populations or policy issues. It provides the forum for new ideas to be heard and implemented through its Platform and Resolutions Committee. And it holds members to account for actions that go against our principles. I am now an SCC member and a supporting member of the Adelante Progressive Caucus and the Labor Caucus. I served as chair of Ward 11A in Albuquerque for almost 10 years, until I did not run for re-election in 2019. I want to continue on the SCC to maintain institutional memory and help energetic, inclusive leadership take us forward.FemaleCD1
AlonzoJonathanAs an 18 year old, I just participated in my first ever election, and perhaps one of the most consequential of modern history and as someone who organized the March For Our Lives Albuquerque event, where over 10,000 New Mexicans rallied through Downtown ABQ to demand a change to the way our society treats gun violence - I feel as if I represent a generation of young people who are feed up with the status quo that has been upheld by establishment Democrats and Republicans for decades. I'm running because I want to change this.Gender DiverseCD1
AmesJaredEarlI am currently Ward Chair of 17B in Bernalillo County and plan to run for Ward Chair again. Our ward has been active over the past two years. We won the county's voter registration challenge. We drafted two resolutions that were put before the SCC and were supported by the SCC. Our ward volunteered during the election to make calls. I believe in grassroots organizing and want to continue to build our ward but also continue to be part of the broader SCC to encourage grassroots activism because I think when we win locally on issues we are an incubator for ideas nationally.MaleCD1
AndersonErinI am interested in supporting candidates that share my values. I have a broad background in non profits, government, and law. I’d like to see more innovation, jobs, and bi partisan cooperation to move New Mexico forward while preserving the traditions that make NM great.FemaleCD1
AnsellCarolynJeanMs.Having grown up in a politically active family in the Bay Area in the 60's, I have been involved in community action since I was in diapers. I think I became truly "woke" and took my activism to a whole new level when the spectre of a Donald Trump presidency became a reality. I joined Indivisible Nob Hill in January of 2017, when I realized that we had truly reached an "all hands on deck" moment in history. We are still in that moment. As a women's health care provider, living and working here in Albuquerque for nearly 30 years, I am committed to working hard to advocate for policies which will address climate change, both globally and locally, health care policies which will address inequities in our system, racial and social justice policies which need immediate attention and creative solutions, and to continue working to increase the active participation of our citizens in creating positive change. My lifelong commitment to intelligent ACTION brings me to this moment, and I stand ready to serve my community. Thank you for this opportunity, and I look forward to serving on the State Central Committee. And now...I ask for your VOTE! Thank you!FemaleCD1
AnthonyCharlesBI'm a longtime Democratic activist in Albuquerque (since the 1970s). As a ward chair for almost a decade (in two different wards) and a precinct chair for many additional years, I have organized events for GOTV efforts and walked throughout my wards' neighborhoods, supporting our party's candidates. Also, we organized social events to attract Democratic volunteers and have participated in numerous voter registration drives.MaleCD1
AnyanonuJanelleAs a woman of color I want to help support the important work of the Democratic party in the state of New Mexico.FemaleCD1
ApodacaClaraRoseMs.I have been involved in democratic politics for over 60 years and feel I have much to offer my congressional district. I would like to participate in nominating our next congressional candidate to the position to replace Congresswoman Deb Haaland. We need to keep NM blue.FemaleCD1
ArchibequeElijahEzekielYoung Dem looking to get involvedMaleCD1
ArellanesRalphDavidSrAfter what we experienced with President Trump and the GOP led Republican controlled Senate, we need as many active, concerned, motivated, ambitious and strong Democrats as possible to win elections and serve our city, state and nation. We cannot allow our democracy to fall into the hands of hate and intolerance any longer. The greatest solution I know of is putting people in office that share our values and needs. The Democratic Party is the greatest solution we have going to stop the Republican agenda of hate.MaleCD1
ArguelloBryanMy life has given me a wide array of experience that allows me to see what people in different circumstances need in life. I was raised in a small, poor family that relied on most social safety net programs; medicaid, SSI, food stamps, child support, etc. That safety net gave me a stable childhood and allowed me to get educated as a mathematician/computer scientist and move into the middle class. Through that experience, I have had the opportunity to work in both blue collar and white collar jobs. I have had the opportunity to live and/or travel to most areas of the US and have visited many countries throughout the world. Through that experience, I can sincerely say that New Mexico is home and no place in the world makes me happier. Since I can see New Mexico through several lenses, I believe that I am the type of representative New Mexico needs.MaleCD1
AssedSamiaI believe we are at a critical moment in history. We have successfully elected a democratic President, but the important work of electing local leaders is ahead of us. I am ready to roll up my sleeve and serve our state and party!FemaleCD1
AstorgaJanelleI am running for this office because I would like to build the Democratic party's capacity in educating and engaging young people in the democratic process. I would also love to bring in a different perspective on some of the priorities the Democratic Party has been focusing on.FemaleCD1
BaadeRobertDonaldAs a career educators and Social Studies teacher civic engagement has always been an important piece of my curriculum and instruction. I have always believed and taught that democracy is a participatory activity. Students in my classes would invite and interview candidates and groups would identify candidates to support and advocate for them on weekends by walking, knocking on doors, making phone calls and holding signs. As I approach retirement I have the time and initiative to be more involved. I have worked to support Democratic candidates in my community for the last 20 years with a focus on local and state elections. This is a natural next step for my involvement. I am open minded and committed to my community and the state of New Mexico.MaleCD1
BacaFrankI feel it is important to be involved in order to have an opportunity to make a positive impact in society.MaleCD1
BacaJoaquinJavierMy name is Joaquin Baca and I live Downtown with my sons. I'm also a hydrologist and serve as a Director on the Middle Rio Grande Conservancy District (MRGCD) Board (the next election is coming up!), and have been an active member of the Democratic Party and Ward 11B for years. I am running for the State Central Committee because beyond the very important upcoming CD-1 election, I care very much about seeing our party grow locally from the ground up. I intend to continue to be involved in local building blocks of our democracy--at the neighborhood, precinct and ward level.MaleCD1
BakerIsabellaMaryI am running for this office because as a young Chicana who has done extensive work in community organizing and politics through my high school and college career and now in my professional career, I have learned that intergenerational and diverse representation is extremely important to ensure that the interests and needs of all of our communities and all those who are a part of them are being met adequately. I want to the walk the talk and be a model for the young people that I work with in Albuquerque to show them that young people can and should be a part of our democracy in big ways. I think my expertise around community organizing and engagement of youth in political and social movements would be valuable to the party and the SCC. My unique perspective and voice as a young person within the party will be imperative to ensure that we as a party and as a state are moving into the future and I believe I can provide some well needed representation of a large constituency in New Mexico.FemaleCD1
BarkleyValerieEveI am a retired APS School Nurse who has lived in the East Mountains for over 20 years. I know my community & our issues well. We need to improve internet services, support conservation of water, fire prevention, healthcare for all, find more ways to attract jobs including tourism, solar and wind infrastructure and deal with police brutality among other important issues. As my campaign friend, Carl Peterson has said, I'm a spark plug. I am quite personable and outgoing. When I was Block Captain, I connected with one neighbor who contributed large sums to the campaigns of Jess Velasquez, Claudia Risner and Deb Haaland. We need much better representation of our area by capable Democrats who live out here. In addition to campaigning actively for Jess Velaquez & Claudia Riser, I have also met and campaigned for M. Stansbury, M. Heinrich, M. Lujan Grisham & D. Haaland! I am an active member of Indivisible Nobhill. In addition, I am currently following bills coming before our NM Congress and the National Congress and asking my Representatives/Senators to vote positively as we need to reestablish our democratic government. I respectfully request that you consider voting for me for the SCC.FemaleCD1
BeanKevinMichaelMr.As the newly-elected chair for Precinct 303, I am running for the State Central Committee because I want to help select the party’s nominee for Rep. Haaland’s seat. I only found out about the nomination process after my election; knowing now how it works I would like to have a voice in that process. I do not have a preferred candidate and will carefully consider all nominees. As to my credentials, I am a lifelong democrat and resident and I’ve voted in every local, state and national election for the last forty-six years. I’ve done some citizen lobbying locally and in the state legislature and I stay in touch with my elected officials. I volunteer with the local Sierra Club’s Climate Action Team and with the Social Concerns and Creation Care Committees at my church. I also serve on the Albuquerque task force that is developing a revised Climate Action Plan for the city.MaleCD1
BearceNancyMAs always, I'm interested in representing the needs of my Ward and community in Albuquerque's International District. I believe that I have accomplished that in the past and wish to continue.FemaleCD1
BeardEdwinaTartI am interested in being part of the process to select the Democratic candidate for Deb Haaland's seat.FemaleCD1
BellettoDr. PeterM.The Mid-Term Elections are just around the corner. It is important to place Progressive Democrat Candidates up and down the ballot. It will be my objective to make Life better for all Citizens across our State. Government accountability a top priority. It is time to move the needle in sectors such as the Economy, Health, Education and Social Justice, providing greater opportunity and equity for under invested Blue Collar Communities. I will appreciate your vote. Dr. Peter M. Belletto, Ward Chair 19-CMaleCD1
BenavidezHeatherRNow more than ever it is important to take an active role in our democracy. My concern for the future of our country, state, and county motivates me to work with fellow Democrats to continue to protect our most vulnerable populations, work for a fair economic system, and to ensure that every living being, at minimum, is treated with respect. (list not exhaustive!) I have worked with state and local government for eighteen years and feel I have the education and experience necessary to be a part of the decision making process.FemaleCD1
BennettCharlesHI'm interested in representing the needs of my Ward and community in Albuquerque's International District. I believe that I have accomplished that in the past and wish to continue.MaleCD1
BennettTabathaIt is essential that we exercise our responsibility to be active participants in democracy. I am proud to represent ward 13B, a ward which grew in size and has some of the most registered dem voters. This ward is also growing in engagement; we have been actively recruiting to fill our vacant positions. I am proud to have been a resident of this ward for over ten years and a lifelong resident of Albuquerque's southwest mesa (city council district 3). I am honored to take on the responsibility to represent for my neighbors and work to improve our community.FemaleCD1
BentonMicheleKI have been a Precinct chair the last 2 years and have really enjoyed interacting with my fellow Ward and County members. I attended and loved the energy at the State convention in 2020. I would really like to be more involved in local politics and possibly run for office some day. I am on the board of 4 local organizations and am an officer of all of them. I have been invited to be on another board at this time too. They keep asking me to take on leadership roles, so I must be doing something right! I also look forward to participating in the selection of the next Democratic candidate for CD1. I also know many people who are running for officer slots within the state democratic party, so I would like to support their candidacy by becoming an SCC member and whipping up votes for them too!FemaleCD1
BentrupKarenLynneI would like to support statewide DPNM work through SCC membership. Starting in 2017 with issue-focused work on projects for SPARC and Sharla Parsons, I also developed a gender language change report for the Rule Committee, and volunteered for Dem events, voter registration drives, and grassroots organizing. The future of the Party must be to champion abolitionist, liberative values that support policies like living wages, healthcare for all, stopping state violence, fully supporting welfare programs, forgiving all student loans, ending US imperialism and war; and recruit/elect candidates that will bring real material gains for all our people.FemaleCD1
BerkheimerChrisPThank you for allowing me to express why I want to be on the Democratic State Central Committee. With the Country so divided, we need people on both sides who will listen to the other side instead of shouting and name-calling. My values are in line with Democratic values, but my friends in the other party are just as much for America as I am. I learned that clearly serving in the First Gulf War. America needs to keep progressing towards a more perfect union. I take that language from The Constitution to mean a more fair and just society for all. Instead of all the systemic problems we have, we need systemic solutions. I'm voting for the person who I think will be best able to get us there.Gender DiverseCD1
BerlinRobertAndrewI have always wanted to better my community by working through the Democratic Party. I believe the Party should stand for inclusion and shared responsibility. After 2016, I decided to get involved. I was appointed Chair of Precinct 132 in 2017, a position I still hold. I have written letters and made hundreds of phone calls to members to increase participation. I volunteered with NM350 which works to combat climate change. I was a member of the Methane Study Group which lobbied City Councilmen to control fracking in the Albuquerque Basin. I have been involved with New Mexicans to Prevent Gun Violence, advocating for various gun safety measures. I am a board member of Sky Mountain Wild Horse Sanctuary, which focuses on preventing the unnecessary slaughter of Mustangs through education and land conservation. I coach Volcano Vista High School Mock Trial and have since 2015. It provides life skills such as public speaking, writing and collaboration to future generations. Each endeavor has been truly rewarding. I am certain that if we work together, through government participation, we can improve our lives, our communities and New Mexico. I humbly ask for your vote in my election to the State Central Committee.MaleCD1
BerreyElizabethRheaPhd, RnI am running because I am committed to identifying & supporting well-qualified candidates running for statewide office who represent ethnic diversity. And for offices in which women remain under-represented, those candidates should also be women. Over the years, I have worked actively on many local, state, & national campaigns, including judicial campaigns. In 2018, I served as a delegate for Luhan Grisham at the Pre-Primary Convention, actively campaigning for her, Deb Haaland, Stephanie Garcia Richard, & Xochitl Torres Small, as well as Hillary Clinton, of course. I am a voter registrar; have represented my neighborhood on WSCONA for the past 3 years; serve as an immigrant justice (sanctuary) volunteer; Family Promise (i.e., for homeless) volunteer; & current chapter coordinator for NM chapter of Old Lesbians Organizing for Change. Member: American Nurses Association/NMNA chapter. I would appreciate your vote to serve on the Democratic Party SCC. Thank you!FemaleCD1
BettencourtJulieI am running for this office to bring a unique perspective to the party as a young, queer, gender non-conforming individual. I hope to engage more individuals who are often not directly involved in the democratic party.Gender DiverseCD1
BiedermannEricJI am relatively new to volunteering for Party activities, but since 2018 I have been involved in campaign volunteering, policy development, and bill reading/analysis for my NM State House Representative. I have lived in Albuquerque since 2009. I am an aerospace engineer with a small technology company here in Albuquerque. I am intensely interested in developing smart, effective policies for economic development, good government, protecting our environment, and ensuring the right of all members of our community to participate in our democracy. I am running for the SCC to build on the grassroots momentum we’ve established in the recent elections. As an SCC member I will pledge to listen, learn and act to steer the Party on a path that best serves our community.MaleCD1
BlazChristopherJHe/HimAs a Albuquerque small business owner who builds tiny homes and other low cost modular dwellings, I have a critical view of America's struggle with poverty and the uphill battle the little guy has in this world of big business. I see that government can be a true strong arm of the poor and disenfranchised when allied with honorable and representative voices. My humble upbringing on a farm in Northern New Mexico has provided a foundational understanding that wellness is intrinsic to our connection with place, culture, and our community. Humans have an incredible capacity to overcome the challenges of these desperate times by doing the hard work of developing these connections. I hope to have the chance to help distill, empower, and amplify, the solutions brought by this new generation of leaders in the Democratic Party.MaleCD1
BlazErinCrystalDemocracy is great privilege, but we have to participate. I can no longer use the excuse that as a working mother- who is devoted to our small family business and my work as an educator for soil and water conservation- that I don't have enough time to participate. I truly believe we can make huge strides in the work for social and environmental justice if we collectively work together, but what does that mean? For me, running as an SCC is my chance to engage in the local work I deem so important, to learn amongst my community and work together to achieve a progressive agenda. Additionally, I want to engage in the process so that I can help others understand it, for I think that in order to make change in my community and country, we have to be able explain how changes works. As an SCC, I would approach my role like I do education- to inspire, guide and bring forth the strengths of others so that we can collaborate and make the change that is absolutely, undeniably overdo. I'd appreciate your support. -Erin Blaz (she/her)FemaleCD1
BoazCarlI want to promote a progressive democratic presence in the State of New Mexico. I support women's rights, voting for everyone, reform of immigration laws, fair elections, fighting climate change, fair impartial redistricting, economic development that promotes health and safety for our children's future and peaceful relations with other countries in our world I believe in gun controls and background checks. I will strive to appropriately represent Bernalillo County in the State Central Committee.MaleCD1
Bobroff-ClayJasonPAs a gay black man from the State of New Mexico I fell it is my responsibility to ensure my communities voice is apart of the conversation. In my community women's rights are human rights. In my community all humans are legal. In my community love is love. In my community science is real. In my community Water is life.MaleCD1
BowenJerilynI'm very committed to making the NM Democratic Party as strong as it can be in serving the people of our state. I've been active on the State Central Committee the past two years and would like to continue in that role as we meet the many challenges that lie ahead during these troubled times.FemaleCD1
BowenJerilynI'm presently serving on the SCC and would like to continue to work to strengthen the New Mexico Democratic Party from the grassroots up. I bring to this role a great deal of experience in political organizing work and a lifelong commitment to social justice. I want to do everything possible to preserve our democracy and make our government a true servant of the people.FemaleCD1
BradfordAishaI’m a young Democrat trying to get involved and have my voice heard!FemaleCD1
BradfordMarieI'm running for this office because I want to help in recruiting more people of color from my community into joining the Democratic Party here in Albuquerque.FemaleCD1
BrandtJohnRobertI have been a healthcare provider in New Mexico since 1988. Throughout this time New Mexico has continued to have some of the worst outcomes for child health and eduction in America. This is not because we are a poor state or a rural state. It is because our political leaders choose these outcomes through their unwillingness to invest in children. I am running in support of the children of New Mexico.MaleCD1
BrazenDarcyI am running for the statewide democratic committee in order to continue and enhance the progressive values set forth by Deb Haaland. I am white, working-class and lesbian; I want to defund the police, abolish prisons, and unfrack our water. I recognize that I live on the land of the Sandia nation. This is my first time running for this kind of office as I am usually active around issues, and was part of many city council meetings and rallies for police accountability that lead to Albuquerque's DOJ consent decree.Gender DiverseCD1
BrenningJulieI want to build, activate and mobilize the Democrats in the NE Heights of Albuquerque. The model I am launching may also be used throughout the state. I also ran as a candidate for HD31 in 2020. I plan to run again in the future. I want to build a community where we are safe, civil rights are protected and families empowered. As a member of the SCC, will incorporate my experience as a candidate and leader in the NE heights. I will also bring my background as a policy analyst to the SCC. I'm excited to make a different for New Mexico!FemaleCD1
BrightwaterElaineLouiseThis is one of the most critical elections we in New Mexico will have in the next two years. Not only is every Congressional District in New Mexico very unique in needs and gifts, CD1 contains a population which has been able to work with a high mix of New Mexican cultures, including Tribal Nations, Progressive Democrats, Independents, and the full spectrum of those who identify and work with the Democratic Party. Some members are relatively new to the electoral community due to the evolution of the state, and many are long term Democrats. We all love the feel and reality of CD1. I want to be part of the decision making process to encourage the broad, vital population of this District.FemaleCD1
BrownDustinRoyI have lived and worked in Abq for almost 20 years. I have been disappointed with the rightward direction of politics in this country. I believe that we can work on our messaging as Democrats to offset the 24 hour a day barrage of conservative conspiracy theories and lies that are constant.MaleCD1
BrysonLaraLara Bryson, Pct. 121, SCC Statement of Candidacy My name is Lara Bryson, and I am running for SCC. As a lifelong progressive Democrat. I believe voting is a sacred right and responsibility. l will help strengthen the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County by working to increase minimum wage, expand healthcare access, build racial and gender equality, expand immigration reform, achieve high quality education and adequate funding for students from pre-K to technical training and/or college, support labor unions, veterans and military personnel, and share information to help to elect and re-elect Democratic candidates. I have lived in Precinct 121 with my 12-year-old son, Alec, and our two rescue dogs for thirteen years. I enjoy family time, reading, writing, volunteering, running, cooking, researching, connecting with neighbors and our community, and volunteering at Albuquerque’s Animal Welfare Department Animal Shelter as a dog walker. I have worked for Planned Parenthood, The Information & Referral Center and as professional contract grant writer for socially progressive nonprofit organizations. My professional experience, decades working and volunteering for Democratic candidates in local, statewide, and presidential elections have prepared me to serve on the SCC. I ask for your vote in the upcoming SCC Elections on 3/13/21.FemaleCD1
BuhaugJamesNHaving previously served in numerous capacities with the DPNM, I feel this can be an asset mentoring newer or younger SCC members.MaleCD1
BurgStanleyI.I am a lifelong Democrat and moved to Albuquerque, to attend Graduate School at UNM in 1976. I am a retired APS teacher, and have had thousands of students at Albuquerque, Eldorado, Sandia, and Valley High Schools. I am strong believer in public education. For the last 14 year I have been a small business owner, with a shop in the Nob Hill neighborhood. I am particularly interested in the party's continual support of educational imperatives. As a business owner I have a vested interest in the party's continued support of tax equity and the advancement of worker's rights. I am running to be a member of the State Central Committee, because I want to give my children and grandchildren and all the residents of CD1 opportunity and hope. I believe that the Democratic Party is the best vehicle for that to happen. I am interested in the perspectives of others and would appreciate your support.MaleCD1
BurkeKathleenMariaRule 4-1-A. DPNM Rules “The State Central Committee is the supreme governing body of the DPNM….It shall have general supervision and control of the political affairs of the party”. Please note: the SCC governs the DPNM. I believe in the people of New Mexico and in representing the peoples’ interests, at the Legislature and all venues where ideas matter. I take my positions in the community seriously, as I do the preservation of democracy, and the preservation of this State. In serving two terms on the SCC, I have spearheaded resolutions with SCC colleagues around voting rights and the environment. I have submitted resolutions to SPARC and the Bernalillo County DP and am always happy to help others do the same. The platform is one of our greatest tools for change. My political commitment to New Mexico runs deep. I am concurrently editing amendments to what is hoped to be the first ever substantive change to NM redistricting law. I am Vice Chair of the Southeast Area Community Policing Council. We exist at the public’s outcry for change. I am VP of the Board of NM Open Elections as well and a member of the NM Human Trafficking Task Force.FemaleCD1
BurrSherriI am running for re-election to the State Central Committee because I believe in a “government of the people, for the people, and by the people.” We must create an activist Party to encourage people to vote so that Democrats do not lose an election by 109 votes, as happened in New York. After I won an election to become a Biden delegate to the Democratic National Convention, I was chosen to represent New Mexico Democrats at the Virtual Roll Call. As for my background, I survived a turbulent childhood to attend and obtain academic degrees from Mount Holyoke College, Princeton University, and the Yale Law School. In 1988, I became a law professor at the University of New Mexico, and six years later the first African American female to earn tenure at UNM and throughout the State. As a descendant of Enslaved Blacks, Free Blacks, and White Slaveholders (on my Burr paternal line), the complexity of race in the United States lives on in my DNA. I ask you to join me in keeping CD-1 Blue in the special 2021 election and New Mexico Blue thereafter.FemaleCD1
BurrSherriAs the newly elected Chair of Ward 18A, I am running for re-election to the State Central Committee because I believe in representative democracy and it's important for my ward's 5,000 registered Democratic voters to have representation at the State Central Committee. Over the past two years as a current SCC member, I attended the in-person meetings in Rio Rancho, Gallup, and Buffalo Thunder Resort. I also attended the online meeting and was elected to serve as a Biden Delegate to the Democratic Convention. I am a life-long Democrat and four generations of my family have lived in New Mexico. I moved to Albuquerque in 1988 to become a professor at the University of New Mexico. In 1994, I became the first African American female to earn tenure and promotion to full professor in the entire university. As a professor, I taught thousands of students who now serve the state as lawyers and judges, and I authored over two dozen books. My 27th book, "Complicated Lives: Free Blacks in Virginia, 1619-1865," was nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in History. If re-elected to the SCC, I am committed to helping keep CD1 Blue and support the successful candidate.FemaleCD1
BurtonRichardPadillaI am running for office because I believe in New Mexico and the people that live in our State.My focus will be to be a advocate as well as quality control person that understands the believes as well as the traditions of our culture and values.Subsequently I am a family oriented person and a Catholic that has been married 39 years 3 boys 2 grandkids and want to make a living for their future.I am retired from the City of Albuquerque and have worked for DVR and ARCA and the was coordinator for the Juvenile Justice program in Sandoval County called the the RAC program. Because of covid-19 I have not been working but plan to do some part time work in the future. I've done a lot of volunteer work for Highland High School Westgate Little League where I was the Little League president. I am also on the board for CFL after school programs for underprivileged and I am the president of the United South Broadway board Defender offer and bilingual and hope to serve New Mexico I was born in Las Vegas New Mexico and lived here for 59 news in Albuquerque thank you.MaleCD1
BushnellDarcySI am running for office to help the democratic party reach its policy and legislative goals.FemaleCD1
CaballeroCarlosCelestinoI’m running for SCC because I love the Demoractic Party and wish to continue helping move our state and country forward. Democracy is only as strong as the people who participate in it and for us to have a healthy Democracy, we need folks at the grassroots level to make their voice heard. I am one of those voices and I’d like to get more involved with the party to help keep New Mexico blue. I believe my background in business and organizing will be very useful in meeting the responsibilities of a State Central Committee member. My work experience and commitment to Democratic values is what I plan to use to organize, mobilize and turn out voters. I plan to keep the big picture in mind while we work to fight Trumpism and misinformation, save our planet from global climate change and move our economy forward by lifting everyone up and not just creating wealth for the few. Thank you.MaleCD1
CaballeroRicardoCarlosI have been an active democrat before I was even eligible to vote. As an immigrant, our father instilled in us that it was a required duty to devote a life time of public service to our host country : the United States of America. I am a person who believes in the political and social equality of all people and I'm committed to serving our Democratic party and values.MaleCD1
CarpenterMurielNaomiAs a new Precinct Chair, I fully walked my precinct several times before the pandemic to ascertain the issues of local residents and have reached out to them by text and email. I became a NM voting registrar and headed my Ward's initiative to register voters. We won the prize for registering the most voters. I did the team-building training for our current county leadership team which resulted in the adoption of their goals and values. I have attended the county rules committee meetings and several training sessions put on by the county including one on transgender awareness and another on how to build a precinct. I sat on the Legislative Memorial relative to the Community Solar Legislation now before the NM Legislature and am active in the solar power caucus in our ward. I developed a website for my ward. I am a member of the NM Federation of Democratic Women and Adelante and participate in Retake Our Democracy's legislative initiative. I have attended meetings with my state senator and representative. I practiced law for 20 years and have experience as an elementary teacher, a social worker, and an adjunct professor in English at CNM. Good riddance Trump!FemaleCD1
CarpenterWilliamHughI am a lifelong Democrat. I grew up in southern New Mexico, graduated from Carlsbad High School and moved to Albuquerque , attended UNM and stayed since 1958. Over the past 50 years, I have helped many state and federal campaigns in New Mexico and other states. I want to participate in a process that selects a Democratic candidate that has the best chance of defeating any Republican challenge for the now open seat vacated by our friend Deb Haaland. This important election will draw a strong challenge from the national Republican party and we must select a candidate that will defeat any challengers that do not share our Democratic values. I will support a candidate that has wide appeal across all factions of our local party. I have an open mind as to who should receive the nomination, but my primary goal is to pick a winner and someone whoa will best serve the interests of the citizens in CD1 if electedMaleCD1
CarrilloAmberLynnI am native american and underrepresented in the political body of New Mexico and the overall population. Our Native Americans have made minor gains in the political landscape but we are still struggling to achieve equity on all fronts whereas other folks have time and opportunty, we are working two or three jobs, taking care of family members and working on our education. When we achieve nominal gains there is another front to challenge us. We are protecting our culture, our education, our environment, our healthcare, our sovereignty, our children, our elders and our women and men. There is clear evidence that Native Americans suffer from inequity at every level of society. Yet it was our people who helped create the government and the political system that everyone relies upon. We have given our ideas of liberty and justice, we have given our lands and our food. Indigenous people support the Black Lives Matter movement and we do so in solidarity knowing a similar oppression and seeking a similar justice. It's good to talk about diversity but it's much better to follow through and include Black, Indigenous, People of Color in this political system that we have all contributed to.FemaleCD1
ChaseJoelleI'm a progressive Democrat deeply invested in equity and justice for New Mexico's communities—particularly low-income workers, Indigenous people, immigrants, women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and communities of color—and our high desert environment. I'm eager to see NM's impacted communities' priorities advanced at the federal level by someone who authentically represents our concerns and is committed to progressive values.FemaleCD1
ChavezAlbertVThere is need better representation. We need more involvement in our process.MaleCD1
ChavezEleanorI would like to serve on the State Central Committee (SCC) because of my desire to contribute to the improvement of the State of New Mexico. I have been a community organizer for many years and have served in the New Mexico Legislature as a state representative. I have worked in the Labor Movement since the early 80's fighting for the rights all workers deserve. It is imperative that the DPNM have representation from those who know what it is to struggle despite working full time and obeying all the rules. I am steadfast in my commitment to having good public policy that serves the needs of all people, not just those who have power. Even though I no longer serve in the Legislature, I continue to work for social justice issues and economic opportunity for everyone. Improving the economic future for the average New Mexican requires that we continue to fight for Democratic values. I pledge to do that as a member of the SCC and look forward to serving with other committed individuals.FemaleCD1
ChavezJulioEI am running to ensure my community of the South Valley has a voice when it comes to the decision making for our party for the next two years. As a proud product of the South Valley, I want to make sure that issues that are of concern for the South Valley such as ensuring we continue to fight for renewable energy sources, sustaining the environment, and fighting for affordable healthcare take center stage in our party platform. As a member of Generation Z, I would also make sure that our party continues to take on progressive ideas such as raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour, free college tuition for all, and implementing the Green New Deal. By being a member of the SCC, I will fight to make sure our party continues to be open/inclusive and make sure that out party continues to grow its presence in our state!MaleCD1
CheneyJustinMatthewMy name is Justin Cheney. I am a Firefighter in the Albuquerque area, a military vet, father to two teenage daughters and husband to my wife for over 21 years who is an educator. I want to bring my perspective and life experiences to the Democratic party and help highlight all of the great people in our community and all the contributions they make. Over the past decade I have assisted in many democratic elections, helping to turn out the vote by knocking on doors and phone banking. I have also engaged in the legislative process during my time as a union board member. These experiences have provided me with insight into our political processes and the opportunity to engage with others who bring tremendous knowledge and enthusiasm to the democratic party. I respectively ask you to consider me for this position, as I will work hard to ensure more democrats are elected to public office.MaleCD1
CheneyRyahG.My name is Ryah Cheney. I am an elementary fine arts educator for Albuquerque Public Schools. I am also a mother to two teenage daughters and wife to an Albuquerque Firefighter. Through this position, I hope to bring my experiences as an educator, parent and proud New Mexico native to the democratic party. I have worked hard to fight for New Mexico's students over the past several years, supporting candidates who understand the educational challenges facing our state. I have volunteered my time alongside my husband knocking on doors and making phone calls in order to ensure our democratic principles are represented in our public offices. I respectively ask for your support and promise to work hard to ensure the Democratic party continues to represent New Mexico in both state and national elections.FemaleCD1
CiccarelloRichI am running for the SCC to try to grow and strengthen the Democratic Party of NM and to GENTLY and CAUTIOUSLY move the party to adopt more progressive policies in its rules and its membership. Not every progressive proposal is good for the party just as not every progressive proposal is bad for the party. As a member of the SCC I will always take the time to carefully consider each rule change and the effect on the party. I have been active in the Democratic Party of NM for over forty years and a member of the SCC for a number of years. I hope you will vote for me to continue my service.MaleCD1
ClarkMaryElizabethI am a passionate advocate for women and working families and have been active in politics since I first registered to vote as a Democrat in 1972. I am a member of the Bernalillo County Federation of Democratic Women and serve on the Executive Committee of the New Mexico Federation of Democratic Women. Both of these organizations have been decades-long advocates at the New Mexico Legislation for women and working families. I also sit on the board of directors of the Southwest Women's Law Center which successfully passed "Pregnant Worker Accommodation" in 2020 and is now trying to get "Paid Family and Medical Leave" for all New Mexicans. Being a Democrat is not enough, we need to adopt progressive principles to advance healthcare, equal education for all, a fair minimum wage, environmental causes, and workers' rights. And we need to elect people who provide guidance, policy, and processes for our party that hold these principles to heart. I hope you agree with me and will vote me onto the State Central CommitteeFemaleCD1
CobbSarahWGrass roots engagement is the essence of democracy. It's where it all starts. I am enjoying getting to know the progressives in my neighborhood after many years of not knowing who is who. I like putting the building blocks of community in place, and people are happy to be reached out to and informed on what's going on after many years, some of them, of not paying attention. And occasionally (!), I get someone who wants to help and actually do something! Sometimes it just takes time and repeated outreach. I'm proud of the Democratic Party and am looking forward to further engagement.FemaleCD1
CoffinGaryJasonI am a life long Democrat who cares deeply about participation in my party. I am currently on the Budget and Finance Committee and plan to continue service if elected again. I believe that the Democratic Party is the party of the people and our voice matters. I wish to continue my service to ensure that our voices are heard, progressives are elected, and the party remains fiscally responsible.MaleCD1
ColburnIanI am running for the State Central Committee to ensure that the New Mexico Democratic Party serves all the people of New Mexico. We need local, state and federal level nominees that will unapologetically fight for progressive, community-centric policies. As an SCC member, I will support those who pursue universal economic and political rights, and believe in self-determination for all people. As a small farmer in Albuquerque, I care for my community by growing and making accessible healthy vegetables as well as being in relationship with the land so that future generations may do the same. I look forward to supporting leaders from around the state that will advocate for their communities and care for the constituents they represent.MaleCD1
ColesLouiseAnnMs.I believe it is important to play a civic role to insure democracy. Especially after the last four years, taking political responsibility is a moral duty. I would like to help my community engage in and with the Democratic party to help strengthen our goals of democratic justice for all Americans.FemaleCD1
CollieJamesMHaving served a brief time on the Bernalillo County Commission I have become even more aware of the critical nature of citizen involvement in government at every level. My experience there has motivated me to continue my own involvement in responsible work in the party structure.MaleCD1
CollierThomasKI support all tenets of the Democratic Party Platform for the State of New Mexico. I especially support the issues of health care, climate change and gun control. I will support the strongest Congressional District 1 candidate so that we keep this district blue. I am currently undecided on who the candidate should be and believe we need to keep an open mind so that all candidates have a fair shot at winning this nomination.MaleCD1
CollinsMaryJaneI am a life long active democrat. I have held a seat in the past and never missed a meeting. I am happy to travel anywhere in the state for meetings. I am somewhere between a middle of the road to liberal democrat. I support $15 an hour salaries. I support helping the homeless and helping protect women from abuse both of which is driving the murder rate in Albuquerque. I support small businesses. I also support veterens but perfer peace over war. I work at a community college as an accounting tutor. I have a BS degree in training and technology. I also hold a two year degree in accounting and another one in judical studies. I want to support my community and the party.FemaleCD1
ColonRafaelI am running for SCC to serve my community and advance the values of our Party. My name is Rafael Colón, and I am a graduate of Albuquerque High School. I am 23 years old and recently graduated from George Washington University with an Biomedical Engineering degree. I moved back home to Albuquerque and will start my masters degree at UNM in the fall. I decided to get involved after watching my Dad, Brian, work so hard helping others through his involvement in the Democratic Party of New Mexico. I am so excited to have been elected Precinct Chair. I would be honored to receive your vote for SCC so I can learn more about the way our Party makes a difference in our community. I am bilingual and am currently working at an international firm with a presence in Albuquerque. I want to provide a voice for my generation and work to get more young people of color involved in our Party.MaleCD1
ComstockJohnAlanI am running for the State Central Committee to stay involved in Democratic Party decisions on platform and people leading the Party and representing us in the races for public offices. I have been on the SCC for the past four years and have enjoyed the meetings and the issues debated. I feel traveling to different meeting locations in the state before the Pandemic hit was a good educational experience. Hopefully, in-person meetings can resume before too long. In the mean time, Zoom meetings still allow us to effectively exchange views and conduct business. I am a progressive Democrat and support State Senator Antoinette Sedillo Lopez to be our nominee for Congress. Affordable housing, fair lending practices, saving the planet for current and future generations, and reducing wealth inequality and institutional racism are some of the causes I support. Please vote for me to continue to work on those as an SCC member.MaleCD1
ConstantzVirginiaAnnaBecause I respect our political process.FemaleCD1
CooleyRichardEI believe there are two answers: 1) To help my community. 2) Advocating for causes. I am semi-retired and have the time and energy to lend my support to help find solutions to problems and to speak out and advocate for these solutions. 'To whom much is given, much will be required'. I have had a good life and I feel the need to give back. I have been involved in politics since high school when I campaigned for President Carter in 1980. And then in 2000 when they stole the election from Al Gore, I decided that I had to do more. And now with tRump gone we need to work even harder to make sure that we can undo his damage and help Biden/Harris move forward plus help people manage in these Covid-19 times. When Obama was elected we wasted his first two years in office and we can not make that mistake again.MaleCD1
CooleyRichardEThis is second entry, I have not received a notice that I had already have self-nomination. I believe there are two answers: 1) To help my community. 2) Advocating for causes. I am semi-retired and have the time and energy to lend my support to help find solutions to problems and to speak out and advocate for these solutions. 'To whom much is given, much will be required'. I have had a good life and I feel the need to give back. I have been involved in politics since high school when I campaigned for President Carter in 1980. And then in 2000 when they stole the election from Al Gore, I decided that I had to do more. And now with tRump gone we need to work even harder to make sure that we can undo his damage and help Biden/Harris move forward plus help people manage in these Covid-19 times. When Obama was elected we wasted his first two years in office and we can not make that mistake again.MaleCD1
CoplenEllenI am a dedicated voter and organizer and have been Chair of the West Side Dems of Bernalillo County. I am very involved with the DPBC party and will dedicate myself to furthering our democratic values. I am a progressive and want to continue to get more progressives into office. I value criminal justice reform, women's rights, and equal access to healthcare for all. I would appreciate your vote!!FemaleCD1
CordovaKatherineMHello! My name is Katherine Córdova and I am running for my second term on the SCC. I was born and raised and Albuquerque, spent time away and came back on purpose because this is the best place in the world! I am a special education teacher at an APS charter school as well as #007 precinct chair and a voter registration agent. I want to continue serving because I want to bring issues facing New Mexicans to bear on the choice for offices that need to be filled in the interim between party conventions. I take this work seriously. I have had excellent conversations with multiple candidates on a myriad of issues facing us including educational, economic and healthcare access, tax reform, protecting our natural resources and acequias, and moving to cleaner forms of energy. Thank you for your consideration. I would appreciate your vote.FemaleCD1
CordovaRockyKyleI am running for the office of state central committee member to represent my lived experience. I grew up in the small rural village of Ruidoso where I learned about hard work and Democratic organizing. I started my involvement in High School where I became active in my local county party. I have served as a voter registration agent and as a poll worker in both Bernalillo County and Lincoln County. My family has lived in New Mexico for generations and I have grown up with NM culture. I have worked for the State Democratic party as a Field organizer, a Deputy Regional Organizer Director, and as the Deputy Political Director of the 2020 coordinated campaign. I am running because I believe in the greatness of New Mexico but I know that a brighter future is possible. I have worked at a law firm which had a focus on criminal record expungement for non violent drug offenders. I was also a legal assistant to help trans people get their affirmed names on their government paperwork. I know that I am a young candidate but I know I bring a much needed perspective to the SCC and would appreciate your vote.MaleCD1
CraftWarrenDavidI am seeking a position on the SCC because I want to be more involved in the party and in my political community, and believe that my scientific and clinical educational experience will be an asset in helping the party make plans and take action based on science, reason, and respect and compassion for others.MaleCD1
CraftZoeySchuylerI am running for this office because I believe the Democratic Party of New Mexico will benefit from more voices of BIPOC young people in leadership roles - I'm excited to organize within the party to create lasting impacts on our communities.FemaleCD1
CrespinManuelTonyJr.My name is Manny Crespin, I am currently serving as the DPBC 1st Vice Chair and Representative for State Platforms and Resolutions Committee for CD-1. I live in Ward 25-C and I was recently elected to serve as Precinct Chair for Precinct 387 for the 2021-2023 term for DPBC. I want to continue to work to create the change I want to see in this party and in my neighborhood! I want to continue to work towards making DPBC and DPNM the best Democratic Party machine in the nation and making a meaningful difference for New Mexicans. I enjoy organizing and I am looking forward to the opportunity to serve on the SCC again. I am looking forward to working with you all in the future for the next two years serving on the SCC. Together we can be a part of the landscape and have our voices heard. We need to work together to continue to elect Democrats up and down the ballot. I believe in the Democratic values and beliefs represented within our parties Platforms and I am proud to say that I live by those values. Looking forward to working with you all. Best Regards, Manny Crespin-DPBC-1stVCMaleCD1
CroninNancyI want to work hard to nominate a Democrat for Cd 1.FemaleCD1
CruseBunnieI am running for this office because I believe we build the community we want t to live in. I have over 20 years experience serving in nonprofit boards and community volunteering and fundraising .FemaleCD1
CummingsBrandonIt would be my honor to volunteer to help the big tent party keep running. Not every party job is glamorous, but they are all important.MaleCD1
CurleeShannonI am running for this office because as a restaurant worker and small business owner, I think it's important that the small business community is represented and involved in the Democratic Party process. I've been a voting NM Democrat since I first moved to NM about 20 years ago.MaleCD1
CurtisLisaKayAfter 30 years of fundraising, a short stint in the Senate and intimate involvement with politics in New Mexico on all levels, it is important to me to find a place to officially serve. Raising money for candidates with good Democratic values is important, and while running for office again is a long way off, I want to be able to do this public service for my chosen community. I am in a burgeoning area of democratic politics, the northeast heights. I watched two of our recently elected democratic officials vote for big corporate welfare just last week - and I have had enough. In my law practice I represent all people in this state. As Democrats we need strong leaders and a strong party that will stand up for actual New Mexicans when it counts. At Central Committee I believe we can have an impact on making sure that happens. This is why I am running for this office.FemaleCD1
Da SilvaAdrastosAndreI am running for this office because I have seen what change is needed in the Democratic Party. I have worked for amazing elected officials such as Elizabeth Warren and Cori Bush. From those two alone, I can see the power and need to have the courage to fight for progressive issues. We need to end this mindless powergrabs and the constant caterance to the Republicans/moderate wings of the party. I see myself as a representative of those who do not want to continue this circle of nothing change. I am Queer, gender-nonconforming, black, indigenous, and Chicano. I will carry these identities with me, along with the lessons of my ancestors and those younger than me to guide my principles in this office.Gender DiverseCD1
DahlAnamariaAs a survivor of domestic violence, a single divorce mother, and a Puerto Rican American, I believe I will be representing a large population of CD 1. I have had a decade long career as a paralegal working both for the private sector and public sector. I have a passion for helping my community. Before COVID, I had a NPO that assisted victims of domestic violence through survivor to survivor advocacy and provided “Hope Bags” to survivor organizations that were designed to help them leave their abuser once and for all! I’ve been on the board of the Rape Crisis Center of Central New Mexico for over two years. I’ve been an active volunteer with Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America for nearly two years and as a leader for over six months. I have a Masters in public safety leader ship in administration and a Bachelors of Science in criminal justice.FemaleCD1
DahlAnamariaI am running for this position as a single mom and survivor of domestic violence. Our voices are often silenced and I would like to represent those in the community that share my story. I've worked in the legal and criminal justice field for 10 years as a paralegal, I have a Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice in Criminology, and a Masters degree in Public Safety Leadership and Administration. I am the secretary of the board of the Rape Crisis Center. I am also the chapter leader of the New Mexico chapter of Moms Demand Action for gun sense in America.FemaleCD1
DamazynJessieAprilI am running for the State Central Committee because as a young woman and someone who was born and raised in New Mexico, I am passionate about being involved in our democracy at a local level. After graduating from the University of New Mexico in 2017 with a degree in mass communication and journalism, I went to work with Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham in what was her Congressional office at the time. In 2019, I began working as a public information officer at the City of Albuquerque in the Mayor’s Office. Last summer, I left the City to join Congresswoman Teresa Leger Fernandez’s campaign for Congress in Northern New Mexico and I recently became the precinct chair for 349. I want to use my background in government and campaigns as a State Central Committee member. My experience gives me a good understanding of the Democratic party process and I am excited about the opportunity to get more involved.FemaleCD1
DavidsonCraigStevenI have been a progressive democrat for many years. I worked on Bill Clinton's campaign. I was a canvas captain in the N.E. Heights for Obama, and later a member of OFA, I have been Precinct Chair of 409, and thanks to Ward 30A combined efforts, qualified to be split, so I am now the Precinct Chair of 359 with Precinct Co-chair Carolyn Mack. So building the Party and doing the work is part of my history as a Democrat. We face a very dangerous time of terrorist threats within our country, magnified by a pandemic and economic inequality. Our state, run by an enlightened Democrat, has not suffered the hardships that our sister states have at the hands of Republican governors and legislatures. Our own governor just had to sign a reversal of an automatic abortion ban. I say if it isn't your own uterus it isn't your choice. We must remove the American Taliban from our laws and disarm the American jihadi's. We must use out greatest weapon to do that - truth. We must recommit government at every level to legislative truth, economic truth, and scientific truth. The lies may seem too many, but we will win.MaleCD1
DavidsonTeresaI am a life-long Democrat who has been getting more and more involved in recent years. I have been a precinct chair for the past two years and intend to run again this year.FemaleCD1
DavisRobertAllenLeadership matters! It is time for me to step forward and contribute to setting the direction of the Democratic Party of New Mexico and selecting the party's leadership. We all bring different perspectives and life experiences to our work. A little about me; I am only 4th generation New Mexican from Northern Catron County where my brother and I still own my great-grandmother's homestead, which is still an active ranch. My life's work has ben spent as a corporate Treasurer and Municipal financial Advisor serving the Healthcare and Higher Education sectors. The life experience of helping family and neighbors brand cattle over the weekend to then sitting down with Wall Street bankers during the week to negotiate and structure a financing for a community hospital provides one with a unique perspective of what matters and what is in the best interest of all concerned. It is important that we have a Party and leaders and Party structure that works for all New Mexican's and this Country. Being part of the SCC will give me a voice in setting the Party's direction.MaleCD1
Davis CrumpEricaDiannI’m submitting for candidacy because as a lifelong New Mexican I want to be a part of the necessary changes we all need and deserve in our representation. As a teen mom, and engaged voter since I could vote I have seen the power of my choices. I’ve also seen firsthand the failures of leadership that has impacted the most marginalized New Mexicans. As a Black woman I have seen first hand the amplification and immense need for correction and support in our communities across the board. This led me to sharpen my leadership via Emerge NM, and I’m a proud Alumni (class of 2019). I realized these changes would take place at the policy and political level. I have been able to do so much at this point from expanding coalitions, to calling in accountability and healing the anti-blackness in the spaces I work in. I look forward to giving my best in this role because New Mexico deserves it, and all of our generations to come.FemaleCD1
DawsonJessicaI want to take more of an active role in the Democrat party than just voting. My voice and actions can help somebody or encourage somebody to step up and take action as well.FemaleCD1
DeanColtonI am running for State Central Committee to encourage peace and prosperity for New Mexico.MaleCD1
DeanColtonRMedicare For All is 50 years overdue, and if we cannot achieve it on a National level, we need to achieve a single-payer healthcare system in New Mexico. I think Ranked Choice Voting would heal the divisiveness our polarized politics. Not just between the two major parties, but within the Democratic Party as well. As we recover economically from the COVID-19 Pandemic, we should look to tax the big box stores that did so well while small businesses suffered. We need to balance automation with taxation. If a robot takes a human's job, tax that robot. And those funds need to subsidize people that have lost their jobs to the pandemic and/or automation, both in the short-term so they can pay daily expenses. But also in the long-term if they need to retrain into a new career. New Mexico needs to put solar panels on every rooftop, and battery storage in every garage. We have enough solar and wind to be a carbon-neutral State. These are just a few of my beliefs and perspectives. We know republicans won't advocate for any of these ideas, so we on the SCC must push the Democratic leaders to fight for these things.MaleCD1
DenishDianeDThe State Central Committee is a critical element of infrastructure to our Party. Over the years, as an active Democrat, I have served at every level from Precinct Chair to Statewide office including SCC and look forward to continuing to help build and support the party and its new leadership for 2022 as we elect and re-elect strong, thoughtful, Democrats at every level. 2022 promises to be a challenging year in NM and an active SCC can make the difference.FemaleCD1
DetroKennethCI, Kenneth Detro, am compelled to self-nominate to New Mexico’s Democrat Party State Central Committee. My concerns are twofold. Primarily, I wish to assist in strengthening the Democratic Party now and in the years, to come. Recent events have regrettably positioned the Party in a battle for partisan pre-eminence. Such battles are antithetical to democratic processes and the ideals upon which our nation was founded. Secondarily, as a result of the aforementioned condition, many in the Democratic party seek to take in hand the tools now used by the Republican Party to gain dominion. These tools include manipulative mass marketing techniques, heavy handed and disrespectful rhetoric, and the leveraging of real and imagined moral issues solely to strike deep political divides. This is a dangerous proposition that can only end in the disruption of integrity within our Party and politic. We must hold the line against such outcomes and against the use of base manipulative tactics that obviate the interests of constituencies. We in the end must seek to heal rents in our politic, not by mere unity, but through deep mutual respect and reasoned debate as is appropriate and necessary to the dignity of our United States political institutions.MaleCD1
Di BiaseMichaelAntonioI am eager to join the SCC to contribute to strengthening the DPNM, and to advocate for leadership, rules, and resolutions that address the concerns and priorities of New Mexicans, especially our most disenfranchised citizens. I’m looking forward to working to make the DPNM the party that is effective and flexible enough to meet the economic and environmental needs of the moment, and is committed to welcoming a more diverse membership. I have canvassed for Democrats in every election since 2004, worked voter registration drives, worked on campaigns to support progressive issues, and served as a poll challenger in the 2020 election. I’m passionate about working to create a more just, equitable society, and I believe that my being an SCC member will contribute in a small way to that end. We need leadership that is bold, courageous, and decisive. I will work to support and elect candidates who have the courage to be ambitious in their fight for healthcare for all and for solutions to address wealth inequality, poverty, and climate change.MaleCD1
DiazAmberGeneI am running because I am a mom, daughter, auntie, sister, who just wants a change. I am a chicana, who wants to help our community. I want everyone to be represented.FemaleCD1
DickinsonMarianneI’ve spent the past 20 years working to instill more progressive social and environmental values and policies in the local and state party, while learning how true progressives get elected (or even offered as a choice!) I've worked at the precinct, ward,CCC and SCC level, worked polls, election protection and supported campaigns at all levels. This would be my final term. It matters who we elect from the bottom to the top, and this year could be transformative with the options we have, not only for the CD1 ballot slot, but the officers and chairs of the Party and committees. And the Rules and Platform can always use improvement. As for the CD1 candidates, there are strengths in each of them, but I will only vote for a candidate who understands all of the complex issues (local and global) and truly represents and cares for all New Mexicans. This choice is not about who has the most money. With an inspiring progressive candidate, the rest of us will raise the money and get out the votes. This will be possible with us listening and collaborating, making sure we include new and experienced, diverse and thoughtful voices.FemaleCD1
DingeDennisCarlI'm a progressive who grew up on a farm in rural SC. I'm a physicist, a foster parent, and an environmentalist. I've been a NM resident since 2006. My area of specialty is supercomputing simulation. Supercomputers are modern day soothsayers. They inform us on what is going to happen with climate change, disease spread, grid reliability and more. Republicans choose ignorance over the knowledge gained from my and other areas of science. As Democrats we must fight this or we have no future. As a foster parent I have some insight on the challenges facing many kids in New Mexico. I care deeply about improving CYFD and our family support systems. I believe the hardest job in NM for progressives/environmentalist is to make in-rows with folks in rural NM where jobs depend on oil and gas. When I was in college I worked in a textile mill. Like oil and gas in NM now textiles in SC then was a dying industry. I got out of it. I think I have some insight into what the folks in the oil fields are feeling which would be useful in coming up with policies and messaging to appeal to them.MaleCD1
DivarcoKathleenAI want to have a vote. I have worked answering phones at the down town office front desk. I volunteered for Maurreen Skowren and Michelle Lujan-Grisham. I have made phone calls to encourage voting several times. I have been elected to county central committee position precinct 507.FemaleCD1
DominguezJackieAs an Indigenous woman from the Pueblo of Laguna, I've been inspired by the leadership of Congresswoman Deb Haaland. I feel like it's my responsibility to get involved in the Democratic process and make my voice heardFemaleCD1
DuarteMarsellaOctober 31, 2020 was a Blue Moon. We were days away from an election during a time like no other. I couldn’t help but think about the people on the ground, in the counties across New Mexico fighting to keep us Blue, in a pandemic. I had to thank them. Me and a friend sat down and sent a Blue Moon thank you card to every county chair and vice-chair we could contact just to let them know they were appreciated, and that we were all placing our hopes on a Blue Wave. My name is Marsella Duarte, I am the newly elected Precinct Chair for 121, Ward 11A. I was fortunate enough to be raised in a politically engaged and informed family and was taught the value of service, commitment and hard work from a young age. I have been involved at every level and aspect of politics, most recently as a Challenger for the General election. I believe that with my knowledge and experience in the Party of the past, coupled with my optimism and excitement for the future, I can help bridge past lessons with future ideas. FemaleCD1
DuffyKathyMMsI’ve been engaged in the Bernalillo County Democratic Party for over 25 years. I’ve served as the President of NMFDW for six of those years and Vice Chair of the DPNM for two years. My late husband and I have hosted numerous Democratic Party events from 10 to 1000 attendees at our home to include events for John Kerry, President Obama, Governor Richardson, Diane Denish, Senator Martin Heinrich and several other candidates from County Commissioners to State Officials. When I was President of the NFDW we bid on and hosted the National Convention of the Democratic Women. Attendees to the convention included Chelsea Clinton and US Senator Clare Haskell. I would like to continue engaging in the Democratic process to help keep our County, State and National Elected officials blue.FemaleCD1
DuhiggDorisAnnJoe Biden is now our president thank goodness. However the harm that DJ Trump caused to our republic is still a presence in our country and is unlikely to just disappear without him in the White House. He is still a danger to our country and that is why the Democratic Party must be even stronger than before. My reason for running for State Central Committee is to be a force to help the Democratic Party achieve that strength.FemaleCD1
DuhiggDorisAnnJoe Biden thankfully is now our President. However the damage done by DJ Trump is still present, as is the danger that he continues to attempt to pervert our democracy. He is coy about whether he will run in 2024 or if he will form a new MAGA party. The Democratic Party must remain strong and vibrant to off-set these dangers. We must elect strong and capable public servants to save our country. We are at crossroads at this time and I want to be a part of strengthening our Party.FemaleCD1
DunnTheresaI am a progressive Democrat. I have lived in New Mexico for almost 30 years and raised my family here. I have my own small business and teach about water and other environmental issues here in New Mexico. My number one issue is the climate. Other key issues include energy, education, healthcare, and social and economic justice. Related to these issues, I support the Green New Deal and a New Mexico equivalent. As an SCC member, I will work to bring these progressive values to the forefront of the New Mexico Democratic Party. I am a communitarian. I enjoy bringing people together to find common ground and to resolve issues, to enlighten and to educate, to listen and to persuade. I have been active on many Democratic campaigns and am deeply committed to positive change through the election process. As an SCC member, I will work to make the Democratic Party diverse and inclusive.FemaleCD1
DuranJohnAntonioI have tremendous pride in being part of our New Mexico Democratic Party. We have a strong track record of ensuring our policies are in line with our fellow citizens and constantly aim to improve our local communities. I am running for SCC so that I can contribute to achieve our common goals to focus on ensuring our economy works for everyone, that we focus on providing access to affordable healthcare in our State and that we strive to strengthen our most vulnerable communities. Throughout my life I have looked for ways that I can contribute to these goals and I believe that our party, particularly now, has an opportunity to deliver a tremendous amount of positive change. I am running so that I can add to the dialogue and help ensure that our party stays true to its core values.MaleCD1
DyerElizabethClaireI would like to serve as an SCC member because I am BOTH steadfastly progressive, dedicated to giving all New Mexicans an equal opportunity to live a safe, healthy, and productive life AND a pragmatist, from my career as an advanced practice nurse. I am a mother and a lover of New Mexico's wonderful outdoors.FemaleCD1
EconomouZoeL.SCC is where the most important work of the Party is done. For instance, selecting a candidate to run in Deb Haaland's place. Also, I love to vote. I show up. I am committed beyond primaries and candidates.FemaleCD1
EconomyKathleenMHave been a long-time Democrat. Upon my return to NM in 2018 I have been active in my ward and precinct in GOTV for Democrats.FemaleCD1
EconomyKathleenMI have been involved in the Democrat party my whole life and active in GOTV, canvassing for Dems, promoting issues such as voting rights, climate change, and reducing waste. I moved to ABQ in 1991 and started getting involved in Dem issues soon thereafter. Around 2002 I became involved a precinct chair and eventually became a ward chair for maybe 1.5 years before I moved to Washington DC in 2010. I returned to ABQ in 2018 (retired) and after settling back in got involved in the 'blue wave' starting in 2019 with phone calling and canvassing (working to elect Lujan-Grisham, Deb Haaland, Dem state representatives and senators). I am retired so I have the time, and definitely have the passion to promote progressive issues.FemaleCD1
Ellis-MooreKyraElizabethAs a young Democrat in an older and more conservative part of Albuquerque, and one who is committed to electing Democrats at all levels of government, it's important to me to get involved at the neighborhood level in my community and encourage other young people and families to be part of the state party.FemaleCD1
EnriquezMarisolAFor far too long, New Mexico’s amazing potential to be a leader in our Union has been prevented by moderate career politicians and special interest groups. As a native New Mexican and a woman of color, I was thrilled to see more of our state’s diversity represented so strongly in 2018 and again in 2020. Although the tide is beginning to turn, much more work needs to be done. I am not a politician, and I know how intimidating the idea of getting involved in politics is. But, I believe in the power of making change one voice at a time, because our voices are powerful! Over the years, I’ve volunteered for many Democratic candidates to speak with hundreds of people across the country via phone banks, texts, mailings, and knocking on doors. Mostly, my goal has been to remind New Mexicans and other Americans that they have a say in who gets the honor of being elected to hold public office in our beautiful state and in our beautiful country. Serving on this committee would allow me to continue the work to help elevate New Mexicans’ voices in ways that matter!FemaleCD1
ErbyLanikaI am running for this office because we, the people need change. We need representation of the true diversity of our nation. We need people in office who stand for justice and, like those who have come before us to stand for said justice, I would like to do the same.FemaleCD1
EscaladaRyleeJMy name is Rylee Escalada (she/her). As a young person of color and as a young democrat - This opportunity to run for office is important to me because I desire to be part of the conversation. I want to lead in my values and be a model of success in building collective power within the party that will result in great benefit to our shared community. There is so much room for growth and development and I want to be part of the grassroots efforts that bring effective aid and systems within our structures.FemaleCD1
EstacioRenatoI am running for the office so that I can represent the needs and wishes of our community. I believe that equity is best served through awareness, representation, and fairness.Gender DiverseCD1
Estrada-BustilloVickyI am running because I want to be come more involved and informed about how democratic party election process worksFemaleCD1
EveloWayneJJrI'm running to help get the best Democrats elected in NM just like I have done for the last 6 years as a Ward Chair or a Precinct Chair in the East Mountains. I have lived in the East Mountains for more than 20 years, so I understand the issues important to rural Democrats and I can help get out the Democratic vote. I'm asking for your vote to ensure NM stays Blue.MaleCD1
Fast WolfFrankJamesI am running for the SCC to provide support and input to our democratic leaders in the issues of diversity and opportunity. Most importantly of all is educational equity. My entire educational career has been spent on helping bring awareness and action in increasing educational equity. I believe that education is the one pathway to success that spans race, culture, income, and gender. Yet, for many of us from diverse backgrounds these paths are often cluttered with societal issues. I believe that we must make education equitable and why I am running for SCC. What and how we teach influences all learners. I went through public school. I met my first influential teacher in 8th grade and more in high school. My experiences at UNM taught me the art of education. I was able to teach, advocate, and help impact change because of the educational opportunities I was given. I end with a quote from Chief Sitting Bull. "Let us put our minds together and see what kind of world we make for our children". This is how I see the SCC works and I want be take an active role. Thank you and consider voting for me.MaleCD1
FaulknerJacksonSaulNew Mexico is facing a climate crisis that we cannot deny. It's scale is massive and if we are unsuccessful in our fight against it, we may lose virtually of the New Mexico we know and love. We have an opportunity to address this challenge of our lifetimes through a Green New Deal. We can tackle climate change by employing millions of Americans in good paying, unionized jobs that build our economy and protect our environment. Our party can provide a vision of America's future that places the dignity of work at the forefront of our society and puts working communities and working families first. The Democratic Party must meet the challenge ahead of us. Here in New Mexico we can build a state party that bravely stands for a just future, if elected to the SCC I hope to build that party with you.MaleCD1
FayDanielRileyI have been recently elected as Vice-Chair for Precinct 468, and also serve as the VoteBuilder liaison for my Ward (27C). I ask for your vote in my reelection to the State Central Committee. As an engineer with a doctorate in Electrical Engineering, I will bring to the State Central Committee a unique perspective on issues facing New Mexico. New Mexico faces numerous upcoming issues that require a solid technical background to address. These issues include climate change and alternative energy, and rural broadband. We have seen the harm that trading wishful thinking for science has done to our response to the pandemic and to climate change.MaleCD1
FeldmanCorrinaMy name is Corrina Feldman, and I am running for the SCC because I believe the Democratic party is at its best when we work from the ground up building our infrastructure and support in neighborhoods one conversation at a time. My years of Democratic campaign experience have shown me the power of community building and how much work we still have to do in order to ensure equity within all our communities. As a queer and genderqueer woman of color born and raised in metro Albuquerque, I believe I have an under-represented and often overlooked perspective to bring to Democratic Party politics. I want to be on the SCC because I am excited to be a part of the state party process, I am ready to fight for the needs and the dreams of our community members across NM and CD1. I will work with the state party, volunteers, elected officials, and other SCC members tirelessly to ensure I maintain the integrity of the state party infrastructure NM has built. I promise to drive opportunity forward in New Mexico. Thank you for your time and the opportunity to earn your vote.Gender DiverseCD1
FeldmanJohnTaichertI am running for this position because I care deeply about the future of our state and nation. My family has been in New Mexico since before statehood, and my relatives have been active in the Democratic Party of this state since the time of the New Deal. I was a precinct chair in Albuquerque in the 1980's and was just elected to the County Central Committee. I graduated from UNM Law School in 1989, clerked on the NM Supreme Court, served for ten years as a mediator for the NM Workers' Compensation Administration, and went on to teach mediation at the law school for 17 years. I have watched with great pleasure as change-makers like Deb Haaland and Xochitl Torres Small moved from their student days at UNM Law School to achieve so much for our state. I still hope to contribute something to the New Mexico Democratic Party, and would appreciate your vote.MaleCD1
FernandezAnjelicaIAlbuquerque needs a change in the people nominated for community changes.FemaleCD1
FernandezDarleneMI am interested in being a State Central committee member for the Democratic Party in Bernalillo county because I come from a family of Democrats who have always been involved. I would like to have a say in the direction of our party and what it looks like in the future. I would like to have a voice in making decisions about our Democratic leadership in our diverse state of New Mexico.FemaleCD1
FernandezFranciscoI'm running for the SCC because I come from a family of New Mexican Democrats who previously had little involvement outside of elections. I hope to set an example and ensure our party continues to build upon Democratic principals that best serve current and future leaders. The tone and direction of our party are of the utmost importance, especially if we are to create a welcoming atmosphere for fellow New Mexicans from ALL walks of life for generations to come.MaleCD1
FernandezLawrenceI would like to be a State Central Committee Member to have a voice in setting the direction, tone and representation of the Democratic party. As a Father and a Retiree from UNM I'd like to usher in positive change for the future generations of New Mexican leadership.MaleCD1
FernandezYolandaEvelynI am interested in being a member of SCC as I was recently elected as a CCC member. I would like to represent my state, district, county, neighborhood and be a voice of and for the people. As a lifelong resident, retired educator, and grandmother of future 13 grandchildren who will be a part of the Democratic party, I hope, will encourage the future generation to become involved in the processes of the party. Please consider my interest and my willingness to contribute my hard work to the Democratic party.FemaleCD1
FierroFranciscoBI want to be more engaged with the Democratic PartyMaleCD1
FierroSylviaAI want to be more engaged with the Democratic Party.FemaleCD1
FisherPaulaD.My name is Paula Fisher, and I have been an active Democrat who has participated in many campaigns. I’ve been a member of the SCC for quite sometime, and enjoy networking with other Dems. I was a member of the DPNM Finance committee for two terms. I believe it’s important for me to support the Democtatic process and utilize my voice and right to vote. I’m looking forward to once again being a member of the SCC.FemaleCD1
FleisherMarkI have been involved in Democratic politics since 1970's. I have been a State Democratic Chair in AZ and have run and consulted in well over a hundred campaigns. I am a committed Democrat and would appreciate your vote.MaleCD1
ForresterScottClarkI am native New Mexican, I am married and raising my three children here. I have been active in the Bernalillo Democratic Party since 2004 and served in many volunteer roles. The work is tireless and thanks less. As a political consultant in ABQ, I can help my out skills to continue building a strong and vibrant Democratic Party.MaleCD1
FraserKenStevenI am a member of multiple minority groups and want to make sure that each of those groups gets a representative who will care about their needs. A lot of needs are universal; the ones that aren't are the ones that most need to be addressed.MaleCD1
FreedmanDavidI have been a life-long Democrat and lived in Bernalillo County for more than 50 years. I have been active in my neighborhood associations and have, on several occasions, been the spoke person for issues of concern before the County Commission or City Council that effect the far north valley. I have financially supported Democratic candidates at the national, state, and local level for years, but given the turn of events during the last 4 years, I have come to understand that direct participation in the political process is required now more than ever. I have the energy and passion to support a progressive Democratic agenda, an agenda that is long overdue in our county, state and nation. Also, I have participated directly in re-districting matters for Democrats for over 40 years at the local and state level. Because re-districting will take place this year and is, and should be, of vital concern to all Democrats, I can lend valuable perspective at the ward, county and state level.MaleCD1
FreedmanJosephI have lived in Alburquerque for about 8 years, following a career in environmental law. I have been involved in neighborhood issues and have served as President of the Cibola Neighborhood Association for the past two years. I would like to help assist the NM Democratic Party in nominating a dynamic, qualified, and forward-looking leader that would best represent the District's interests in the United States House of Representatives. I believe that MELANIE STANSBURY has demonstrated those qualities and a comimitment to open, transparent government, in the course of representing this district in the NM House, and if elected to the SCC, will enthusiastically support her candidacy.MaleCD1
FrenchPatriciaI am a registered democrat since 1990 (30 YRS) I am a SCC member, and I am a member of the State Platform & Rules Committee, Black Caucus, and Vice Chair of Adelante Caucus. I have traveled the State and know what the Democratic Party needs to stay ahead of the Republicans in the State and in DC. We need strong people who won't back down from their beliefs and will support the Party.FemaleCD1
GalbraithCharlesFMy name is Charlie Galbraith, a resident of Bernalillo County for 15 years and Chair of Precinct 362. My expertise is in education, business management and accounting. After spending time as a public school teacher, I was a business manager for a public school system, then a private school, and finally, a charter school. I understand budgets, financial reports, and the importance of investing in our children’s education and in our teachers. As a retiree, I am looking for an opportunity to give back to our state. I think we need a strong Democratic Party to enhance the quality of life for all New Mexicans and would like to do my part to help.MaleCD1
GallardoRobertLouisI am running for office because I would like to make a difference in New Mexico .MaleCD1
GallegosAnnieMarieThroughout my adolescence and adult years, community has been a huge part of my life. Now that I am working with future generations in the Albuquerque Public school system, as well as being a mother, I have become aware of difficult circumstances which are part of our education system. I would like to be part of the SCC so that I can do my part as a citizen.FemaleCD1
GallegosPiaI am running for SCC to serve the DPNM. I helped found the DPNM Adelante Progressive Caucus, and I was its first Chair. The Caucus is an important force in the party, giving progressives a collective voice in the actions of the party. We promote transparency and accountability within the party, and we advocate for legislation to transform our fossil-fuel based economy into a renewable energy economy that compensates those who are bearing the harshest consequences of climate catastrophe. I am on the DPNM Rules Committee, and I believe rules are important to assure maximum inclusion and democracy both among party members and within our larger New Mexico community. I have helped write the rules to give all caucuses the right to have two seats in the SCC, and I'm helping to write the rule that assures the right of caucuses to endorse in the primaries. For our CD-1 Democratic nominee, I am looking for a candidate with a track record of advancing progressive causes and who will fight to raise the minimum wage, tax the super rich, stop fossil fuel extraction, and cut the military budget by 10% and give the savings to social justice projects around the country.FemaleCD1
GallegosPiaI am running for SCC to promote the Democratic values of participation and inclusion in our society. I have been serving on the state Rules Committee for almost two years, and I have assisted in writing and shaping the rules that govern our state party. I co-founded the Adelante Progressive Caucus, and I served as its first chair. I have been a precinct chair and a ward chair. I am presently vice-chair of my ward. I advocate for legislative initiatives on the state and national levels that will provide more economic security to lower-income families and individuals, and that will shift our energy sources from fossil fuel to renewable energy. I vote for candidates who stand up to corporate power and militarism. I am concerned that climate change is wreaking havoc on the earth and in New Mexico. I am concerned about the increasing disparity of wealth that leaves people homeless, hungry and without healthcare while an elite few amass obscene amounts of money. It's time to regulate corporate power and tax the wealthy so that we can meet the basic human and educational needs of all Americans.FemaleCD1
GamelskyLeei am a life long democrat. i am the Precinct Chair ( 151 ), support the activities of my ward 11A, and last year served on the Resolutions Committee in which 3 of the 5 resolutions i authored were adopted. i am active in my community , the LOS DURANES NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATON as vice president which is the second oldest european settled community in the Albuquerque area. i understand the needs, concerns and desires of our community members. I promote and implement DIVERSITY INCLUSION every day of my life. As an Architect i am committed to creating a more sustainable built environment, promoting energy efficency, and environmental stewardship. As a farmer and beekeeper i understand firsthand the impacts of climate change and global warming here in New Mexico. I believe we need a CD candidate who understands our community and who has the understanding of the democratic party here in New Mexico and not just a candidate who has the money to buy a campaign . I will elect the best candidate to represent our democratic principles; and work to get that candidate elected.MaleCD1
GamelskyLeeI will help implement progressive policies, resolutions and ideals for the State Democratic Party. Last year I served on the Bernco Dem. Party Resolutions Committee where 3 of the 5 resolutions I authored were adopted at the County Level. However, I have learned through the democratic process and my professional practice as an architect: that great ideas alone don’t make it happen, they need to be implemented. My interests include implementing the means and methods for improving our public education programs and facilities, increasing renewable energy production, address water conservation, and to reallocate monies from the Permanent and Severance Tax Land funds to directly benefit the New Mexico economy. I understand our initial responsibility is to select the best CD1 candidate who can win. I am not committed to any candidate at this time. As Deb has not yet been confirmed, there is time for me to do my due diligence in making that decision. I am a lifelong democrat. My profession has taken me to all parts of the state. I understand New Mexicans. As a part time farmer, fulltime beekeeper, resident/community rep. of the Los Duranes Neighborhood Association, i know the concerns of our citizens.MaleCD1
GammillAdamAI have served in the SCC since 2018. I'm running again because I believe it is important to have young people represented in the the governing body of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.MaleCD1
GarciaAmandaMarieBecause I care about the future of our democracy and our State.FemaleCD1
GarciaPaulineJuanitaI have represented the west side of Albuquerque as an advocate for public education since the late 1980s. When I end my current term as a member of the CNM Governing Board, I will have served in an elected office for a total of 21 years. I have taken an active interest in many campaigns in my community and I have worked to support candidates whose values and policies I support. I have also volunteered and worked the polls to support our precious election process. As I look to the future, I see that our Democrat representation at all levels is even more important than ever. I also believe that every vote that is cast must be protected and that every person eligible to vote must have their rights preserved. If ever there was a time for hard work and serious commitment to the democratic process, this is the time. I have served in many capacities and I hope to continue to serve our Democrat party.FemaleCD1
GefvertCynthiaJSince moving to NM in 2016, I have been an active Democrat volunteering for a number of candidates and the party. I helped to organize the progressives in my new community and have hosted Candidate meet and greets as well as a Zoom Forum. I would like to continue my participation by becoming a member of the SCC.FemaleCD1
GermainMarjorieTThe Democratic Party has faced a number of barriers, threats and riots, both national and within our state. Now more than ever The NM Dem SCC needs to continue to demonstrate / promoting the Values Democrats stand for and thats why I am running to be a member of the SCC because as a proud Democrat who 's always looking for ways to talk with my neighbor/community and get them involve and register to vote. I would like to be part of the decision making. I believe that we must work together to achieve the mission of the Democratic Party. I stand for Affordable healthcare, quality education, immigrant and economic equality as well as helping Democratic nominees get elected to city, state and even federal offices. We must work together to achieve the mission of the Democratic Party and that is why i am asking for vote to be on State Central Committee. As a woman of color/ immigrant to this country who never took anything for granted and went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Economics with a minor in Accounting, I have always known that the DEM Party was the only viable political option for me.FemaleCD1
GiacciElenaI am a proud American Indian woman and a Anti Sexual and Domestic violence training specialist and advocate for American Indian people. I have has over 31 years’ experience in the Violence Against Women field and have a B.A. in Criminal Justice. I served as Chair of the Albuquerque Mayors Anti Domestic and Sexual Violence Task Force, where members of the task force created the first Albuquerque Police Department National Model for Limited English Policies. This was followed up with development of training for the Albuquerque Police Department Cadets on cultural diversity and oppression issues. I was co- investigator with Dr. Elizabeth Miller in the research study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development into reproductive coercion and faculty Leader on Native Project 2.0 in cooperation with a National organization. I served as the Executive Director of the State Coalition to Stop Violence Against Native Women. In 2019 I had the privilege to serve on Governor Lujan Grisham and 2003 Governor Bill Richardson Transition Team for Health and Human Services. We reviewed health benefits, support services, identified issues, policies and protocols that need to be prioritized, addressed and enhanced.FemaleCD1
GigerMichelleI am running for SCC to work toward societal justice and equity. I was elected in 2018 and with the exception of a brief period after my husband died unexpectedly, I am very active, attending SCC meetings and voting on every matter proposed by DPNM. I’ve worked to elect Democrats to local, state and national offices, in NM and elsewhere. During my SCC term, I was proud to vote without exception in favor of the most progressive platform in NM history. I helped to coordinate and prepare a mailing to the more than 400 households in our precinct, asking them to register, telling them how/where to do that when/where to vote. I also participated in the drive to provide West Side students with school supplies when COVID hit. I have been a volunteer and donor for Democrats in NM for more than 25 years, and I support financially the WestSide, Bernalillo County and New Mexico Dems. I attend monthly meetings among those most active in our Ward. Finally, my primary purpose in running for the SCC is NOT due to the upcoming CD 1 election to replace Rep. Deb Haaland. I promise to remain active and involved AFTER that election.FemaleCD1
GoldbergJosephThe last four years have taught me that if we are to preserve the freedoms and values we want, we need to be in the arena. I have been a life-long democrat and have been active but generally from the perimeters. I have experience with both the political and governmental sides. I will work hard to promote the party and its objectives.MaleCD1
GoldbergerJohnChristianIt's easy for me to pinpoint the exact date I decided to become a lawyer. It's easy, because it's one of two dates that also effectively serve as the official titles of two terrorist attacks. All you have to do is mention the date "September 11th" and everyone immediately knows what you're talking about. And now we have a new entry into this category: January 6th. I decided, in real time, that the apparent low-level trauma I was experiencing in watching these events unfold should somehow be translated into something positive. Becoming a lawyer, I feel, will certainly have a positive effect on my life, but I think becoming politically engaged will serve a similar purpose. I want to be able to help guide our party here in my home state, even if only in some small way. I'm not running for this position because of a potential special election, although that is what brought the existence of the SCC to my attention. I'm running for this position simply because I couldn't respond to the terrorist attack in January by doing nothing.MaleCD1
Gomez-ChavezJenniferLDear State Central Committee, I am submitting my candidacy to serve my community in this capacity. I am a lifelong Democrat and have lived in District 1 for 24 years where I raised my family and worked at the University of New Mexico for 27 years. Throughout my career, I have advocated at the local, state and federal level regarding issues on education and healthcare to uphold policies that are equitable for people from underrepresented backgrounds. I also have empowered individuals from diverse communities to participate in the legislative process so that their voices and experiences are shared and heard. During my time at the university, I have not been able to be as active in the party because of the leadership positions I have held. However, I will be retiring soon and plan to devote my time and energy to uplift the ideals of the Democratic Party. As a mother, educator and community leader, my goal is to help build a world that promotes respect for human and social justice rights and dignity for all. Please feel free to contact me for further questions. Thank you for your consideration in my candidacy.FemaleCD1
GonzalesMatthewP.JrTo ensure union friendly candidates are elected.MaleCD1
GoodPatriciaAnnI was on the SCC when my son fell in Seattle and fractured his skull. I have served as a Precinct Chair in Albuquerque's Westside and for Precinct 432 in NE Albuquerque. I also served as Secretary of the Bernalillo DPNM. Hip replacement surgery 3/11 then ready to go, travel whatever needed.FemaleCD1
GranadosLeahRudnickThank you for considering my candidacy for the New Mexico Democratic Party State Central Committee. I have been a practicing Child Psychiatrist in New Mexico for over 25 years, primarily serving underprivileged and marginalized children in the state’s treatment foster care system. I have witnessed the great disruption of children’s lives by events that adversely impact them and their families as a result of educational, economic, immigration, substance abuse and mental health policies that have further disenfranchised these children and their families. My family and I have previously supported Democratic Party campaigns by participating in door-to-door canvassing, with monetary contributions and supporting our children’s volunteer efforts in these matters. I am currently interested in serving on the SCC to support our critical, democratic values. These include universal healthcare, protecting and sustaining our critical natural resources, supporting appropriate and consistent educational resources for students of all ages, respect and responsibility to New Mexico’s indigenous peoples, just, comprehensive and durable immigration reform and lasting racial justice. I am especially committed to supporting candidates who will promote policies that benefit the most vulnerable members of our community and their families. Many thanks for your consideration and committed work toward our shared cause.FemaleCD1
GranadosTomasRefugioAlthough my family and I have assisted with and donated to a number of local, state and national Democratic Party campaigns, I am particularly motivated to serve the State Central Committee because I feel compelled to take every possible action to protect democratic institutions and advocate for crucial policy decisions at this time in history. Over six decades of life, there have been many times where elections have been particularly pivotal. However, the upcoming elections at the local, state and national level will be of great consequence as we engage in a strong and sustained an effort to shape future environmental, economic, immigration, and labor policy that will be so vital for the large number of Americans who have been disproportionately affected by the recent twin crises of COVID-19 and the related economic downturn. The significant economic and health disparities highlighted by the recent pandemic as well as the glaring systemic racial and ethnic inequalities that have been exposed will require urgent attention. The candidates we elect to craft, advocate and implement policies that attempt to correct these disparities will make an important impact for years to come. For this reason, I seek the opportunity to serve in this role.MaleCD1
GregoryCharlesCurrently, we have a strong party platform. I want to be in a position to help keep it strong, and to help move the party to walk the walk as well as talk the talk. It's really that simple.MaleCD1
GriegoAntonioJI am looking to continue my position on the New Mexico Democratic Party's State Central Committee. As an SCC member I will look to promote the diverse views of Democratic Party voters within my precinct (113) and ward (68C). I aim to actively participate in both annual meetings, as well as, other events as required. My primary concerns for the State's future are the environment and economic development. I will work to promote those topics through my voting seat on SCC, when elected.MaleCD1
GriegoClarettaMI would like to accept the nomination for this position, because, I believe we are in a extremely important time in our country's history. In order to preserve our freedom, we need to get involved in all aspects or our democracy. Starting in our own precincts, wards, counties, and states. Voting every four years, will no longer preserve our freedom. We cannot depend on one or two leaders at the top of our party to keep what so many people have struggled to give all of us. We, the people on our blocks, neighborhoods, cities, and states all need to become leaders. Even if it is by the school of hard knocks. If you have something you love, it can become so beautiful, if you nurture, respect, and work at helping it improve, throughout the coming years.FemaleCD1
GriegoClarettaMarieMsWe are in very challenging times. Grass root participation is very important. Our democracy, is being challenged more than we are willing to face. We have to work to keep what other dedicated voters have won for us. We must not go backward, only forward. Our vote, which is the most important tool we have at elections, is being eroded. We all need to join from the block, to the precinct, to the ward, to the county, to the state, and beyond. One individual, cannot solve our challenges. We, all of us, must together, increase our numbers. This way, we can be ready to keep, and improve the freedoms we are so used to enjoy.FemaleCD1
GriegoEricGAs a life-long FDR Democrat I have been active in local, state and national politics as a volunteer, campaign staffer, national delegate and elected official for more than 20 years. I first volunteered with Al Otero's campaign for state representative in the 1970s. In 2001, I was elected to the Albuquerque City Council and was able to pass key Democratic legislation ranging from raising the minimum wage, to making Albuquerque one of the first city's in the nation to use public financing for local elections. In 2008 I was elected to the NM State Senate where I championed green jobs, progressive tax reform and early childhood education funding. I believe that our core values as Democrats are to stand with working people and those most vulnerable in our community. As an SCC delegate I will support candidates and policies that reflect our core values as Democrats, including Medicare for All, the Green New Deal and the fight for a $15 minimum wage. We need bold, progressive leadership inside the Democratic party, elected leaders who will advance our Democratic values. If elected to the SCC I will fight to make our party stand for what we all say we believe in.MaleCD1
GuerreroFernandoI want to see more young people in the party.MaleCD1
GuerreroSelindaI am on the current SCC and I have been honored to be part of this process. It has been a great experience to learn more and grow deeper to support the party.FemaleCD1
GuerrerortizDiegoI am a young Chicano Democrat who is pushing to have my voice heard in this party. I can empathize with many of my peers who have become disenchanted by party politics, but I have not lost hope. I think increased representation of young people, BIPOC, LGBTQ+, and all others historically passed over or excluded from the decision-making process, could lead to true progress!MaleCD1
GuillermoRicardoArchitect, set designer, 20 year resident of Wells Park, Chair of Precinct 163 in Ward 11C, and nominee for the SCC. I favor a healthy environment, nuclear weapons ban and transformation of our economic base to renewable energy production for the betterment of New Mexico and our planet. We need bold strides to achieve racial, gender and economic equality and new paradigms for infrastructure, capital improvements, a reformed educational system strengthening early education and after school enrichment programs, accessible healthcare for all, support of arts and public broadcasting, new transport and work modes, well trained and organized work force, equal pay for equal work, sustainable rural housing, clean water supply, broadband for all, urban multi-use housing, reform of our electoral process through rank choice voting, a compassionate, inclusive and non-discriminatory immigration system and international relations, a holistic approach to sustainable agriculture and green industry that looks seven generations into the future with the intention of leaving our great grandchildren’s great grandchildren a better New Mexico and a better world. I need a few more votes to assure my place on the SCC. I will serve as a strong proponent for change toward a caring and more loving future.MaleCD1
GuruleMonicaMMy name is Mónica Gurulé and I am running for this office because I can. It never occurred to me that I could take part in any of these positions because I am a renter. I do not know why I thought that. Now that I realize I did think that I am furious at my internalized sense of inferiority. I have also struggled to even participate at times because I am disabled. Everything moving to Zoom has opened the world to me in so many ways. Being disabled for depression and anxiety, I receive Medicare. I am thrilled to say that because of this public service I am still here today. I have so much to be grateful for and so much to offer, even if it's only in the opinions formed from lived experiences. I have found myself, over the past couple of years, speaking of political issues in counseling. I feel that the best way to heal what is so deeply troubling is to dive into the deep end. So deep end, get ready because here I am!FemaleCD1
GutierrezKatherineMorgan LacyI am running for this office because as a young Hispana New Mexican, I have spent my life working to make this state and the Albuquerque area a better place for all its inhabitants. I think my life experiences, education, and values make me a good fit to be involved in local democratic (and Democratic) processes.FemaleCD1
GutierrezMartinMichaelThank you for taking time to read my statement of candidacy. When I was in 4th grade my class was honored to host and interview a candidate for New Mexico Governor. That morning I asked pointed questions about racial-gender equality and the state of economic affairs for the folks at the fringes of our community. As a child I witnessed the influence government has over our lives. My family was a product of the nation investing in citizens at the fringes as my family were poor farmers who enlisted in military service during WWI, WWII, and Korea using those benefits to house, educate, and provide a better life for their children resulting in their generational success. There is nothing more precious than a healthy democracy which reflects the values, needs, and desires of its citizens. I ask, humbly, for your vote for SCC to continue the proud tradition of public service by my family. I commit to representing the voters of Ward11A by supporting our progressive platform. New Mexico faces a growing population and it is imperative that we keep strengthening our internal party values while welcoming more people onto our voter rolls. Thank you for your time and vote.MaleCD1
GutterudDianeKayHello fellow Democrats! I am proud to say I am a progressive Democrat and currently serving as Ward Chair for 18D. Now, that the bleakness of Donald Trump is out of office and not hanging over our heads,it is now even more important to work hard to expand our party to insure we save our democracy and it's institutions. I have been an SCC member since 2018 and I would like to continue serving in that role to ensure we prosper and grow as a party. We are a stronger Democratic Party, State and nation when we are all secure and able to live our lives under with respect and equal protection under the law. I humbly ask you for your vote.FemaleCD1
HaaseCherylAs a person who has been active in the Albuquerque Teacher's Federation COPE committee, a former Ward Chair, a precinct chair for many years, I am very committed to Democratic issues and values. Furthermore, I have volunteered for many local and national campaigns by knocking doors and making calls. I truly care about our party and its future, and for democracy in general.FemaleCD1
HallVictorArmandI'm running for this office to encourage progressive representation in New Mexico Democratic leadership.MaleCD1
HammelHenryBovenkerkMy name is Henry Hammel, and I am a student currently studying History at UNM. I graduated from Albuquerque High in 2019. I am looking to promote progressive issues and movements like Black Lives Matter, LGBTQ+ issues, prison reform, addressing environmental issues, and tackling wealth inequality. I want to get more young people involved in the Democratic party while not compromising on progressive policy.MaleCD1
HammelKathrynAdelleI work as a high school administrator in the South Valley in Albuquerque, where I have lived for more than 30 years. That informs everything I do, how I do it, and for whom. I am a listener and a consensus-builder. I appreciate people and their potential. I love this land and the cultures of people who live here. I have an abiding understanding of what America is and ought to be. The last four years of unfortunate leadership in Washington and the pandemic have been devastating for the young people and community where I live and work. It will take the next few years to restore, rebuild, comfort, and re-inspire. I depend on the Democratic Party to lead that effort. My husband and I have two sons (ages 20 and 21) who voted in a presidential race for the first time in 2020. Last month, we attended our party ward meeting for the first time and I was proud to be elected precinct chair. Now I'm hoping you will vote for me for State Central Committee. I know that good things take time. I also know that the time for those good things is right now.FemaleCD1
HannaAnniI am running to be more involved in the party and to raise awareness of climate justice, which I see as the most pressing issue of our time. I want to encourage people of many background and ages to be involved in creating change.FemaleCD1
HannaPaytonI'm a young Democrat trying to get involved with the process.MaleCD1
HansbroughErinElizabethAs a somewhat young, progressive, working single mom with a trans child, I represent a large swath of the population that is deeply committed to progressive values, but hasn't always been sure whether we belong in the Democratic party--and it is exciting to see that changing! Like many others, I see community organizing as the heartbeat of the Democratic process.. My involvement in organizing around reproductive rights, paid sick leave, and mitual aid networks during the pandemic has led me to seek out opportunities to affect progressive change both locally and nationally. I am committed to supporting candidates who will fight for a Green New Deal, universal health care, racial justice, living wages for workers, and LGBTQ rights. As a former small business owner and graduate of the Community and Regional Planning program at UNM, I have a wealth of experience communicating with a wide variety of people. I am skilled in connecting with people and inspiring them to take action on matters that make a difference in all of our lives, whether they are related to personal or collective concerns. I love collaborative work, and look forward to participating in the stewardship of our state's political future.FemaleCD1
HansenBrittonHi all! I grew up here in Albuquerque, graduated from Albuquerque High and moved out of state for college, where I worked as a field organizer for the Bernie Sanders presidential campaign from August 2015 on. I traveled from state to state organizing with local leaders and grassroots organizers through the end of the election cycle. After that, I moved to New Orleans and worked with the local DSA group and several progressive candidates within the city. After graduating college I went on to become a member of Bernie's 2020 advance staff, where I traveled every few days to produce rallies and townhalls of all sizes, with all kinds of people. I've seen the progressive movement in a very intimate, unique way over the last six years, and since moving back to Albuquerque I've wanted to become involved--to do the work to help our district become the progressive hub I absolutely know it can be. I'm here to help us grow, to create real change through decisive action, from organizing free brake light replacement programs to helping with the budget to working to get every single person involved that wants to be.FemaleCD1
HansenBrittonKaylaI've been involved in the political world on a national level, but now that I'm back home in Albuquerque I really want to get involved on the local level, too. I'm super excited to jump in and do the work necessary to push this party forward and progressively!FemaleCD1
HarrisRobertSI want to continue active support of candidates and policies to further a progressive Democratic agenda. As a retiree with a background in business & finance, I have both the time & commitment to do so. I have been an active member of the CCC, SCC & Resolutions Committee for the past 2 years and an active Ward member for over 10 years. I have done volunteer work for Democrats running for office at the local, state and national level, including most recently President Joe Biden, Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham, NM Rep. Meredith Dixon & City Councilor Pat Davis. As a founding member of the National Popular Vote Bill Steering Committee, I successfully advocated for passage of the Bill, including testifying before the NM Legislature. At the request of my State Rep. Meredith Dixon, I am currently reviewing & analyzing proposed NM House & Senate bills. I have found all of my political activities to be challenging & rewarding & would like to have the opportunity to continue.MaleCD1
HarrisonWendellNicholasI have am an active life-long member of the party and currently serve as Ward 16A Secretary. My background as a journalist and magazine publisher has enabled me to support local and state politicians through my website,, where I try to highlight concerns of local interest and cover town halls and other activities. I was a delegate at the 2018 County convention and the 2020 state convention. I also served as a member of the Resolutions Committee and am chair of my precinct, 169.MaleCD1
HausnerAmandaMarieI want to express my interest in a County Central Committee position for precinct #54. I am a registered Democrat and I've always felt a duty to vote. I moved to Bernalillo county in 2003 to finish my Masters Degree in Social Work with a focus in Community Administration and Practice. I have always believed in social justice and equity for humanity and want to do my part to make things better in our community. We see the issues that are plaguing our country now—COVID, racism, poverty, unemployment, disparities in pay, access to healthcare, lack of affordable housing, and the list goes on. My philosophy is “if you don't vote, then don’t complain.” I recognize the importance of being involved in politics; as it shapes the policies, funding, and elected officials voted in to office. I would like to be more involved with the party and in choosing county party leadership. I would also like to be more informed politically on what is happening in our community and participate in what I can to impact positive changes in Albuquerque and our nation.FemaleCD1
HeadyThomasMcdougallI am running for this office because I believe that for Democracy to exist, citizens must must be involved on every level, or we end up with an oligarchy or a kleptocracy. run by the uber wealthy and large corporations, not the people.Such is far too much the case today. I am running because we have a number of fine candidates to replace the excellent Deb Haaland. There are three I am particularly supportive of and I want to help be sure One of these women is our next representative in Congress. I would also like to help disabuse a few in this party of the notion it is "unpatriotic" or "undemocratic" to mount primary challenges to incumbents. That is , rather, one of the Essential rights and, I would say , Duties of citizens who are concerned certain representatives no longer represent them and necessary policy positions, even if those positions are unpopular with the Party elite. I am intimately involved on multiple levels with working to prevent coming worldwide systems collapse that is occurring and will be catastrophic if not addressed properly Now. I look forward to representing all people in my precinct and ward. Thomas Heady MAMaleCD1
HebertSallyJaneVoting has always been important to me, but I was not actively involved in politics until 2016. Since then I have been quite involved, including canvassing, calling, texting, writing postcards, registering voters, recruiting volunteers, and attending events, much of this as a member of Indivisible Nob Hill. I volunteered at the DPNM office front desk, before CoVid. I’m a block captain for my precinct. I’ve been willing to help in whatever ways that I can to make a difference. I know that many others have been involved and active for years. Mine has been a different, and shorter path. I believe that my accounting degree and management experience with GE and the University of New Mexico allow me to bring an ability to work with diverse teams, find common ground and analyze and implement changes. I bring a new set of eyes and a can-do yet cooperative attitude. I want to get more involved in the party and participate in the grassroots groundswell and exciting changes happening in our party. I would appreciate your vote of confidence in my new-found, yet ambitious political interest. Thank you for considering me.FemaleCD1
HerndonPamelyaThe SCC is the voice of the Democratic Party. I am committed to ensuring that the work of our Party is carried out in a fair and equitable manner. I bring a voice of diversity that helps ensure that every expression and opinion is heard in our decision making process. I am loyal to the values and principals of our Party as we move our state and local strategies progressively forward to protect the environment, ensure access to quality affordable housing, health care and the well-being of every member of every community in our state. I am ready, willing, and able to be one of the leaders that our Party needs in these trying, difficult times.FemaleCD1
HerreraMercedesJosefineI am running for this office because I am passionate about education, and education of my people. It is so beyond critical for the people of NM, and CD1, to understand the power that is within themselves - this power is to create change around them and around the world. NM is an incredibly diverse state, and I want to ensure that not only our people know this, but our Democrats and any other party knows this as well. Mental health, climate politics, immigration, education policies and victims of abuse are a few issue areas I am extremely passionate about. One of my main focuses however is POC/minority rights, or black rights. I want to not only stand up and represent my people of NM, but I also want others all over the State to know that the time of sitting idly by is over.Gender DiverseCD1
HolmesJuanCarlosI am a former member of the SCC and ward vice chair and chair. I am passionate about helping underrepresented populations join the big tent of the Democratic Party and having our and their voices heard, and in a year when we will have to choose a qualified candidate to represent our fellow citizens in the House, I think it vitally important to be as involved as possible.MaleCD1
HolmesKevinPhilipI have served as a member of DPNM's State Central Committee multiple times and know and understand the important work done by the Committee. I have also been a ward and precinct chair in the past, so I know the important work done by the "grassroots" of the party. I am a military veteran, a devoted husband and father, and a born-and-raised New Mexican. I have attended New Mexico public schools and universities, and my two children attend New Mexico public elementary schools. I am also an attorney - I represent ordinary people in lawsuits against Mortgage Banks for mortgage abuse and against Insurance companies for injury claims, so I understand what it means to work for the best interests of ordinary people and against large special and corporate interests. I believe my background, experience, and appreciation of the work done by DPNM's SCC make me a good candidate to return to a position on State Central.MaleCD1
HoodLeliaLorraineI am running for State Central Committee to provide assistance to the Democratic Party. I am a lawyer and a lifelong Democrat. I would like to help our Party in making key decisions that will will enhance our future. I am passionate about protecting the rights of all people and promoting inclusiveness. The events surrounding the siege on our Nation's Capital by terrorists have motivated me to become more involved in the DPNM. I believe that to protect our Democracy, we must continue to be the party that speaks the truth to the County, State, and Nation. By serving on the SCC, I hope to help strengthen our Party by offering my skills to the position. Thank you for your consideration of my candidacy for SCC.FemaleCD1
HoranMargaretPIt is important that Democrats become more vocal and active in issues that are affecting our communities. I have participated in the congressional and gubernatorial campaigns for Michelle Lujan Grisham, the congressional race for Deb Haaland and was active in my precinct walking door to door to elect Maurreen Skowran to Albuquerque City Council. I have recently been elected Precinct Chair for my Precinct 507 I have participated in attending zoom presentations by candidates running to fill the Congressional 1 seat that will open up when Deb Haaland gains her Interior Secretary position in the Biden Administration.FemaleCD1
HossleyWilliamFrederickI wish to join the State Cental Committee.MaleCD1
HotzEmmaMy name is Emma Hotz and I am running for SCC because I believe that it is critical for our youngest generation to get involved in politics and learn the local processes that are crucial to our state's democracy. I was raised outside of Albuquerque in the East Mountains, and I am currently a student at the University of New Mexico studying political science and sociology. I am also the Vice President of College Democrats and active within my university's community. The state central committee needs younger, diverse voices to represent our population. I believe that this role would provide me with the opportunity to become more involved in local politics, while also bringing a voice to my district in the East Mountains. I look forward to serving my community in a new and exciting way within this role!FemaleCD1
HounshellMeganEmilyI am running for this office because, as a young queer person, I believe it is important to have diverse representation within this vital committee.Gender DiverseCD1
HowellC.RachaelSupporting and strengthening the Democratic Party platform in New Mexico is critical in our current political climate. I want all voices from my community, my ward, my precinct, and my neighborhood to be reflected in our state platform. Serving these past few years as Ward Chair, Precinct Chair and SCC member has been a privilege. The concerns I’ve been involved with over the years, both in the states and abroad, have morphed and changed, but the grassroots work has continued regardless of what party was in office. The issues that I have focused on and will continue to fight for include ethical elections and campaigns, civil rights and justice for everyone, clean water and energy for all communities, community based criminal justice reform, consistent and safe immigration practices, Tribal and Pueblo peoples empowerment, and a robust and meaningful education, which includes the arts. Now more than ever we need representatives that truly represent us. I ask for your SCC vote to continue to represent you.FemaleCD1
HudsonGrahamThomasI believe that it is important for local representation in the SCC to be diverse in all ways, including age. I hope that as an adopted New Mexican I can bring my viewpoint and energy to aiding the Democratic party in keeping New Mexico moving left.MaleCD1
Hughes-FraitekhKatherineEI grew up in Albuquerque and have a deep love for the city and state with it's diverse populations, Native, Hispanic, Anglo, Black and many immigrant and refugee populations. We are better and richer together. I love the land and nature and want to see racial justice, environmental care of our water, the animals and land, green jobs, a booming economy and educational opportunities for our people, and especially our youth. I want to help reinvigorate the Democratic Party to include diverse voices and work together for key objectives and goals in a transparent and inclusive manner. This is truly the Land of Enchantment, but people are hurting, especially during COVID, and I want to continue to play my part to work for equity, justice, and dignity for all people. I live in the far NE Heights and want to build connections and energy with other progressives so that we have a bigger voice in local and state politics. I'm running for Ward Chair to step up to a leadership position at the local level and am interested in the state level having worked in the US Congress, with the State Legislature and NM Commission of the Status of Women.FemaleCD1
IndritzTovaEternal vigilance continues to be the price of liberty! We have seen that even more keenly in recent times. I am a life-long Democrat. I have been a precinct chair and ward chair in Bernalillo County. Until this pandemic, I always walked my precinct to distribute information about where and when to early vote and how to vote absentee; this year it was phone calls only. I’m a criminal defense lawyer in federal, state, and Indian tribal courts, and I litigate the immigration consequences of criminal convictions. Over 45 years representing accused persons who are presumed innocent, I’ve seen ever-quickening erosion of our Bill of Rights, especially the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. The U.S. incarcerates the highest population percentage of any country. I keenly advocate the Constitution and Bill of Rights. We need to reverse the terrible decisions of the last four years in our country, but also move to make positive changes. We need to support the good deeds of our governor and legislature, and continue to move forward with diversity, justice, inclusion, and compassion, plan for a good future as a Democratic Party of New Mexico; I hope to assist in that endeavor.FemaleCD1
IvyCharlesAllenI want to help nominate a courageous candidate who will encourage the Democratic Party to live up to its commitment to a progressive agenda and advance legislation that will support the disadvantaged rather than corporations and the wealthy.MaleCD1
IvyMaryDeniseI would like to be on the SCC because I want to have a voice in helping the DPNM create a more progressive platform, have an impact on who is chosen to run to replace Rep. Haaland, and be a part of developing the Delegate Selection Plan for the national convention. I value listening and learning from the activist's organizations in New Mexico that are fighting to overcome the historical oppression they have experienced here at home. As an SCC member, I would work to build a SCC that listens and learns from these activists organizations and implement what we learn thus building a Democratic party that truly speaks on behalf of the people of our state instead of special interest.FemaleCD1
JacksonColterBillingsI received my degree from UNM in criminology and I worked as a social worker overseeing the care of kids with behavioral problems. It was a challenging job on many fronts, but I learned first-hand that when a team comes together, there is nothing that can’t be done. That is what makes me believe that when a community comes together, there’s nothing we can’t do. My vision is to work to keep New Mexico blue because my values are aligned with those of the Democratic Party. We need to work towards a more sustainable future to eliminate the dependence on fossil fuels. We need criminal justice reform and to tackle police brutality head-on. We need to uplift millions of low-income families through economic development. And we need transparency in government. These are just some of the issues I’m focused on. If I sound like someone you can get behind, please consider supporting me for the State Central Committee. Much appreciated. Thank you.MaleCD1
JacobusKristine “Kooch”I believe I can continue to contribute my knowledge and experience regarding the Democratic Party to other members. Experience is needed to help the party in electing members to offices and having helped before I will be able to continue in doing such. There are many issues which need to be monitored as we move on to the 2022 elections.FemaleCD1
JacobusPhillipAI am running because it is important that we all perform our civic duties and participate in the democratic process.MaleCD1
JamesonLauraineRI was elected to the SCC 2 years ago to represent my Ward, 30A. I have very much appreciated the information, education and insight from fellow Democrats. I want to continue in this role to play a part in party decisions and to relay information to my Ward.FemaleCD1
JeffriesEricSedilloI have been active Democrat since I was a child and throughout my more than 4 decades of trail practice. I was fully involved in efforts to defeat Trump including election protection in the Louisiana Gubernatorial Campaign. I supported Swing Left, We the Action, Common Cause, the Lincoln Project and specific Senators in swing states. I advocated in state and out of state. I am supporting Randi McGinn's race for Congress. Eric Sedillo JeffriesMaleCD1
JeffriesEricSedilloA lifelong Democrat. I am a thirty-five-year resident of Ward 11A, North Valley, who wants to continue to push progressive ideals. After a successful forty-six-year legal career, I am a mostly retired trial attorney who has spent many years in Santa Fe, litigating and lobbying for progressive ideals, alone, with Think New Mexico and, also, recently, with Retake Democracy. As a SCC member I believe I could be more effective. Eric Sedillo JeffriesMaleCD1
JonesEmmaJeanMrsMy name is Emma Jones. I am a mother of two, a community organizer, and I live in the West Mesa Neighborhood. Our community has been underrepresented for a long time, and I really want to ensure that the voices of young families like mine are engaged valued in the Democratic Party.FemaleCD1
JurkowskiPaulSI am life long Democrat who relocated from Pittsburgh. After retirement from HUD, I have supported Mayor Kellar and State Representative Stansbury's campaigns. I am most interested in pushing our State Legislature regarding education and renewables. I have been a member of the SCC since 2018 with a perfect attendance record!MaleCD1
KarnesAngeliqueFeliceI am running for an SCC position to shine a young, progressive light on a range of issues affecting New Mexican families, and to re-examine our values so they may include the lived experiences of people within our communities who are often overlooked. I envision a state where we have more civic engagement from women and people of color, which in turn, brings forward strong progressive candidates that speak to all of our issues and fully represents the people of New Mexico.FemaleCD1
KelicAndjelkaI want to be a part of bringing a sense of excitement and enthusiasm to the party. This involves helping put forward candidates, policies, and ideas that people can be excited about and will drive people to turn out to vote for the party and our candidates. Also to ensure that our party and our candidates represent the diversity we have in our state so that everyone can have a voice and be heard. I want people to want to vote for our candidates and be excited about them and the ideas the party puts forward not just feel like they're obligated to because they are also Democrats.FemaleCD1
KellerKayleeRideMy name is Kaylee Keller and I am a 34 year old Electronics Technologist. I identify with feminine pronouns and am a member of Albuquerque's trans community. I am running to take an active role in nurturing the growth and well-being of our community. I have been mortified by the progress that we have lost or almost lost during the last four years. Experiencing that has motivated me to be an active rather than passive member of our society in order to protect and progress the rights of all its members. I am very excited to bring my talents and experiences to bear in the stewardship of our state party.FemaleCD1
KellySusanLHello CCC members! I am Susan Kelly, Ward Chair 15A. I request your vote to serve another term on the SCC. I was first a precinct chair and am beginning my second term as Ward Chair. We have an active Ward with 12 precincts –3 recently added from the west side of the river. I have been a leader in organizing the Ward; supporting precinct chairs in their efforts and activities; and bringing new people into our dedicated group of volunteers. I believe it is important for me as Ward Chair to be part of the SCC so that I can stay in close touch with the Democratic Party of New Mexico and keep up to date on business, technology, changes in rules, and how upcoming elections will be conducted. I have served for 2 years and would like to serve another term. I have a solid voting record in SCC. I offer experience and knowledge of New Mexico politics and policy issues. I plan to create a handbook for future leaders in our Ward, creating a solid infrastructure for Ward 15A that can transition to new leaders. I would appreciate your vote to serve another term on SCC.FemaleCD1
Kirk RodriguezCarolMy lifelong interest has been in voting rights. In New Mexico we are fortunate to have real-life voting options for all our citizens, and options that have been responsive to changing circumstances. I am running for this office to continue my involvement in the democratic process. In 2020, as Precinct 277 Chair, I prioritized getting out the vote. As a CCC member I plan to assist our current Precinct Chair in getting out the vote, both for the CD1 race and all other races during the next two years. As a practicing child welfare law attorney, I have first hand knowledge of policies that negatively impact and fail to protect families and children both at the local and federal level. This area of expertise informs all my activities and I avidly follow state and federal legislation.FemaleCD1
KiserKarlR.I want to join the State Central Committee to promote both economic and environmental justice in our state. All members of society must be able to thrive. People must be paid a living wage, have adequate healthcare, housing and be able to educate their children. State Central Committee members must be willing to engage their communities and take action. My journey started as precinct chair and county resolutions representative. Canvassing and literature drops quickly became part of my regular activities to help elect Democratic Party candidates to office. Now as ward chair and county rules committee member, for the second time, my experience grows. This legislative session I commented on several tax bills so that we possess the revenue to invest in our state residents. I will take my perspective and experience to the state party and join others in moving the political philosophy and resulting position of the party on issues of importance in a more progressive direction. I respectfully ask County Central Committee members for your vote.MaleCD1
KleinHarrisIAs a current SCC member, I have been active in working with our elected officials in issues that pertain to conservation and outdoor activities. New Mexico has a critical shortage in water and what we have must be preserved. I have attended quite a few of the NM legislative meetings to voice opinions. I am the Chairman of the New Mexico Council of Trout Unlimited and bring a conservation minded approach to the position. New Mexico has amazing natural resources and these need nurturing and protection. I believe that my voice helps in this process.MaleCD1
KlesertClaudiaRaeI'm running for SCC to put my organizational and relational skills to work building a stronger, more progressive Democratic Party. The Democratic Party is the best hope for addressing the critical problems facing our country and our world. Each of us needs to pitch in and do our part to support the work that needs to be done.FemaleCD1
KmakRobertWayneI am running for SCC because I believe I can do a good job of representing ward 11A at the state level. I have lived in the ward and precinct 154 since 2009. I've served as vice chair and chair of precinct 154 for the last two years, and have been been a CCC and SCC member during that time. I've spent many hours canvassing the West Old Town neighborhoods in the last 2 years, as well as numerous other parts of the Downtown and North Valley areas in the run-up to the 2018 congressional elections. I've learned a lot about how the SCC works since 2018 and think I can be even more effective in the next term.MaleCD1
KolbergJoyceI would like to have a voice in the Democratic Party.FemaleCD1
KriseRonaldEarlI have been actively involved in the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County for over 20 years. I have been a Ward Chair and a Pct. Chair, I am a former County Chair of the Resolutions Committee. I have run for State Rep. in District 27 twice. District 27 where I live has finally turned blue due to forerunners like myself however, it has been under-represented when it comes to the SCC. That needs to end. I believe I have the ability and knowledge required to serve on the SCC. If I am elected to the SCC I will be an active productive member of the SCC. I have strong traditional democratic values which the SCC seems to have forgotten. I will bring those values back to the SCC. I ask for your support . Vote: Ronald E. Krise when you vote for SCC members. Thank You, Ronald E. Krise. Phone: 505-440-7810 email: ronaldkrise@gmail.comMaleCD1
KruchoskiMichaelPI am a pragmatic, moderate (though liberal) independent voter registered as Democrat to influence who runs in our general elections. I’ve voted in every single election since declaring New Mexico residency 30 years ago, voting across party lines (when necessary) to elect the best public servants. I do not want candidates promising to “fight” for me; rather I want representatives who will WORK FOR US – all of us, regardless of political affiliation. My offer to serve is yet another personal commitment in my 45-year journey of voluntary community service across a broad spectrum of issues: education, arts, food insecurity, conflict resolution, medical care, child abuse, and police reform, to mention just a few. I also have the perspective of having run for an elected public position in 2001. I am committed to living a life that is balanced, focused, calm, kind, and caring; and to fostering decency and justice through my actions by being forthright and courageous – yet tactful, constructive, and Socratic. I strive to model the very behavior I hope others will adopt. A public record of my experiences, values, and character is easily accessible on Facebook and other sources.MaleCD1
KuningRobertRossI was first elected to the SCC in 2018. In the past two years I have tried to faithfully and accurately represent my local Ward and Precinct members in all SCC meetings. I am running to be on the SCC once again for that precise reason; I want to make sure the people in my Ward have representation on the SCC. I also want to continue to work for a progressive, fair and inclusive Democratic Party of New Mexico. I will continue to use the experience and knowledge I gain as an SCC member to encourage and inspire others to get involved in the Democratic Party at all levels. Finally, I really enjoy meeting other Democrats and local representatives at the various Democratic Party functions, and building relationships to advance the interests of the citizens of Albuquerque, Bernalillo County, and New Mexico.MaleCD1
Lahiri-GuptaSoumyoI am running for this office because I believe that New Mexico has a lot of potential and as a SCC member, I can help make it a reality. I have always been involved in New Mexico politics since the age of 12 and have always worked with DPNM. I hope to effectuate greater change throughout the state as an SCC member.MaleCD1
LakinLauraIlenePeople are in need of compassionate, rational, informed leadership.FemaleCD1
LamphereLouiseAnneI am a life-long Democrat who has lived in the North Valley for 35 years (Precinct 6,Ward 15A). I have been active in supporting the election of Democratic candidates in our Ward for the House and Senate. This last fall I did phone calling with Swing Left to Help re-elect Xochi Torres-Small and urge residents on the Western Apache and Navajo Reservations to vote. I am committed to supporting forward-looking policies on early childhood education, child care, increased wages for working families, decreasing student debt, expanded health care coverage, and immigration reform. I feel now is the time for me to become more active in the Democratic party.FemaleCD1
LangeCorneliaI have been honored to serve on the SCC for more than 10 years. I have served on the DPNM Judicial Council for 4 years. I have institutional history of the workings and folks in the party. I am interested in Social Justice issues, yet my top issue is Climate Change since it affects greatly our most vulnerable. I am educated as a physician with a residency in Psychiatry. I have been a Ward Chair, run for elections and have managed campaigns. My volunteer work as the New Mexico contact for the Western Desk in the Hillary Clinton campaign starting in 2007 gave a a wonderful opportunity to travel the state and get to know Democrats throughout New Mexico. I am familiar with the general principles of pandemics since I was in medical school in the 1990s, and did community research, presenting at the 1992 International Aids Conference in Berlin, Germany. In my spare time I breed, ride and show Arabian horses. I am a voracious reader of journals, literature and history which allows for more in depth knowledge of current and past issues. It would be an honor to serve on the SCC another term.FemaleCD1
LapinAndreaDalePhdAnother garden variety Albuquerque progressive - I believe our culture and community are served by celebrating and fighting for our people. Hoping that we can come through this challenging time with our values and our landscape intact. Our land, our people and our politics are not separate. Ensuring that our process is inclusive, that new voices are heard, that our work as a party is always in the best interests of our community is my priority. Honored to have been asked to step forward and happy to serve in whatever way I can be useful.FemaleCD1
LaraDamianRI have been a Ward Chair for the past two years and a member of the SCC as well. I have never missed a meeting, vote or response. I advocate for policies, platform and rules that will help New Mexicans build a better life for themselves and their families. I have done voter registrations, school drives and held Democratic events. I want to continue to help get Democrats elected at all levels of government! Please vote for me. Thank you, ~Damian LaraMaleCD1
LarranagaChrisPhillipI desire to serve on the State Central Committee to continue a move toward progress and inclusion and will continue this path despite any outcome. As a Native New Mexican, I strive to make a difference in our beautiful state. For sixteen years, I have honorably provided guidance for individuals with disabilities and headed teams with various people that have various professional backgrounds. I have had the opportunity to be part of teams working diligently to improve the lives of those without a voice. I have served many families for well over a decade and have volunteered in many capacities in our Democratic Party to include Precinct Chair (536)in Ward 28B as well as a CCC member, state, and National Delegate. I currently hold a position with the National Association of Social Workers Legislative Committee and have had the privilege and opportunity to analyze legislative bills and provide public testimony on several occasions during the current 2021 session. I thank you for your time and consideration and would be elated to gain your support to serve as a State Central Committee member.MaleCD1
LasterDominikaI am running for this office because I believe that I am a strong and resourceful advocate for diversity, equity, and inclusion. My research, professional pursuits, and personal life have given me frequent occasion to navigate multiple, diverse—and at times contradictory—lifeworlds. I am deeply committed to actively contending with the deeply entrenched and enduring structural inequities in which we find ourselves. I am invested in enhancing conscientious coalitional work and strengthening solidarity across difference—however fraught and challenging it may be. I believe that involvement in the Democratic Party of New Mexico is another avenue that would allow me to pursue my strong commitment to equity for all residents of New Mexico.FemaleCD1
LeivaGilberDanielWhen I ran for this position 2 years ago I had a different understanding of what politics is. At the time I was 23 years old and as a first generation American politics were almost other-worldly to me. Having served in this position I now really do understand just how important this is.MaleCD1
LemingRobertI am running to serve for another term on the SCC because our party needs to build its base for future generations. As a young Democrat with progressive political organizing, campaign, and policy experience, I will bring a unique perspective and strong skill set to to guide the decision making of the DPNM SCC. As a senior member of Congresswoman Deb Haaland's campaign team, I learned the valuable lessons of persistence, sound strategic thinking, and inclusion of all voices to build a winning coalition that is truly representative of the people. I will bring all my knowledge and experience to bear in helping to elect Democrats up and down the ballot and move the needle on progressive platform issues.MaleCD1
LeppalaRebeccaJoI am a native New Mexican with a deep faith that government and public policy are the key to ensuring a just society in which all can thrive. I have worked for over 30 years in local, state, and federal levels of government, including working for Senator Bingaman for 6 years in the 1990s. I have also volunteered extensively to support organizations and people that are committed to creating positive change. In the last decade, I have volunteered for Democratic candidates, helped register voters, served as an election challenger for the Democratic party, and currently serve on the State Central Committee. Like many of you, I have been astounded and horrified by the rise of hatred and disregard for the rule of law in politics in our nation. I believe that the work the SCC does, including developing a platform and supporting the development of a strong Democratic party throughout New Mexico, are critical to electing the leadership that will enable ALL New Mexicans to thrive. I would be honored to continue to work for a better New Mexico as a member of the SCC, and in humility I ask for your vote.FemaleCD1
LeslieVivianMargaretMsI want to ensure that the best candidate for House of Representative District 1 reflects our community's concerns. As a strong democrat for over 50 years, I want to have a voice in choosing the best candidate for positions. I believe that government has a role in taking care of all of our people in terms of healthcare, our environment, and equality in taxes.FemaleCD1
LeveringCamasJMy name is Sandy Levering, and I am running for the office of State Central Committee representative. I was encouraged to do so by a friend who felt I would be a great asset to the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County, due to my views on social justice and civil rights issues. The year 2020 brought so many deep rooted and crucial issues to the surface and to a head, and I have been looking for a way to get involved at a grassroots level. I am a registered Democrat. I have no experience in actual politics, but am an enthusiastic and eager learner. I feel like my vote can make a difference in the bigger picture. Your consideration of me as a SCC representative is much appreciated. Thank you!FemaleCD1
LinkDavidI work as a plaintiffs lawyer, representing everyday people against large insurance companies that are not treating them fairly. That is my ethos with political action as well; the last few years have shown us what individuals working collectively can achieve, even when dealing with powerful, wealthy, special interests. I think Republicans understand how important this kind of grassroots organizing is, and that, along with gerrymandering and population distribution, this is why they have had such consistent success in state politics, even in years when Democrats get more votes nationally. This ward is pretty reliably blue right now, but it won't stay that way unless we keep working.MaleCD1
LopezAnthonyMichaelI’m an openly gay man who is committed to equality & personal freedoms. The American Dream, the foundation of upward mobility has been under assault and I’ll work to ensure that our party delivers a renewed & more inclusive American Dream.MaleCD1
LopezJessicaHelenMs.I am an educator at the Native American Community Academy, Institute of American Indian Arts, and the UNM Chicana and Chicano Studies Department. As a BIPOC grassroots community organizer and City of ABQ Poet Laureate, Emeritus (2014 -2016), I would like to participate in the Democratic process and have my voice heard. Soy Chicana/Mestiza, Maestra, Poeta and am a single mother of a freshman at UNM.FemaleCD1
LopezVictorFranciscoThe SCC plays an important role in conducting the business of the Democratic Party of New Mexico. I believe our State Party is one of the strongest in the country, especially for such a low population state. I have been an involved member of the SCC for the past two years. And I have been involved at other levels within the party before that. I attended last year's convention at Buffalo Thunder and I have made most every vote needed of me in administering the business of our party. I am now precinct Chair of Bernalillo County Precinct 253 in Ward 18D. This is one of the most involved precincts in one of the largest wards in the County. I have lots of campaigning experience as a campaign manager and field director on various taking place in primaries and generals. I believe I am in touch with the values of progressive activists and I would be a strong voice on the SCC. Thank you.MaleCD1
LorimerBeckiLynnI feel, especially at this time, it is important to support those in our community who have proven they love and will work on behalf of all New Mexicans. We need community leaders who are full of action and not just words. I have been involved in and worked on behalf of many Democratic candidates and the party for years. I am a native New Mexican, and I believe I know and can speak on their behalf. I would like the opportunity to help New Mexico move forward.FemaleCD1
LouisGeorgeneI am running for this office because Native Americans are underrepresented in the every elected office. As an elected woman of color and a member of the Pueblo of Acoma, I want to promote and recruit more women of color to actively participate in our party, then hopefully run for office themselves. I will work to ensure that we have an enthusiastic and energized voter turnout, including encouraging more people to register to vote. As a public figure for the last nine years, I have used my platform to educate the public as to why our Democratic values serve to help working people, people of color, our Mother Earth, labor, public education, women's rights and so much more. As an elected official for the last nine years, I have listened to the concerns of New Mexicans - not just a select few, but all New Mexicans - and I'll continue to do so. Thank you! Dawaa'e!FemaleCD1
LoveKathyJMy son was born when Barack Obama was president. I felt good about bringing him into this world of hope and progress. Now our nation is coming out of a dark four years. Post-Trump and Post-CoVid, I want to do what I can to live up to my son's expectations of equality, opportunity, prosperity and kindness in the world. In one of President Obama's compelling campaign speeches, he said "Change will not come if we wait for some other person or if we wait for some other time. We are the ones we've been waiting for. We are the change that we seek." We have seen many challenges over the last four years and have many more ahead. But, I am willing to work for change, fight for change and be the change. I have been active in New Mexico politics for 27 years. I have no desire to run for political office, but, instead, wish to continue to support great candidates who will promote equality, diversity and progress in New Mexico. I would like to serve on the State Central Committee to help further strong democratic ideals in our state.FemaleCD1
LovellMargaretCarolDuring my current term on the SCC, I participated actively in the SCC’s meetings, discussions, and actions. I weighed carefully the options among the candidates, judicial nominees, resolutions, and rules, and my choices were driven by my understanding of Democratic principles: inclusion, justice, and equality. As Ward Chair for Bernalillo County 28C, I’m building strong constituencies for our local, state, and federal candidates, and for issues that matter to us as Democrats. I connect with volunteers through traditional outreach methods, as well as by the innovative use of the NextDoor neighborhood application, where I created a group for Democrats in my precinct and a bi-partisan group that reviews the actions of our State legislators. I oversee the social media for the DPBC and work with the DPNM and DPBC communications teams to keep Democrats around New Mexico current on events and issues. I have expanded the DPBC’s Twitter following from around 100 individuals and organizations to over 1,100, and to have extended our Facebook reach significantly. I am a member of the LGBTQ Caucus and The Adelante Progressive Caucus. I hope to earn another term on the SCC in order to positively impact the strength and vitality of the DPNM.FemaleCD1
LuceroFelixAnthony1953I would like more and earlier say in who is selected to represent me. Thank you.MaleCD1
Lucero Y Ruiz De GutierrezLauraE.My Community is my heart and I want to organize and support my community to elect Democrats with NM values. Understanding and listening to our community is the key to being their advocate. I am so excited to hear the heart of New Mexico and want to continue to serve my community for the next two years. All My love, Laura E. Lucero Y Ruiz De GutierrezFemaleCD1
LundSheridanJI was moved to do more than simple political hobbyism because of the Jan 6th insurrection. Just voting and protesting isn’t enough. You need people on the levers of politics willing to use them. I recently had a fight with my fiancee because I have been too comfortable living at home simply enduring this pandemic. The fight was about me not living life. I knew I had a choice and I love her. I said Lets go up to the sandias right now. She lit up and we went to cibola national and enjoyed the chilled mountain air. I want to change our Democratic platform to hold our leaders accountable. I have worked with many people in my short time, and I see clearly our social problems. The main reason we lose our right leaning friends is cowardice, the reason we can’t engage the masses is distrust, the reason our leaders ignore us is distance, the reason we are here today is to change that forevermore. We have lost too many decades trying to sort our house while our compounding crises remove our ways of life. You have a choice now, Vote for Sheridan Lund as your Top Line vote.MaleCD1
MackCarolynJ. GarciaI attended Monroe Jr. High, Manzano High and UNM in ABQ. I am a life-long Democrat beginning with following my dad with lit drops and sign holdings as a child. I have volunteered for many, many campaigns and two years ago staffed Michelle Lujan Grisham's campaign for governor. I have lived in my current home over 35 years having served as Ward Vice Chair, Precinct Chair a few times and as Ward Chair of 30A. Before the pandemic I helped migrant families coming to ABQ by assuring they were fed and clothed and comfortable with their travel arrangements to family members. During the pandemic I have sewn and donated masks for friends and family but mostly for the community: the homeless, front-line workers, school-aged children, etc. I've sewn about 1000 masks! I am currently an SCC member and would like to continue that service for a fifth term as I've found the interaction with like-minded people throughout the state invaluable as far as learning the needs of our diverse state. The needs of rural communities differ from those in urban communities. I am currently a member of the Hispanic Caucus and Labor Caucus. I appreciate your vote.FemaleCD1
MarcotteKathrynLMsI feel after 10 yrs working for candidates and in 2 different Wards I can serve Bernalillo very well for an SCC position!FemaleCD1
MargisonSusanHAs an active participant in New Mexico Democratic politics since moving to New Mexico in 2006, and an SCC member for the past decade plus, I hope to continue in that position, bringing the perspective of my Ward and its members to the SCC at its annual meetings. Now, more than ever, we are not only working to move our country forward in its quest to realize all of its core tenets, but struggling to maintain our democratic republic from those who would tear it apart.FemaleCD1
MarieAllisonI want to ensure that young(er) progressives are represented at the state level of the Democratic party. After volunteering at several ward meetings, I am concerned that people under retirement age are not appropriately represented in political decisions. The median age of electors in a particular ward was 68 years old. A wide variety of ages, races, genders, ideologies, ethnicities, and backgrounds should be among those voted as members of the SCC to give a voice to everyone regarding important decisions such as the selection of the democratic candidate in congressional district 1. I appreciate your vote.FemaleCD1
MartinNicholasHarveyAs a young progressive who cares about our state and party, and I would like the opportunity to help shape the direction of both by being elected to serve on the State Central Committee.MaleCD1
MartinezJoshuaStevenI am passionate about making our city and communities a better place to live. I believe by electing committed Democrats we can make that happen. I have been involved at the precinct, Ward, county and state levels. I was again elected precinct chair and I would like the opportunity to be elected to SCC again, also. Last election cycle I helped democrats get elected up and down the ballot. I was an active member, making calls to neighbors and community members across the state. I look forward to doing what I can for the party, especially helping elect the new District 1 democratic congressional candidate.MaleCD1
MartinezVictoriaAI am running because I believe more young people, women of color, and progressive leaning democrats need a seat at the table in local politics. I love my community and want to serve as a local committee member so I can make a positive impact. I will use my position on the committee to learn more about how it all works, where I can best step in and address important issues at hand, and potentially take what I learn here and run for state senate once I am 25 with the support from the party and connections I make within. Most importantly, I will use this opportunity as a means to get to know my neighbors on a more meaningful level and to learn about the issues that matter to them. Thank you for your consideration for this position.FemaleCD1
MartorelliToniLillianAs a state central committee member I will do everything I can in NM, as Stacy Abrams and her allies have in Georgia, to increase Democrat voter registration, participation, and turnout. I am an experienced strategic planner and team builder. I have worked diligently this cycle and in the past 40 years to help Democrat candidates run smart campaigns and win. I believe that the stimulus bill just passed by the US Congress is a step in the right direction to move this country forward and start rebuilding lives sidelined by the pandemic. If we’ve learned anything over the past year, it’s that our government isn’t working as hard as it can for the people who work the hardest. I would like our country and state to prioritize people over corporate profits and treat workers with the respect they deserve. I support a minimum wage increase for all workers, paid sick leave, and Medicare for all. These ideas aren't radical. They are right and timely. Respectfully, I ask for your vote. Toni MartorelliFemaleCD1
MathewsJames(Jd)DavidMy life has been devoted to issues that we as Democrats care about like worker rights like raising the minimum wage and paid sick leave, racial justice and dismantling systems of oppression, LGBTQIA+ rights, election participation and voter protection, education, reducing the influence of money on elections and so much more. I am the proud dad to seven-year-old Carys who now wants to be President someday, and proud partner with Elsie who is the Band Director at Albuquerque High School and AFT member. I was born and raised here in Albuquerque and have lived here most of my life. I continue to believe that being a Democratic party that truly stands for the values of Working Families in New Mexico is the only way to move our state forward. We MUST be a bold party that pushes for progress and inclusion without waiting for permission from the wealthy and well-connected. I ask for your vote as your first choice on the State Central Committee ballot so that I may continue to serve and represent these values. Thank you. -JDMaleCD1
MattesonRaganVerlaineMy name is Ragan Matteson. Since New Mexico enticed me with its sunsets and agricultural heritage 15 years ago, I’ve focused on energy on agriculture along the Rio Grande Valley. For ten years I’ve worked with small, local & Organic farms – cultivating production, consulting farmers and growers markets, and coordinating UNM’s on-campus community gardens program. Synthesizing sustainable agricultural experience with business and renewable energy education, I co-founded a local biofuel company, providing foundation for my current roles in solar energy consulting, policy, and community organizing. I consider healthy environment, civic engagement, and policy crucial for socially just, economically viable communities. I wish to be more involved in New Mexico’s Democratic party serving with SCC for these reasons.FemaleCD1
MatthewsJanetHarknessI am a new Precinct chair and CCC member. I want to help GOOD people in the Democratic Party be elected in the ladder of leadership. Our country is still in crisis after January 6.FemaleCD1
McarthurDylanI'm running for this office to bring a fresh voice to the SCC. I'm passionate about progressive politics and helping elect individuals that embody those politics/values. I am competent, organized, undeterred, and a team-player, willing to listen and engage with everyone for the benefit of the collective. I'm a PhD candidate in Political Science, so I offer a unique academic skill set that I believe will be valuable for the SCC in institutional and personal settings. I believe in robust institutions to help guide us, so I'd very much like the opportunity to help develop those institutions for future party-goers. I come from a rural background and therefore offer a more nuanced perspective on urban politics that is increasingly relevant in CD-1 and NM as a whole.MaleCD1
McdanielChristopherI am running for the SCC because I want to be part of the solutions we envision for ourselves and our families. I truly believe we are capable of our best selves when we work together to find common goals and solutions. A few of the major problems we must face and overcome are climate change and the social justice issues that will only make our jobs of true beneficial social reform that much harder to accomplish. We can progress and do better, I truly believe this. I hope that you will make me your First Choice vote on the ballot for SCC. Thank YouMaleCD1
McgeeLovieL.Because there is a long road ahead of us and a lot of work that needs to be done! I am ready to get started and take up where I left off before I had cancer, before the passing of my sister and my mother. I was a member of the SCC a while back but due to circumstances beyond my control I had to drop out. Now that most of my pain and sorrow is behind me, I am ready to finish the task at hand. Alone I can do very little - Together we can "MOVE MOUNTAINS"!!!! This is why I am running for this office..... To help move mountains out of our way like I did before the tragedies hit me!!!!!!! Lovie McGee Precinct Chair 298FemaleCD1
MciverImehAngelaI am running for this office because I am passionate about being involved in politics in order to shape a better future for our beloved state. As a young person, it is my duty to make my voice heard and stand up for the voiceless. In order to live up the the dream our forefathers and mothers envisioned for a prosperous America; I have to work to push forward their legacy.FemaleCD1
MedinaBarbaraMDr.My commitment is to New Mexico’s future. Participation on the SCC is an opportunity to serve my party and community. I am a proud New Mexican. My grandfather resided in Barelas and was later a miner near Gallup. He subsequently settled in southern Colorado near NM, on land my mother’s family farmed for generations. I graduated high school in Gallina, NM. After college, I taught at St. Catherine’s Indian School in Santa Fe, NM. I pursued a master’s degree at St. John’s College, and later received my doctorate in Educational Policy and Practice at UC Boulder. My expertise is bi-lingual education in underserved communities. I was both a teacher and administrator, and was Colorado Director of the Dept. Ed. Language, Culture, and Equity Unit, working to improve outcomes for students, including migrant children, learning English as a second language. I continue to serve: as board member for an Albuquerque dual immersion charter school; on the National Academy of Sciences Committee on Children, Youth, and Families; locally with refugee resettlement; assisting seniors with Covid immunizations. I worked with the Democratic Party in Denver, and served on the mayor’s Latino Commission. Recently, I worked extensively with my ward on the 2020 campaigns. FemaleCD1
Miera-RoseteMixcoatlI am running for SCC to do my part to move the party forward and to help it deliver on its promises. My life experiences have made me deeply passionate about supporting polices and politicians that can deliver tangible results to help New Mexicans. My father immigrated to this country from Mexico and my mother’s family traces its Spanish roots in this state back to 1500s. I attended UNM thanks to the lottery scholarship and Federal grants and was the first person in my immediate family to graduate from college. I went on to receive my law degree at UNM School of Law and to work as a law clerk at the New Mexico Supreme Court. I owe immense gratitude to the government programs and public education that allowed me to get to where I am today. My top priorities as an SSC member would be to support polices and candidates that will: - address the existential threat of climate change and the disparate impacts of pollution on marginalized communities -support polices to reduce income inequality -move us towards universal healthcare -support fair and human immigration policies -fight efforts to disenfranchise voters -reform the criminal justice system -win electionsMaleCD1
MillerCarlyRayleneI am running for office because as a lifelong queer resident of Albuquerque, I feel that more diverse voices need to be heard. As a social worker and certified peer support counselor I serve my community by helping elderly low income residents stay in permanent housing, and live a life of sobriety and stability. I have worked in and out of trauma informed crisis situations in the past with victims of domestic violence, rape, and people experiencing homelessness and I have seen the direct impacts of poverty, racism, and misogyny in our society. I want to serve my community in a political capacity to ensure the health and well being of *every* New Mexican, and ensure that we are bringing empathy into decision making.FemaleCD1
MinksJudithWI am running for a second SCC term because being an active/informed SCC member translates to helping build an inclusive Democratic Party----especially in light of the upcoming mid-term election. For the past two years my work has focused on increasing the Democratic turnout in the far NE Heights and Precinct 550. With training provided by Margaret Lovell (Ward Chair 28-C), I developed a cross-indexed Democratic/Independent private group on NextDoor for GOTV efforts. This NextDoor private group list enables me to work with/organize 220 voters out of 300 households in Precinct 550. And with Precinct 550 being only minutes away from the East Mountain, one goal I have is to help increase the Democratic turnout in the rural areas of NM. Another goal is to increase the membership and influence of the Veterans Caucus. My husband is a Vietnam veteran with Parkinson's due to being exposed to Agent Orange.FemaleCD1
Moffett-ZacariasAndrewJamesHello, I am Andrew Moffett-Zacarias. I am a progressive and I work as a special education teacher in the international district. I moved to Albuquerque in the summer of 2014 to the corner of Katheryn and Madeira and have fallen in love with this city, and particularly, with the international district. I have met a lot of amazing people and worked with some truly inspiring students that I know will make the world a better place. I am running for State Senate Committee to help give this area a voice and so that those students have a chance to shine. There are two ways to empower this community; organization at the ground level and support from the state. I commit to filling my positions in the democratic party with passionate and empathetic individuals to give the international district community a platform to express ourselves. Furthermore, as a member of the State Senate Committee, I can empower the international district from the state level by supporting campaigns and legislation that will lead to a better and more democratic future. That future consists of legislation like voter rights expansion, medicare for all, economic, environmental and reproductive justice among many moreMaleCD1
MonarchJayArmourEnergize my precinct and make a positive difference statewide and nationallyMaleCD1
MontalbanoJamesI have served as a precinct captain and ward chair since getting active with the party in 2016, drawn back in by the progressive movement. In my job I work with unions and low-wage workers. The party needs to focus on the working class, not the vaguely defined "middle class" and certainly not corporate monied interests. The party needs to start passing legislation that focuses on the core issues that are both popular and sorely needed and which help everyone across the board, regardless of gender, ethnicity, race or sexuality. We need candidates who will put aside distractions and slogans and instead focus on the core issues: wage/work fairness, the environment/infrastructure (a green jobs program), health care, education, and criminal justice reform, all of which enjoy broad support from New Mexicans. I will work collaboratively to support candidates who sign on to a practical can-do platform that positions our party into a modern New Deal progressivism.MaleCD1
MontoyaJuanB.Mr.I have been a Democrat all my life. I served as Ward Chair about 20 years ago. During the Richardson administration I was the director of the PELRB. We lost one congressional seat already I want to help to not lose another.70MaleCD1
MoranAnaYvonneI am running to be a part of the change I want to see in our party. As a second generation immigrant, queer woman, and lifelong progressive, I know that representation matters. I’ve spent the last decade of my life organizing for collective liberation. Since Obama’s campaign in 2012, I’ve been knocking doors, registering voters, building relationships and engaging everyday people in the political process. I’ve worked in and outside of elections to center the conversation on our shared values. My life's purpose is transforming our systems to benefit the many and not the few. I work to dismantle racism, build responsive institutions, regenerative environments, and a more representative government by empowering Black, Indigenous, API, LatinX and other People of Color. My top priorities are ending poverty and hunger, securing healthcare and affordable housing for everyone, repairing the historical harms of our immigration and justice systems, cultivating a strong public education system with debt-free college, and investing in just transitions with Indigenous leadership. I am a proud Emerge Alumni and the CD1 rep of our State Platform and Resolutions Committee. I will continue to prioritize the issues and make sure we are a party, by, for and of the people.FemaleCD1
MorrisAntoineJosephI want to learn more about the party and to represent the people.MaleCD1
MorroneLindsayI'm a young democrat and want to have my voice heard.FemaleCD1
MulryanDaveJosephTo do something.MaleCD1
MurphyCarolI have been a member of the SCC for12 years and would love to continue to serve in this capacity. I believe I have the knowledge and experience to be an active member.FemaleCD1
Naranjo LopezLorettaA.Ms.I am running for State Central Committee(SCC) because I believe that all citizens should have an equal voice in how we as a people are governed. On the SCC, I will make sure in the decision that I am entrusted to do is to make sure Democratic leadership follows the Democratic tone. I am running because I believe that we as a people should be able to provide a quality education for all Citizens. The right leadership can make this happen. The education should begin early in a child’s life. Our country can be the leader in educuation. A fight for a better future for our children is now. A college education should be free. I believe that we as a people should be guardians of our environment and take seriously the global warming that is currently destroying our environment. I believe that we as a people need to understand Affordable housing is needed now for all families. Healthcare should also be service that is provided to all citizens for free. Free healthcare will bring a better quality of life for all citizens. Thank you for your support and vote. Loretta Naranjo LopezFemaleCD1
NeelyLarryEMy desire to be on the SCC is motivated by my commitment to good governance that serves the needs of all people which is the core value of the Democratic Party. My passion throughout most of my life has been to improve the lives of my fellow citizens. I advocate for social justice issues in the New Mexico Legislature and my role on the SCC has permitted me to have a voice in the selection of those who effectuate public policy. I believe that the Democratic Party values are beset for America and New Mexico.MaleCD1
NelsonStephonáeAs a person who is deeply dedicated to their Community and continues to see the intentional political and resource-based exclusion of the most impacted, it is my duty to rise up to the occasion - take up all the spaces - and mobilize the people for their own self-determination. I'm ready to see if the Democratic Party is actually for the people or just diet Republican.FemaleCD1
NeudeckerTeresaLI have lived in Bernalillo County’s Congressional District continually since 1979, when I moved to Albuquerque from Los Alamos to attend UNM. I registered to vote in 1980, voting in our elections, minor and major, since then. I’ve been involved with my ward for the last 15 years, representing Ward 18D since 2012 at country and state conventions. I am motivated to participate in the process of electing the representative, my CD1 representative, to replace Deb Haaland As a CD1 denizen, I know our CD1 representative needs to be able to understand and build bridges between the diverse communities that compromise the district. Additionally, I wish to be involved in shaping our party’s public policy platform to meet the needs of NM’s people, a platform appreciative of the nuances of providing for these needs in both rural and urban economies, and across different cultures; a platform with vision of public policy for the present and into the future. As a native New Mexican of hispanic heritage with UNM degrees in archaeology and electrical engineering and 25 years experience working STEM, I provide valuable perspective in balancing our heritage and future in decisions of selecting our CD1 candidates and public policy.FemaleCD1
NiousKanoMalikI am a Democrat trying to get involved and have my voice heard!!MaleCD1
NossoffJoelI would like the opportunity to represent my precinct to the State Central Committee, and to represent the State Central Committee to my precinct and other neighbors.MaleCD1
NourieZlataMy name is Zlata Nourie. I live in Albuquerque New Mexico and I am running for the State Central Committee member. I am running for this office because I would like to contribute to the decision-making process with new ideas and effective solutions for the well-being and prosperity of our communities. I started being more involved with the Democratic Party during the 2020 election. I helped with reaching out to voters. I saw firsthand how important it is to reach out to our local communities. I support equal opportunities, accessibility, affordable housing and healthcare, local business development and job creation, land conservation for recreation, renewable energy and climate action plans. I believe that social, economic, and environmental approaches need to be included in the decision-making process at the local, state, and federal levels. I think that sustainable economic development is very important for our communities in New Mexico. Recently I graduated from the University of New Mexico with my Master’s in Public Administration Degree. I am currently a Precinct chair, also a Subcommittee Chair on Immigration at the Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice.FemaleCD1
NousheenFarahI’d like to have a voice in choosing the next Congressperson to represent the people of New Mexico and in shaping the platform of the Democratic Party. With my experiences, I feel I am a strong qualified candidate for SCC. I am a critical race theorist and practitioner. My life purpose is dismantling institutionalized racism and empowering Black, Indigenous, API, LatinX/ChicanX and other people of color. I am an immigrant, queer mother, UNM educator and community healer residing. My top priorities are ending poverty and hunger; providing healthcare and affordable housing for all; cultivating a robust public education system and debt-free college education; and implementing a multi-layered plan for climate change with Indigenous leadership. I defend women’s right to choose and Trans people to live authentically and equally. I believe that ICE needs to be abolished due to its unchecked authority over vulnerable immigrant populations. We also need to defund the punitive and corporate approaches in all law enforcement, and importantly to liberate and take care of those incarcerated by the War on Drugs. I support a U.S. foreign policy that embodies justice, diplomacy, human rights, sovereignty, earth-based values, and peacebuilding. Thank you for your consideration.FemaleCD1
O'ReillyBrendanI've been involved in New Mexico Democratic politics since 2001. Over the past few years I've served as Chair of the DPBC Resolutions Committee and I hope to build that Committee's prestige and role. As a member of the State Central Committee my goal will be to guide and influence the Democratic Party of New Mexico's platform and resolutions to show the resolve of all New Mexico Democrats. I'm a native New Mexican with roots in 1880s Albuquerque. My maternal grandfather was a Democrat and attorney who lived In Carlsbad from the 1930s until his death in the 1980s. During his life my grandfather chaired the 1968 convention to revise the State's constitution. My dad, Mel B. O'Reilly, has worked in New Mexico Democratic politics since the late-1960s. He formerly chaired both the DPBC's and DPNM's Platform and Resolutions Committees and served on both the CCC and the SCC. I helped Mel when he served in those roles and learned how such a committee can run. I will build upon his legacy through service on the County and State Platform and Resolutions Committees. Through my service on the State Central Committee I will promote the DPBC's agenda to the DPNM.MaleCD1
O'ReillyBrendanLynnI am a very liberal long-time Democrat and would like to be more involved in the work and business of the Democratic Party of New Mexico.MaleCD1
OhiriMannyI am running to help build the strongest and most effective Democratic Party for the common interest of our nation. Trump's presidency and the event of January 6th, 2021 revealed that the Republicans are not so much interested in national unity, equity, and justice for all. Without a doubt, Democrats are the only ones left to hold our country together and preserve our democracy. We are the ones pursuing relentlessly, social justice and economic welfare for all. We are the ones pursuing better health care and education for all. We are the ones pursuing accountability for Trump and other bad actors in the world. Therefore, I want to help select and elect Democratic candidates who will bring us intelligent leadership and smart government for our common good. I want to help elect candidates that are deeply rooted in democratic values, and who would always remember that Democrats are friends to all, and brothers and sisters to every human being, no matter what country or what nation the human being may come from.MaleCD1
OrozcoFroilanMy name is Froilan Orozco. I am a student at the University of New Mexico and a community organizer. I am seeking an SCC position to represent our prescient and will feel honored and privileged to get your vote. I am a first-generation college student and obtained my Master’s in American Studies at UNM. I am currently on track to finish my Ph.D. in the College of Education at UNM. I moved to New Mexico in 2014 and have been involved in social justice since then. I have learned neighborhood-level organizing is important for progress, especially in the democratic process within local wards. I look forward to getting to know all of you and I look forward to our work together in this process.MaleCD1
OrrWilliamFrederickJrI am a lifelong Democrats. With the election results in 2016, I realized that I could no longer sit on the sidelines and had to have my voice heard. My first step was to join Indivisible Nob Hill. There, I organized all the Indivisible Groups in Albuquerque to coordinate our meetings with our Members of Congress so that they would be both more convenient for our members of Congress and more impactful. I also became involved with voter canvassing. My next step on my path was actually running for office of State Representative for HD 27. Even though I eventually lost to another good candidate, I learn the value of the Democratic party organization and structure and how it helped Democratic candidates. I am now the precinct chair for Precinct 490 and had the largest turnout for our Ward meeting (27A) than any other precinct, almost half the attendees. Being elected to the SCC will be another step in my journey to move us towards a just and fair society. As a physician, I will focus my energy to ensure that affordable health care continues as a major piece of our platform. I would greatly appreciate your vote.MaleCD1
PaceBrendaI want to support my ward and the Democratic party in being successful. In the past, the west side, and specifically ward 16a have been underepresented in the SDC. I'd like to change that and make the SDC even more effective in this critical political time.FemaleCD1
PadillaAngelMarieI am an educator who thinks we need to invest in our children and will work hard to elect Democrats who will work to improve New Mexico. I am a life long Democrat who has voted in all but maybe one election since I could vote. This includes special, local, primary and general elections. I remember when after Obama won, lest than a year later RJ Berry was elected and two years later Susana Martinez was elected. If I am elected to SCC, I will do what I can to get other teachers, my family and people in my precinct to help re-elect Mayor Keller and Governor Luján Grisham. This has been a difficult year and Keller and Luján Grisham helped us get through the pandemic. We need them to serve another term to continue their work to help our children.FemaleCD1
PadillaBrandonRayI am running for the State Central Committee because I am a born and raised New Mexican who grew up in Albuquerque. After graduating from UNM in 2017, I jumped into the political field as an organizer on the 2018 midterm elections and recently worked on Rep. Haaland's reelection campaign. My experiences working in politics to elect bold Democratic leaders who believe in issues like climate change, protecting our public lands, and ensuring our future generations grow up in an equal world have prepared and given me an understanding of the Democratic Party process. Now, as the precinct chair for precinct 103, I hope to use these experiences to serve my community better. I am excited for the opportunity to get involved.MaleCD1
PadillaJohnWilliamMy name is John William Padilla and I am running to be one of our State Central Committee members. I have lived in New Mexico my whole life. I was raised in San Miguel County and attended school at West Las Vegas. I received my degree in Computer Network Science and now I am working as a System Engineer at one of Albuquerque’s top laboratories. Coming from a small town like Las Vegas, New Mexico small grass root politics can go a long way in serving the community. This is what I have come to witness from my own experience helping my hometown grow and prosper. My work experience and commitment to my democratic values is what I plan to use to organize, mobilize and turn out voters. I plan to keep the big picture in mind while we work to fight Trumpism and misinformation. Save our planet from global climate change, move our economy forward by lifting everyone up and not just creating wealth for the few. I look forward to being selected as a member in the State Central Committee and serving my community, state and the democratic party to the best of my abilities. Thank you.MaleCD1
PageFrancisPI am seeking a seat on the SCC to provide the party with leadership and experience to help lead it forward into the future. I have been a democrat for 38 years and I have held several positions within my ward to include former ward chair (15B), current ward vice chair (15B) and precinct chair (339). Also, I have been a former SCC member. In addition, I have volunteered on several campaigns, to include working on President Joe Biden’s campaign. My goal is to help the party to maintain the gains it has achieved this past year, but also to help move the party forward to make additional gains over the next few years. I am an individual that can be counted on to help make a difference.MaleCD1
PageJaclynMorgan HopeI am seeking a seat on the state central committee because I believe the Democratic party needs more involvement from younger voters willing and ready to make a difference. I am a twenty-eight year old woman of color. I have been involved in the Democratic party of New Mexico for ten years. When I was eighteen, I was elected as ward chair for my local ward, I served as ward chair until 2015. I also volunteered on numerous campaigns including the campaign to elect current President Biden. Moreover, in my last semester of college I was an intern for Senator Martin Heinrich in his DC office. I want to be on the state central committee because I believe there needs to be more input from young people, women and people of color. In closing, I believe I would bring a strong, independent voice to the state central committee.FemaleCD1
PainterMarlaGI am running to become a member of the State Central Committee in order to contribute my efforts to assure that all parts of the district have a voice in determining our party's future and to include equity and accessibility to those whose voices are not always heard in the political arena.FemaleCD1
PainterMarlaGI live in the South Valley and I want to see adequate representation in SCC by South Valley Democrats. I work hard and show up.FemaleCD1
PalmerMeloraI want to be engaged in the NM Dem's political process and help create change for New MexicoFemaleCD1
PapaleoChristopherTSince 2006, when I returned to NM and the neighborhood where I spent my childhood, I have worked in different ways to engage people in the democratic process. I am running for the SCC to continue this work. For over a dozen years, I have done election protection on behalf of the Democratic Party of New Mexico- in the absentee ballot warehouse, at a polling location, and in the war room. I do it to ensure that people’s votes count! I have volunteered for campaigns, knocked doors, put out yard signs, and participated in voter registration events. I hope to bring my passion and my experience the SCC and to continue to work for the Democrats of New Mexico. I am an outgoing person, enjoy engaging with people, finding shared experiences and learning from one another. I am excited and ready to put in time, roll up my sleeves, bring my enthusiasm, bring an LGBTQ perspective, and do the work! I would appreciate your vote. Thank you.MaleCD1
ParadiseAmeliaMaeAs I've been watching the national landscape of Democratic politics unfold, I've been inspired by folks like The Squad and now, Cori Bush and Jamal Bowman who have really shifted the party beyond the center, toward the people, and following the most progressive coalitions. Life-long politicians have been the norm, and to have a really participatory democracy, I believe it's important to have the on-the-ground grassroots organizers and most impacted folks leading. And to have new and fresh voices! This has inspired me to step forward as a fresh voice myself. I was born and raised in CD1 and have deep roots here. My experience in Business and Financial Administration for Non Profits and Small Businesses as well as my dedication to local grassroots organizing and progressive change with ABQ SURJ, Honor Native Land Tax, Southwest Organizing Project, Albuquerque Center for Peace and Justice, Transgender Resource Center of NM, and the Jewish Bridge Project of New Mexico make me well suited to help build strong coalitions across race, class, gender, sexuality, ability, and faith.Gender DiverseCD1
Parker-WoodWendyI believe the SCC can be the engine of change and boots on the ground new leadership needs to build a solidly BLUE NM. As the DPNM’s governing body, we can be the change we want to see. But we need your help. Vote for committed SCC members who will be there for the duration. We need a strong and diverse SCC that not only reflects our state but possesses the understanding and empathy to reach out to and engage with those we have neglected. We must identify the opportunity and seize it. I believe in my bones “Rural is the New Blue.” Tactically, where we are effective and numerous, we must take that bounty and share it – using intel, creativity, and innovation to develop strategic geographic targets. Re-elect me because I have both the skills and experience to be an effective SCC member. My perspective is pragmatic and results-driven, informed by a small business consulting career built on improved outcomes. Additionally, as an active Democrat and grassroots volunteer, I have first-hand knowledge of the strengths and weaknesses of those we must look to as we coordinate the work ahead. You can count on me to pull my oar.FemaleCD1
ParsonsDavidRobertI am a life-long Democrat and resident of CD1 for the past 32 years. I have been actively involved in Democratic politics at the precinct, ward, and individual candidate advocacy levels. I am Chair of Precinct 184. Replacement of Representative Deb Haaland as the CD1 representative to Congress and the mid-term elections in 2022 provide critical opportunities for advancing Democrats and our Democracy. We are faced with very critical issues for both human society and the planet. My special interests include critical environmental issues such as curbing climate change and species extinctions and protecting wildlife and wild lands. I believe in science-based policy-making. Solving the environmental crises we face requires the best available scientific input, and politicians who truly believe in science-informed solutions and policy-making. I am a strong supporter of the 30x30 and 50x50 initiatives for protecting Nature and saving the planet. I’m aware and supportive of the many critical social, and especially social justice, issues that need attention. But, my take is that preserving a habitable planet for current and future generations of humans, and other life forms, is essential to achieving all other societal goals. The “environment” is not just some abstract concept, it is our home.MaleCD1
PatelDarshanNI am running to be part of the State Central Committee to bring my set of perspectives and experiences to the role. I have been a frontline healthcare worker during the COVID 19 pandemic, I serve as a union leader as the Executive Vice President of the Committee of Interns and Resident / SEIU Healthcare. I grew up in Albuquerque in an immigrant working class family and I identify as a queer man of color. I was honored to serve as a delegate from NM to the 2020 Democratic National Convention. I also serve on the NM Governor's Council on Racial Justice. I am motivated to support a progressive agenda for my patients, my community and for our state.MaleCD1
PaulJeffreyBartonHaving been a Democratic activist since the age of 6 (!) and having served 2 terms on the SCC, I am committed to serving our party and our community. I believe that community involvement in the political process is a civic responsibility.MaleCD1
PaulJeffreyBartonI am currently a representative to the CCC and the SCC. I am running to be re-elected to the SCC. I am a lifelong Democratic activist who has worked on many campaigns over the years. I was the primary forum surrogate for James Lewis's campaigns. I have worked tirelessly to elect Democrats on both the local and national level. I am the author of the book, "Inside Politics in America: A View from the Outside". My first experience in Democratic politics was handing out campaign literature with my Dad in 1955 for Adlai Stevenson against Eisenhower. I guess that makes me a longtime activist. I'm a Vietnam Era veteran. Retired from the VA Medical Center where I served as the Director of Recreation Therapy for 30 years. I now own a small insurance business and help our daughter care for her 4 month old foster daughter. My goal is to represent Bernalillo County Democrats, making sure that democratic values are protected as well as the democratic process.MaleCD1
PaulWilliamPotterHello, I’m William Paul, but everyone calls me Liam. I grew up here in Albuquerque and I’m a current SCC Member and student at UNM. I started working in Politics on a whim, helping a friend who’s mother happened to be a campaign manager of a congressional campaign, but eventually I realized that I liked helping people and changing things about my community via electoral politics. I got involved with my ward (19C) in 2016 and I've been an active member ever since. I’ve also been an active volunteer for the county party in organizing events and helping with the technology side of the party's infrastructure. I first ran for the SCC because I wanted to help represent my generation in the Democratic Party, and I hope to have done that in my first term. Young voters are a key demographic for the party, with 60% having voted for Joe Biden in the most recent general election, however many haven’t been activated because they’re disenchanted with the process or candidates in the presidential race. I hope to be able to continue helping the party gain voters and keep New Mexico blue for the years to come.MaleCD1
PeiferBillI have been an SCC member for over a decade, and despite the fact that I am now in my 70s I am still determined to help the party move forward and win elections. My experience in the party is second to none, as is my understanding of the party's rules.MaleCD1
PenttilaRolandVictorMy name is Roland Penttila and I've been a democrat all my adult life and have voted in every election since I was 18 and that's 54 years of voting. I would classify my politics as progressive out on the liberal spectrum. I'm glad to live in New Mexico that has such a strong Democratic representation in our US Congress. I was very happy to see Biden successfully win the presidential election and furthermore to see our first Black vice-president be elected. I'm very strongly supportive of women's equality and support the ERA's final passage. I support equal rights for all including the Black Lives Matter, native American sovereignty, LGBTQ equality and a $15 an hour minimum wage. I look towards the future of energy that will be 100% renewable and a move away from polluting fossil fuel plants. I purchased an electric car in July and happily drive past gas stations. I support all moves to convert our nation's government, business and personal transportation to electric vehicles. I believe climate change is real and that humans only have a very short time to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. Please vote for me, Roland Penttila, for SCCMaleCD1
PerezElisabethKathleenI am running for State Central Committee because, as a queer woman of color, I am acutely aware of the ways in which government policy directly implicates the lives and livelihoods of the most vulnerable members of our community. I believe that the Democratic Party of New Mexico, as an organization overwhelmingly given its power by members of traditionally marginalized groups, has a moral imperative to adopt and fight for those policies that would be most transformative in creating an equitable and just society for all. These policies include universal healthcare, tuition-free college, cancellation of student loan debt, a federal jobs guarantee, divestment from fossil fuels and fracking, robust investment in renewable energy, criminal justice reform, abolition of private prisons and detention centers, abolition of ICE, civil rights protections for LGBTQIA status, repealing the Hyde Amendment, and more. If elected, I will do everything in my power to ensure that the Democratic Party of New Mexico lives up to the values of its voters by fighting for a platform of real, material benefits for everyday New Mexicans, uncorrupted by corporate interests. Please join me in this fight for the future of our Party.FemaleCD1
PetersonCarlLeonardNew Mexico is: 31st in Heath Care, 50th in Education, 46th in Economy, 44th in Opportunity, 47th in Infrastructure, 49th in Crime and 44th in Fiscal Stability. We have an abundance of energy sources, mineral wealth, multiple federal institutions, a great university system, wonderful weather and some of the smartest people in the United States. Why is this State under performing its potential? The answer lies within our current political system, which we must change to move the State forward. There are two deficiencies. The first is the way we select and promote our leadership. The second is the set of ineffective legislative tools that we have given to that leadership. Both must be changed and the Democratic party is the only vehicle for this change. I want to work within the Party, so that our State can finally recognize its true potential.MaleCD1
PetersonCharlesWI have served two terms as a State Central Committee member and hope to continue to serve the Democratic Party of New Mexico moving forward. I am a progressive who believes government should work for the interests and concerns of all people and to protect the places we call home. As an SCC member, I will continue to push our party to take the steps needed to shrink the gaps threatening to swallow up so many people in our state, while also supporting those doing the work needed to ensure we can all thrive.MaleCD1
PfeiferIvanWilliamI have been active in the party since moving to New Mexico in 2003. I am a member of the CCC and SCC, a past member of SPARC, chair of the Technology Committee of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County, and Vice Chair of the West Side Democrats. I am a progressive liberal who wants to keep New Mexico blue, because I firmly believe that the Platform and focus of the Democratic Party represent the best hope for change and better lives for all of our citizens.MaleCD1
PilonStephenLMdEx Peace Corp volunteer in Togo, West Africa; 29 year Albuquerque resident; long-time ER doc, now medical director for the Westside shelter and COVID isolation/quarantine hotels for the homeless; current city Transit Advisory Board member and previous 2 term Chair of ABQ/BernCo Air Quality Board; phone banker/door knocker/donor for multiple candidates including Eric Griego, Ike Benton, Diane Gibson, Claudia Risner, Pam Cordova, Tim Keller, Xochitl Torres-Small, Beto O’Rourke and most recently for Joe Biden, Democratic Party of Wisconsin, and Georgia Senate runoff elections; I have testified before Albuquerque City Council on behalf of Rank-Choice voting and Smart Growth issues and have lobbied the NM Legislature on car insurance and clean energy; Advocate for Medicare for All since 1987 (penned Op-Ed while in Med School). Advocate for walking, bikes and public transportation and board member of Bike ABQ. I have extensive experience, both real-world and political, and a track record of having supported progressive polices and candidates over many years. Please vote for me for State Central Committee!MaleCD1
PotterDeborahA.I have been active in DPNM and my local community throughout my adult life, and it will be an honor to continue serving as a member of SCC. I want to help keep our state party strong and cohesive, and ensure all voices are heard during our deliberations. It’s an exciting and critical time to build on our recent successes and to keep the momentum going for mid-term elections. As a Ph.D. scientist and life-long public servant, I have unique skills and lots of experience to bring to this position. Other community work has included encouraging and mentoring young women to consider careers in science, math and engineering; the Board of Directors for Paws and Stripes (Service Dogs for Veterans); a national Tester-Observer of potential Therapy Dog teams and corresponding pet therapy work at local hospitals and public libraries; the Board of Alameda North Valley Association (ANVA), an association of neighbors helping neighbors in the far north valley; and the Bernalillo County Air Quality Control Board. Thank you for considering my re-election to the State Central Committee.FemaleCD1
PowellCharlesRI’m Charles Powell, a retired postal worker, Air Force veteran and life long Democrat, who wants to keep striving to improve our party. I was re-elected Chair of precinct 305 and member of the County Central Committee. Previously I was proud to serve on the State Central Committee and the State Platform And Resolutions Committee (SPARC.) I am also a member of the Democratic Adelante Progressive, Labor, Veterans and Black Caucuses. I am a progressive who supports single payer health care, cutting military spending and a “new deal style” works program to repair the country’s infrastructure. I was a Bernie delegate to both the 2016 and 2020 Democratic National Conventions. Our party is not without flaws but when compared to the other major party, my choice is made clear and easy. I take my membership and responsibilities seriously. I donate financially and volunteer my labor to party candidates. I provide encouragement and feedback to office holders and I register new voters. I want to continue to work to make the Democratic Party of New Mexico better and respectfully ask for your support.MaleCD1
PowellCharlesR.I want to be in a position to help my Democratic Party select the best candidates and platform for New Mexico.MaleCD1
PowellRayBennettI am proud to be a native New Mexican and lifelong democrat. As a three term statewide elected New Mexico Commissioner of Public Lands, AFSCME retiree board member, precinct chair and current member of the SCC - I know how critical it is to have a strong, active, and responsive democratic party. I am committed to continue to fight for our working families. I believe we must 1) raise our minimum wage to at least $15/hour. 2) provide quality affordable health care to all of our citizens 3) support our public educational system from pre-k to college 4) diversify our state’s economy with an emphasis on renewable energy and an unrelenting commitment to clean air and water, 5) address Climate Disruption aggressively – using science based solutions, 6) enhance voter access and fair treatment under the law for all of our citizens. These are just some of the important issues that I believe we must address in order to protect our working families and the health of our natural world. With a cohesive, comprehensive, and integrated approach to governing, New Mexico’s families and our natural world will have a healthy and vibrant future.MaleCD1
RadosevichElizabethI am a long-time Democrat concerned about voter access issues, climate change, affordable housing, and police reform. I'm running for SCC this year to continue to do the work of building a strong party that reflects the values and priorities of our community.FemaleCD1
RayJamesClimate change. Water depletion. Fire safety and prevention. Healthcare. Equal rights.MaleCD1
RayKassandraI feel like I need to be more involved in my neighborhood and community. Crime rates have skyrocketed and people are reaching out more and more. I'd like to see if there's anything I can do. I also talk to a lot of my neighbors that are currently having issues with healthcare and housing.FemaleCD1
Ray-HodgeVanessaLynnHello All!! My name is Vanessa Ray-Hodge and I live in Ward 29C. I am an attorney in New Mexico and represent Indian tribes across the United States on federal tribal and state issues. I attended Wellesley College and Columbia University and moved to New Mexico in 2016 to be close to family and my Reservation after practicing law in Washington D.C. for over a decade. I self-nominated to run for the SCC because, especially over the last year, it seems more important than ever to make sure that as democrats we are staying actively engaged in the party at all levels and ensure that our representation reflects the diversity of our party. As a woman and a minority I want to see more of us participate in the party at the state and federal level - and given that this opportunity arose to be involved I decided I had to heed my own advice and not sit on the sidelines. I am excited about the opportunity to participate in the state democratic party and make a difference within the party. Thank you for your consideration.FemaleCD1
RenfroKathyLynnI am running for this office because I feel like my voice is important in helping maintain a progressive, compassionate, and just representation in both New Mexico and the US Congress. It is important for women to be heard. This is my first time to run for any kind of office. The events of the last few years have brought me out of my self-imposed shell. I am ready to get involved. There are many issues facing our state and our country, and I want to support the Democratic Party in choosing our best leaders.FemaleCD1
RichJudeAnja WoodMy aim is to participate in the election process at a grassroots level beyond voting for candidates and issues. I want to help increase interest and activity in the election process and believe I can offer assistance to that end. I bring skills and experience from volunteering and working for various community organizations helping youth and nonprofits assisting marginalized persons. I recently graduated from UNM with a degree in philosophy and art which focused on social justice and specifically on the intersectionality of race, class, gender, and disability and its individual and collective impact on people. I ask for your vote so that I may contribute my time and energy to assist in the goals of our Democratic Party of New Mexico. Thank you.Gender DiverseCD1
RitcheyJenaI was born and raised in New Mexico, and I am currently a third-year law student at UNM. As I approach graduation, I am eager to serve my community and put theory into practice. I am so proud of how our local and national representatives led our state through the tremendous challenges of the last year. I am grateful to call New Mexico my home, and I look forward to giving back to our diverse and resilient community.FemaleCD1
Rivas-SavellRonnieLeePolitics at the local level are the very driving force behind what our democracy "looks like" at national elections. The Democratic Party has a great deal of work to do in the upcoming mid-term to ensure we maintain and grow our footing on the national stage. This doesn't happen without local work and engagement.MaleCD1
RiveraAndresPatrickI am seeking to join the SCC because I am a current Ward Chair of 16B and want to be an active participant in the Democratic political process. It is my view that Democrat rules, policies, and practices can be improved. Further, as a younger member of the party, I believe it is important to be engaged in the political process to ensure diverse views and perspectives are discussed. Younger voices are often the ones that are tuned out by those in power, leading to individuals being unheard. I believe I can assist in alleviating those issues. For that reason, I am seeking a position on the SCC.MaleCD1
RodriguezReinaIsabelI am running for the office to continue to support the Democratic Party I want to ensure we elect the candidate that supports nm and put in place legislation that is important to the people our state and countryFemaleCD1
RodriguezRichardAnthanyI am running for this office to make key decisions about democratic leadership which will ensure we are making an impact to move forward in our community, state and country.MaleCD1
RogersJustinCI've lived in Albuquerque for nearly 7 years, and been a registered Democrat since I was in college and George W. Bush was invading Iraq without justification to me or the millions of protesters worldwide. I hold a Master's Degree in astrophysics, but left my PhD program behind long ago and now spend most of my time tutoring and community organizing. I'm a member of OLE and have participated in events with many other progressive organizations, but this is the first time I have run for anything like Precinct 432 chair and the SCC position. As a 4th-generation (yonsei) Japanese American of mixed heritage, I have experienced both growing up in a very white environment as well as intentionally getting involved with the Asian-American community here. I serve on the board of the Asian American Association of New Mexico and I've been involved with immigrant and refugee groups, and ongoing discussions about racism and solidarity among the Asian and Black communities. The number one issue for me is equity and participation. I'm in this for the young, the working-class, people of color, the queer, transgender, and otherwise deserving of more political power to advance their/our agendas.MaleCD1
RogersMarjorieI have been a registered Democrat in New Mexico for 24 years. Before that, I lived in Michigan and was the first and only Democrat in the 20th Century elected to the Frankenlust, Michigan Board of Trustees. I would bring that work effort ( and it took a lot of work to break into this Republican Board) to my efforts in my Ward and in New Mexico.FemaleCD1
RogersStevenI have been a registered Democrat since I have been in Abq, which is 24 years now. Before that, when I lived in Michigan I worked for a Democratic Congressman as a field coordinator. So I know how much work is involved in field work and the job of a Precinct Chair. Now is the time to be active, as we need to build on the progress we have made in New Mexico and be a model for other states. We need to protect our Democracy by being active and I feel it is time for me to step up and do the job.MaleCD1
RombergEScott (Scotti)I want to run for SCC member because I am a ward chair and I want to be involved in election not only the state chair and the state vice chair but also be involved with platform issues and to vote for a candidate for CD1FemaleCD1
RomeroEliasStevenI am interested being a part of this office to see what I can do to get involved with the community.MaleCD1
RomeroGAndresI am a proud Democrat who is looking forward to staying involved and contributing to achieving our Democratic goals.MaleCD1
RomeroGenevieveBarbaraI believe it is important for more young people to have a voice in our local parties and democratic processes.FemaleCD1
RomeroMary AnnI am a lifelong resident of this district as well as a lifelong Democrat. I believe in the ideology of the Democratic Party. I have worked on many campaigns and enjoy meeting people from all walks of life. As a retired educator I can relate to the struggles that communities have and work hard to find solutions for our youth and their families. I have also been precinct chair and SCC member in the past.FemaleCD1
RomeroRobertPaulI would love to be a great representative of the West Side Democrats from Albuquerque! I look forward to helping the Democratic Party of New Mexico continue to move forward with a Progressive agenda!!MaleCD1
RomeroRobertPaulI want to help create a more Progressive Democratic Party!MaleCD1
RoseSharretAfter virtual canvassing for Biden, Harris, Warnock and Ossoff and volunteering for the Bernalillo County party, I want to get more involved on the state level. I've also been the Precinct Chair for "The Fighting 352" for the past two years and have worked closely with my cohorts in Ward 18D. Thanks for your consideration.FemaleCD1
RossChaiaBorn into a political family that taught me not to be a bystander, I began my activism in the Peace & Civil Rights movements. Because I am personally motivated by a quote from Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ("In the end, we will not remember the words of our enemies but the silence of our friends.”) I can be counted on to stand up, speak out, & work for what I believe in. In the 20 years I’ve been in Albuquerque I’ve spoken to the County Commission, City Council & the Legislature. I am a fund-raiser, a recruiter for organizations and campaigns & a voter registrar. I’ve been an active member of groups working to eliminate racism and to foster gender equality, healthcare rights, LGBTQ, voting, and veteran’s rights. An accountant & grant-writer for non-profit organizations, I contributed to their success in providing low-income housing, social science research, early childhood education, computers in classrooms, & free legal services; all of which support Democratic values. My goal in serving on the SCC is to be vigilant about maintaining the achievements of the Party and a diligent advocate for accomplishing goals that benefit all communities, and I ask for your support.FemaleCD1
RoyHaileyJosselynI have been a Democrat my entire life. I am a proud member of the IATSE 480 union and I am a graduate of the Emerge NM program. I have run for local office and have volunteered on many different campaigns. I truly believe in what it means to be a Democrat because we are the Party that fights for people like me. I am a single mother of three wonderful children and I know what it means to struggle. While I am a union worker in the film industry, times can be difficult and I've often had to work multiple jobs to support my family. It's our Party that prioritizes people like us over corporate greed and I would like to do whatever I can to help our Party moving forward. I am a precinct chair of precinct 601 and would be honored to serve on the SCC.FemaleCD1
Roybal CaballeroPatriciaA.I am a current SCC member and have been for several election cycles. I am also a Precinct Chair. I have served in many capacities within the party such as the Credential, Resolution, Platform, Rules committees. And as a Parliamentarian, I have been asked to serve in this capacity at the county and state level. I am also a sustaining financial donor. As you can see, I am 100% devoted to our Party, its values and principles. I pledge to continue my party activism too build our ranks and increase voter turnout! Gracias.FemaleCD1
Roybal-MackAntoniaI believe that the party needs a strong platform and strong ideas on the economy to win the next round of races. I'm interested in helping to shape that platform. I am very interested in education for disabled students and helping to elect democrats that care about students. I am to see NM have a strong platform for success and that will only happen if we elect the best leaders that we can find. It's incumbent on the party to find and fund the leaders of tomorrow.FemaleCD1
SalimLeilaMarieI am running to work for a more progressive and justice-oriented Democratic Party for NM. For the past 10 years I have been actively organizing on a number of issues including environmental justice (Transition ABQ & NM Solar Energy Assoc), workers rights (OLE- paid sick leave and min wage), economic relocalization (AFLEP- public banking), public financing (OLE- democracy dollars), youth get-out-the-vote, and most recently, for voting rights (Inclusive Democracy NM- Automatic & Same-day Voter Registration, and franchise for people with felony convictions and for 16- and 17-year-olds). I believe that after centuries of expanding voting rights from white landowners to all those eligible today, we still have systemic suppression that disproportionately affects black, indigenous, and people of color, youth, the undocumented, and others who still seek equality and representation. Our democracy is in peril, and without active work to ensure that everyone has a voice, we will continue to live with inadequate representation, and thus the policies that continue to oppress people and destroy our planet. I have served on the County Platform Committee, but this would be my first time at Central Committee. I would be honored to work for a more progressive DPNM, and I appreciate your vote!FemaleCD1
SamaniSaraAghaebrahimiI deeply care about ethics and ways that we can help make sure the government tackles corruption. A functioning society needs to provide access and opportunity to its people. This means that people should have access to healthcare, strong transportation, and a quality education. People deserve to have access to a high quality of life. We need to find ways that the people who are honored and make money in our community do so without doing it at the expense of another group of people. We need modern solutions to modern problems, and we need to start thinking creatively. We need to teach critical thinking as a 21st century skill, and we need to make sure that journalism, which is such a critical component of a functioning democracy, remains honest and intact. We need to do this while honoring free speech. We also need to make sure that outsized power does not collect in just one person, organization, or small group of people. I am running for office because I care about a strong community that provides real opportunity to all people regardless of their physical, mental, racial or economic status.FemaleCD1
SanchezBernadetteMI served has a State Senator for three terms and previously on SCC. I am committed to promote the party platform, unification, and work together to get the selected CD1 candidate elected.FemaleCD1
SanchezPaulA.We are blessed to live in a community like Albuquerque, even more so in a state like New Mexico. What I've learned participating in our democratic processes has helped me in my profession and developing my communication skills. Communication is key to success and listening is core to successful communication. I feel I bring that skill set to the table. Having been in Healthcare as an Executive, Patient Advocate and Independent Physician lobbyist and subcontractor with the New Mexico Dept of Health I feel that I bring a unique perspective and energy to this opportunity. I love being a Democrat and there is a multi-generational history in my family of strong Democrats which I have gratefully been able to pass onto to both of my children and now my 3 grandsons. Please consider me for State Central and I will do a good job, be present and listen and act on the interests of my Ward and community.MaleCD1
SayreLloydKeithI am running to promote and support the values of the Democratic Party including climate justice racial justice and economic justice. I support the platform of the democratic party and President Joe Biden and would like to see those policy changes take place as soon as possible.MaleCD1
ScharyDawnElizabethI have lived in every quadrant of Albuquerque for the last 9 years, and I have been actively and consistently been engaging with my neighbors professionally and personally throughout the years. I am quite active in the community. I want to be a voice for those who cannot participate, like our children and those who are unable to vote or who are just trying to keep their heads above water. As an SCC member, I would be voting not just for me and my own preferences, but for my entire community and what they need.FemaleCD1
SchefflerRaymondHarryIiiI (Raymond Scheffler, he/him) am a scientist active in applied spectroscopy and materials manufacturing at a local company, and my grad work centered on alternative energy research at NASA Ames and other Department of Energy funded labs. I’m an avid cyclist, Filipino, cofounder of a local arts organization, and the number one supporter of an APS elementary principal, my husband. I have marched on Washington for womens’ rights, been trained in civil disobedience at the School of the America’s Protest, phone banked/data entry for, been in numerous LGBT marches and parades and vigils. I am currently the Secretary for Ward 18D. I’m here to work, I’m here to hold the Democratic Party to a progressive agenda--particularly around energy policy--and I would appreciate your vote for SCC.MaleCD1
SchoenburgPeterAs a life long Democrat, I was galvanized into local involvement by the critical get-out-the-vote effort that pushed Biden over the top and barely gained the Senate. The future of our democracy truly hangs in the balance. I have lived in Prec. 11 since 1989, raised my 2 sons here, and yearn to know my circle of neighbors better. I flood irrigate a tiny orchard and vineyard during the summer months and treasure the ancient acequia system that breaths life into the Valley. The threat of climate change induced drought is real to me. A committed environmentalist, I have served on the Board at WildEarth Guardians for the last 12 years. A semi retired criminal defense lawyer, and former State and Federal Public Defender, I have spent my professional career fighting the insidious effects of systemic racism. I also serve on the Board of the NM Innocence and Justice Project. As a SCC member, I would bring my perspective as a 33 year North Valley resident, lawyer and environmentalist to best represent my Democratic neighbors. I look forward to learning about their issues. I have the time and energy to devote to local politics in these critical times.MaleCD1
SchuurmanSusanJoyI am an anti-racist, social justice activist who has lived in Albuquerque for 27 years. My pronouns are she/her and they/them; I identify as queer and a settler of Iranian Kurdish and European descent. I am running for the State Central Committee because I want to help make sure New Mexico replaces Congresswoman Deb Haaland with a strong candidate who will center the needs of the people rather than corporate greed and ecological destruction. I support centering human rights, self-determination and justice at home and abroad. I support ending US imperialism with its military bases around the world and shrinking the budget of the Pentagon so there are more resources available for massive unmet community needs including hunger, access to affordable healthy food, housing, and high-quality health care. I support a just transition from fossil fuels to renewables including good union green jobs to address the climate crisis. I support racial justice including the abolition of mass incarceration, the abolition of militarized law enforcement in our communities and along our borders, a truth and reconciliation process with reparations for land and labor stolen from generations of indigenous and African peoples and their descendants, and an end to voter suppression.FemaleCD1
ScottKennethEdwardWe did some really good work in 2020, however, the work really is just beginning. I wasn't involved much in 2016 and that was to the detriment of the country and the party. Now, the work is different: getting great democrats elected up and down the ballot. I also want to make sure to continue to vote for progressive values. I enjoyed my time as an SCC member before and I hope to continue serving the state.MaleCD1
SearsWayneRobertRI am a lifelong progressive Democrat who is also a union member working as a paramedic in Albuquerque Fire Rescue Department. We have seen union members leaving the Democratic Party and we need to reach out to union members and bring them back in. Unions are an important source of manpower during campaigns to knock doors and make phone calls. If the Democratic Party keeps loosing union members, it is going to make it more difficult to contact voters. I feel the best person to reach out to union members is a union member. This is why I want to get more involved in the party.MaleCD1
SedilloChristopherRudolphI am a life long democrat. I served my country in the US Navy for 26 years and I want to serve my community and make a difference and to support veterans. I want to help elect democrats up and down the ballot and to be inclusive to everyone. As a retired veteran I will work diligently to support the democrat party.MaleCD1
Sedillo LopezAntoinetteI am running to represent CD-1. I am doing so to bring a strong progressive agenda to Congress that includes Medicare for All, The Green New Deal and compassionate and humane immigration reform. You can visit the issues page on our campaign website at to see a detailed description of the agenda I developed from visiting with thousands of New Mexicans. I would like to participate in the process that will select the next Democratic Nominee for this important position.FemaleCD1
SeeleyGregAmesI am running for the DPNM SCC to represent my Precinct, My Ward and my community on important issues facing the party as we transition into a new era. As a US Air Force Veteran, Former Congressional Staffer for DC1 and Devoted Democratic party Volunteer I will bring a perspective to the SCC that no one else can. I have served on the SCC before, I've traveled across the state to take important votes and network with fellow Democrats from all over NM. I understand the importance of this position, and ask for the Support of my fellow Democrats, many of whom would strongly recommend me for the position because they know and have seen just how much I love this party and this state. Thank youMaleCD1
SeeleyJessicaLynnI am running for my second term on the SCC. Last term I was a Precinct Chair, Ward Treasurer, CCC member, SCC member, and an Affirmative Action Committee Member. As a member of the Affirmative Action Committee, I am proud that we have sent one of the most diverse and well-represented selection of delegates to the DNC to vote for President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris. Over the last year, I have been the Finance Director on two State Senate campaigns and managed a County Commission Campaign. I am an active and proud Democrat and believe that I can bring my unique skill set to be a useful and productive member of the State Central Committee. I look forward to speaking and collaborating with other Dems to ensure that our DPNM platform is inclusive and encouraging to all Democrats of New Mexico. I hope to earn your vote for the SCC. Thank you.FemaleCD1
SemigliaMarioM.As an LGBTQ, millennial son of an immigrant, I want to continue to bring a diverse, young voice to the room (most likely Zoom-room) where decisions are made for the Democratic Party of New Mexico. I have been an activist and political campaign professional in our party since 2017, most recently working in the NM House during their mostly-virtual 60-day legislative session. I have had the privilege of serving on the SCC since 2019 and would be honored to represent my downtown Albuquerque community for another term. I pledge to always listen to community input when making decisions as an elected member of the SCC and I pledge to be as transparent and accessible as possible. I believe the responsibility of an SCC member goes well beyond the upcoming decision on nominating a candidate to run in the special election to succeed soon-to-be Secretary of the Interior Deb Haaland. As our party continues to grow following successful elections in 2018 and 2020, we need individuals on the SCC who will continue to push our party to be more inclusive and supportive of the next generation of leaders. I hope to earn your vote for SCC.MaleCD1
SernaRomaineI grew up in Northern New Mexico. My parents modeled civic values and always reminded me that my vote is and was my voice. I am a dyed in the wool Democrat. I honor the values that our party stands for. I have a keen understanding of the political process. I am currently a member of the SCC. I don't take the responsibility associated with SCC lightly. It is a profound opportunity to serve my party and my community. I am active in the party and have been for many years. I humbly ask for your vote. Thank you, Romaine SernaFemaleCD1
ShafferSharonKlausmeyerI believe my voice is important to be heard at the SCC level. I have been a Legislative Assistant to Senator Ortiz y Pino for the past 16 years and am quite familiar with New Mexico's citizens concerns and needs. I have served on the SCC from CD 3 as a resident of both Farmington and Santa Fe and from CD 1 as an ABQ resident. I took a break from SCC for a couple of years to recover from orthopedic surgeries and look forward to continuing to serve my district and the State!!FemaleCD1
ShafferTcI have a long history of ccc and scc membership while living in Farmington, Santa Fe, and most recently Albuquerque. Personal circumstances over the past two years dictated that I focus my attentions on other areas. With those issues resolved, I am once again free to pursue my efforts in the Democratic Party.MaleCD1
SharifTatianaSierraI want to help the Democratic Party as much as I can make sure we are providing the best people for these open positions! I feel like I would do great in this position! I am energized and ready to go!FemaleCD1
SharnoffElenaHarrietI've always been active on presidential campaigns but in 2016, I realized that was the tip of the iceberg. I've been a Precinct co-captain, Nasty Woman of New Mexico, and VRA ever since. I've campaigned for candidates throughout ABQ and for CD1 and CD2, and helped the "Defeat the Dinos" efforts this year. I also hosted swing state letter writing campaigns. I'm running because I've learned that state politics are as important as national politics, if not more so, and I want to make a progressive difference here in NM.FemaleCD1
ShattuckMeghanMI want to engage more deeply in the democratic process in New Mexico, where I can help make a meaningful impact. I am excited and energized by the opportunity to learn and serve on the SCC. I think I could best serve in this role by uplifting the many voices of the community as well as focusing on our shared value of anti-oppression. I believe in using data to make decisions when possible, fighting injustice in its many forms, and fostering inclusivity and generosity.Gender DiverseCD1
ShaughnessyEileenClareI am running for the SCC because I believe in people power. As a longtime community organizer and UNM Lecturer in Sustainability Studies, I continue to dedicate myself to popular education and activism around social, environmental, and racial justice. I am passionate about challenging nuclear colonialism & environmental racism in New Mexico. The money currently spent on the bloated military industrial complex needs to be redistributed to health care and higher education for all. I support abolishing ICE and moving towards a just transition to address the harms of climate change.FemaleCD1
ShekterJamisonAs a lifetime Democrat, the last four years were an education in the fact that even a nationwide majority may not suffice to win office and that the consequences of losing can be devastating. I decided to step up and participate directly in strengthening our party where I can. I'm excited to help move the Democratic Party forward, to be more inclusive, more representative, and more responsive to the will of the people. My guiding political principle is public education. I believe it to be the foundation of democracy and that public education is a paramount function of government. My participation in the State Central Committee will follow from this central tenet. The Democratic Party is supportive of public education, of course, but the need to expand the depth and breadth of public education is writ large in the headlines of the past four years, as is the need to stop the Republican Party's continual erosion of public education.MaleCD1
ShimamotoEricMI've been a registered Dem since 1992, when I first learned that you can declare your party on your voter registration. I've canvassed, phonebanked, and textbanked for countless candidates since then. I also consider myself an organizer, so I'm committed to bringing people together, building consensus, and strategizing to accomplish our shared goals. In recent years that has involved fighting for: paid sick leave, raising the wage, automatic and same-day voter registration, the national popular vote compact, campaign finance reform, repealing NM’s outdated abortion ban, cannabis legalization, funding early childhood education, lowering the voting age, and many other campaigns. Two years ago, I saw an opportunity to bring folks working on many of these issues together around the idea of reforming our state senate so good legislation could survive the committee system. So, I spent a year travelling the state talking to grassroots folks about how to fix that system. It was a profoundly rewarding year. I met amazing Dems all over New Mexico and I think we did some good. Now, I’d like to represent Ward 11A statewide by bringing that same strategic, analytic, consensus-building mindset to the work of the DPNM State Central Committee.MaleCD1
SiegristEllaAs a dedicated community member and progressive, I am grateful for the opportunity to serve the interests of our congressional district. I am a graduate student at UNM and strongly believe in the tenets of participatory democracy, and particularly look forward to enacting change at a local level. I value community care, racial and social justice, and environmental sustainability. I value the diverse voices and experiences that make up our community, from students to families, from young folks to elders. I believe in the value of human life over profit, and I believe that young voices in local politics can shape a more just future. I would be truly grateful to join the SCC in this important year.FemaleCD1
SieversMichaelEdwardThe election of 2016 and the post-election events in 2021 have shown that our democracy is at a critical juncture. It is fragile, and the actions we take, or do not take, at this moment will determine whether our children and grandchildren will live under a democratic government that protects the rights of the people, or whether they will be victims of a slide into fascism or autocracy. Protecting and strengthening our democracy requires participation. I'm running for this office because I want to be an active member of the party that is working to protect and strengthen, rather than attack and weaken, our democracy. I want to do my part to preserve the America that I love for my two young children. I'm a proud father and husband, a lifelong Democrat, a lifelong New Mexican, and the son of two union teachers who taught me a strong work ethic and the values of empathy and compassion. I am an attorney who has dedicated his career to fighting for the underdog against powerful corporations. I will work hard as an SCC member and will contribute my time and skills to help make our party the best it can be.MaleCD1
SieversSheilaHI have been a proud Democrat since I cast my first vote for president for Hubert Humphrey in 1968. A 19-year resident of Bernalillo County, I recently assumed the duty of precinct chair. I have a record of working for Democrats - going door to door for Obama, doing yard signs for Hillary, and making hundreds of calls to get out the vote last fall. I would like the opportunity to participate in the selection and election of the next DEMOCRAT District 1 House Representative.FemaleCD1
SilvasBrittanyAMy name is Brittany Silvas I’m 26 years old, a life long New Mexican, and I have worked tirelessly over the last five years to elect Democrats across the state and at home, here in Albuquerque. My involvement in democratic politics stems from growing up in a proud Latino family many of whom have helped shape Albuquerque into the place we love today. From a young age I got to see first hand the importance of giving back to my community and speaking up and advocating for people. I want to become more involved because I think we need people helping shape the future of our party who not only look like folks in NM but also share the same lived experiences.FemaleCD1
SimonDavidJeromeI am running for the State Central Committee in order to serve others. Through service on the SCC, I can contribute to the well-being of my fellow New Mexicans, improve the quality of life in New Mexico for present and future generations, and contribute volunteer time and effort to the Democratic Party in order to help keep New Mexico blue and moving forward. I have been active in Democratic and electoral politics in New Mexico for 27 years as a volunteer; I have served several Democratic leaders; and I have been a Democratic candidate for State Senate.MaleCD1
SkowranS.MaurreenI am running for the State Central Committee to advance progressive principles in the state party. As part of that agenda, I plan to vote for Sen. Antoinette Sedillo Lopez for the Democratic nomination to replace Rep. Deb Haaland. My background includes being the former chair of the Adelante Progressive Caucus. And I have just been re-elected chair of Precinct 449, after serving in that post four years.FemaleCD1
SmithClarenceLMy name is Clarence L. Smith. I am Precinct Chair of 104, Ward 10A. I am currently on the Rules Committee of SCC. I have been a very active member of the Democratic Party for over 50 years. As a member of the Rules Committee, I have seen a lot of positive changes to the party. I would like to continue to be a strong, active member on the SCC. Clarence L. Smith Ward 10A Precinct 104MaleCD1
SmithMichaelII have been a registered Democrat for fifty years. Currently, the Democratic Party is the only political organization that offers a sensible, realistic option for meaningful political engagement.MaleCD1
SmithRayellenI am running for this office since as a leader in my community, I want to continue to make a difference. I am the president of Indivisible Nob Hill, currently sit on the SCC, am a member of the Budget and Finance committee and the Treasurer for the Bernalillo County Democratic Party. I believe our party can serve those who need it most with good leaders on the State Central Committee. My values are rooted in helping every person lift themselves up - education, skills, opportunities and the Democratic party can elect candidates who support those values. I plan to continue to be a leader in this party in our great state and appreciate your support to elect Rayellen Smith to the SCC.FemaleCD1
SolomonThomasAI am current Ward 31B chair in Albuquerque, past vice chair of the Bernalillo county party, and a climate activist. I strongly support the most progressive candidates possible at all levels and have and will work to get them elected.MaleCD1
SorrocheJanaLynI am a lifelong Democrat, and the daughter of an elected official (NM Court of Appeals). My father instilled in me a deep respect for the law and the importance of voting. Because of this, I have always been passionate about voting as a citizen. However, the 2016 election taught me that democracy is not a spectator sport. The ongoing efforts to undermine our democracy and replace it with an oligarchy are terrifying. Because of this, I became involved in the 2020 election with the combined campaign. My goal was to do everything I could in order to ensure the messages of Democratic candidates reached New Mexico voters. I want to continue working to elect Democrats to office and supporting just and fair policies. I volunteered to be Ward27A secretary and look forward to learning more about the process by which the Party promotes progressive policies. Joining the SCC and supporting its efforts will allow me to support candidates running for office who can then do the hard work of fighting for all current and future Americans.FemaleCD1
StanfieldBenjaminIncreasing the grassroots involvement and voter access is my passion. I've been involved in local, congressional, and presidential campaigns in the past, and look forward to helping encourage new voices, inspiring candidates, and an active and excited coalition of voters to get Democrats elected at every level.MaleCD1
StebbinsMaggieHartI first was elected ward chair in 1986 and been a committed Democrat since, first working for good candidates and then as a county commissioner for 10 years. My record on the Bernalillo co commission includes leadership on ethics reform, New Mexico's first paid time off ordinance, expansion of behavioral health services, compassionate animal care, groundwater protection & criminal justice reform.FemaleCD1
SternAlexisNI want to be on SCC to help make a difference in the partyFemaleCD1
Stern PowellJakeI’m running for a seat on the SCC so I can bring my unique skills and experiences to the Democratic Party of New Mexico. Starting in college, when I interned, blogged, and managed a field office for a Congressional campaign that ran on progressive values in a deep red district, I’ve navigated difficult circumstances to develop a diverse skillset that allows me to contribute to any team’s success. Since my time as an intern, I’ve worked in a variety of fields from bartending to operations management to my current work as a freelance website copywriter. Scattered between those stops was work as a substitute teacher, a third-party health benefits administrator, and a sketch comedy performer. Through all this, I’ve learned that there are many pathways to success. Yet, victory is ultimately fleeting without sustainable action. Building a lasting team means listening to all voices and providing each member an impactful role in determining the outcome. As a member of the SCC, my goal is to continue strengthening party infrastructure. With your vote, I look forward to advocating for candidates and policies that keep our Democratic Party of New Mexico as the national example of how progressive politics can win elections.MaleCD1
StevensMonekaHThere is an opportunity for more young leaders of color to paradigm shift the Democratic Party to represent the entire community. We need leadership that moves away from centrist Democrats to authentically beyond progressive. The deep rooted issues in our communities are connected to both parties and we must acknowledge this. I am running because organizing and mobilizing our community is critical to my core values. The tie breaker process is also highly undemocratic as well as problematic and should be revisited. This is the type of energy I’m bringing to the SCC doing things grounded in community and innovative. The same approaches does not work and our communities are suffering deeply.FemaleCD1
StevensTiffanyI'm running for SCC because as a leader and organizer for local organizations and campaigns in New Mexico I have found that our best chance for true progress is to embrace our diversity and find the common goals that unite rather than divide us. Climate change and economic disparity are some of the greatest problems that we must confront. We need to hold all elected leaders accountable to our party platform and elect leaders that are beholden to the voters not special interests. As a board member of Indivisible Nob Hill we try to make the world a better place for our families and community by listening and working together to bring true beneficial change. I have struggled to afford an education while raising my family on minimum wage like so many. I'm currently a student enrolled at CNM to finish my degree in Human Resources. I have also been lucky enough to organize hundreds of volunteers in campaign events and training workshops. Am I currently on the SCC but I need your help to be re-elected. Please vote for me, TIFFANY STEVENS- female, as your first choice for the State Central Committee. Thank you for your vote.FemaleCD1
StoneAndrewCAs a lifelong progressive Democrat representing the solar industry and small family farmers with a background in software programming and a small business, I study forward thinking policy in other states that could be implemented here to help our elected officials create beneficial laws for all of our citizens. I follow the NM Legislature closely and have watched and admired several of our CD1 prospective candidates for their strength in standing up to the bad faith actors, and I might add, just plain bad actors, across the aisle. I know many of our leaders personally including our dear Governor MLG, US Senators Heinrich & Lujan, Rep. Haaland and Rep. Leger Fernandez, who I supported from the beginning. My work promoting Community Solar and being part of the Working Group has brought me deep insight of the strengths of our elected State House and Senate officials.MaleCD1
StoneAndrewCAs a lifelong Democrat and a New Mexican for over 47 years and having lived in rural and urban settings, as a graduate of UNM's School of Architecture and Planning, I offer a wide perspective on what's good for New Mexico. I serve on the board of the Renewable Energy Industry association and on the board of NM Solar Energy Association, and have made my small farm sustainable. I personally know and have supported Martin Heinrich, Ben Ray Lujan, Michelle Lujan Grisham, Deb Haaland and Teresa Leger Fernandez, as well as most of our dedicated NM Senators and Representatives, and of course Brian Colon through my advocacy work on developmental disabilities funding and all things renewable. I was on the SM63 Community Solar Working Group and am working on updating the PRC's (renewable) Interconnection Manual - all pro bono work.MaleCD1
StulbergSandraI became an active Democrat after the 2016 election. Here are a few things I have done in the past 4 years: -Managed database of 900 volunteers for the organizations working with Asylum Seekers -Distributed communications to volunteers for the organizations assisting Asylum Seekers -Volunteered with Asylum Seekers -Volunteered/phone banked/canvassed doors for Keller campaign -Hosted, cooked for, and fed volunteers at weekly phone bank for the Democratic Coordinated Campaign office -Worked/managed volunteers at the NE Heights Coordinated Campaign office -Organized Pop-Up-Protests supporting MLG and to fight trump policies -Liaised with multiple organizations -Meet monthly with staff from Heinrich, Udall, Haaland and Lujan offices -Wrote letters for Swing Left and GOTV postcards to Florida and Georgia voters -Coordinated LTE campaign, 5 letters were published -Gave testimony in 2020 and 2019 at the State Legislature -Design campaign logos, graphics and web pages -Worked on the Risner for a Stronger NM campaign as Communications Director I take the work of the State Central Committee and the Democratic Party of New Mexico seriously. I study the information, attend meetings, watch debates, ask questions, and learn as much as possible to make the best decisions possible.FemaleCD1
SundbergBarbaraA.Born and raised in Albuquerque and an active Democrat since I was able to vote, I've been elected Precinct 539 Chair for over 15 years, have served as Ward Chair for 31A, registered many voters, and a member of the SCC for over 10 years. I've volunteered and donated to numerous campaigns and have led and participated in canvassing and phone banking for NM and National candidates, volunteered and worked as a poll worker and Presiding Judge in Local, State and National Elections, and ballot observer post election. As a proud progressive, I've participated in numerous protests since childhood and I've also worked for Team Foothills and our annual picnic at Elena Gallegos for over 10 years along with writing numerous letters to Precinct members. I believe in, trust and support electing candidates who know and understand their District through participation in the NM Democratic Party; walk the talk and elect those that are active grassroots Democrats tho are involved in and serving the party in local leadership areas long before running on the National Stage. I am running for reelection to the SCC to further grassroots activism, integrity and equality for all and humbly ask for your support.FemaleCD1
SupranovichSamuelHannenMy name is Sam and I am excited to be running for SCC because it seems like the best way to help effect positive progressive change on the local level. My first experience in grassroots organizing came when I was 15 and helped to get restorative justice practices instituted in my local high schools. I then advocated for the inclusion of Halal foods in the public breakfasts/lunches, and served on an area planning committee. Last year, I helped organize with Lorena Garcia's campaign in Colorado, and graduated from Regis University with a B.A. in Human Communication. After becoming the Precinct 542 chair just a week ago, I have become invested in the local political process and am genuinely excited at the prospect of genuine grassroots democratic leadership in our party. I believe that an open and accessible democracy is the cornerstone for real change. I hope to help advocate for easily accessible healthcare for everyone, protecting what we still can of the environment, addressing the broken structures of the criminal justice system and lifting up the voices of struggling New Mexicans. I hope to be able to help represent a young, progressive and active voice in the SCC.MaleCD1
SwanBetseyBAs a second-term ward chair, I believe racism, and the economic inequality it has engendered, have corrupted our politics and hollowed out our middle and working classes in a way that threatens the future of our democracy and our country. Climate change is our existential threat, but equally important is the failure of our country to enable the necessities of a meaningful life for all, including the ability of people to love whom they want, adequate jobs, shelter, education, health care, and food for their families and children regardless of color, ethnicity, race, religion, or sexual orientation. The immediate task at hand for the DPNM and its leaders will be to get out the vote for the CD1 race, to persuade intermittent voters that their lives depend on going to the polls, and to energize people who may believe that their vote doesn’t matter. As longer-term goals for the remainder of my term, I hope to build capacity within the party by recruitment of volunteers to work for election of Democrats, provide all ward Democrats with the knowledge and desire to go to the polls, and build a larger and more vigorous Democratic Party infrastructure at the local level.FemaleCD1
SzauterPaulGyulaAs a scientist and entrepreneur, I will bring to the State Central Committee a unique perspective on issues facing the Democratic Party of New Mexico. I have worked to build a Democratic Party that stands for broad participation in politics. I have personally registered hundreds of voters. I have been elected as Ward Chair of an inactive ward and activated it. I have served as the DPBC Secretary, where I assisted in targeting the county's 2020 election strategy. I was recently elected to the Board of Indivisible Nob Hill after presentations there on pandemic response and resisting the efforts by the Trump administration to subvert the 2020 election. I will be an advocate for sound policy on climate change, pandemic response, achieving racial justice, and improving education. We have all seen the damage that trading wishful thinking for science has done to our response to the pandemic and to climate change. We must work together to increase voter participation by promoting a positive vision of what effective government can achieve. I ask for your vote in my election to the State Central Committee.MaleCD1
TanejaAnjaliMy name is Anjali Taneja, and I’m a family physician, DJ, community organizer, and queer woman of color. I run a nonprofit clinic in Albuquerque, and work in an ER in Navajo Nation. I was appointed to the Governor’s Council for Racial Justice and I help lead the Coalition for a Safer ABQ, working to improve our community’s healing and reduce the impacts of policing. It’s an honor to run for SCC and if elected, I would take seriously my role on this governing body of the party. Our next CD1 Dem candidate for Congress should carry forward Rep Haaland’s values and represent everyday New Mexicans. However, I've done my homework in understanding the broader responsibility and potential of this role. I’m deeply interested in strengthening the party’s infrastructure, and in engaging people young, old, black, brown, queer/trans, folks most impacted by the worst of our policies, and folks who can help us lead the way forward. My values center around expanding healthcare access including for people with addictions, dismantling institutional and structural racism, getting serious about climate change, ending the war on drugs, supporting housing and real solutions to poverty, and moving from criminalization to transformative justice.FemaleCD1
TapiaJosephM.I believe in the Democratic Party and it's record on being for the people. My tenure on the SCC has given me the opportunity to know all the players, candidates, party workers and fellow Democrats. My institutional knowledge will help to keep the party alive. Candidates come and go, workers are the life blood of the party. My progressive position on all issues cannot be disputed. A woman’s right to choose, supporting legalization on pot for over 50 years and being a mixed blood native allow me to work for what is important to New Mexico, the Democratic PRty and to my soul, please vote for my candidacy to the Drate Central Committee. Thank you for allowing me to run JTMaleCD1
TaylorJhaanaiImanAs a young Black/Mexicana woman, representation within the party is essential. I am running for SCC because we need young Black and Brown women to participate and be heard by this party. Our voices are key for there to be real progress.FemaleCD1
TevistownesRoyceEmanuelThis year has shown both the consequences of not being involved with policy (covid responses that are responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths) and the vital nature of being involved with policy (policing). I can't stand by any more, so I have to get involved. It is clear that we have to redesign our entire institution and culture in order to actually create an equitable society, and I want to support candidates who truly reflect the variety of New Mexico to do that work.MaleCD1
TevistownesSarahI have a background that includes board leadership, community organizing and non-profit management. I'd like to put my skills to use for the Democratic Party of New Mexico.FemaleCD1
Torres-VelasquezE. DianeIn my service as a community organizer, I am president of the Latino Education Task Force. We organized community for the most comprehensive education lawsuit in the country and WE WON! Martinez/Yazzie v. NM is a historic lawsuit that will change public education for all children in the state. As result of the Martinez lawsuit, public education is now a fundamental right in NM, for the first time in our state’s history. I am an advocate for quality education for rural and urban communities for students with disabilities, students in poverty, black, indigenous and students of color and every student PreK-20 in the state. Our organization worked with legislators including Senator Bernadette Sanchez and Rep Rick Miera to create the Hispanic Education Act. We worked with Senator Linda Lopez on Ethnic Studies, Anti-Institutional Racism and Special Education legislation. I am concerned about climate change, water rights, racial justice, single-payer health insurance, and immigrant rights. In my job I am an associate professor of teacher education at the University of New Mexico, in the College of Education and Human Sciences. I am affiliated faculty in Chicana and Chicano Studies. My classes and research are on Social Justice, teacher preparation and STEAM.FemaleCD1
TrujilloDeborahEWith the world the way it is and what has become of our country the past few years I feel I must be involved and do what I can to make positive changes. We need to get good people into office who are interested in saving our land, water and resources.FemaleCD1
TrujilloJulianRIiiI'm a young-ish POC trying to get more involved in the Democratic Party. I've been a community organizer for years and have done a fair amount of work for the party during election years, now I want to step into leadership.MaleCD1
ValdezRobertOThis pandemic has laid bare many of our nation’s strengths and deficiencies as a society. One key lesson has been the importance of local and state leadership and competence. As a former senior federal public health official, I have had the opportunity to serve our state and nation address many of the social ills and the physical and mental conditions that prevent our people from reaching their full human potential. Improving and protecting our governance will allow our society to establish equitable opportunities for all. I wish to serve on the Central Committee to help shape that political and social agenda for our state through a strong Democratic Party that governs and invests in our people, communities, environment, and economy.MaleCD1
VelasquezChristopherAaronI have been involved in Democratic politics for the past three years, working as Treasurer and Assistant to my wife, Jessica. I was a registered Republican during those years. Having gotten to know the NM Dems, I've realized I have a lot more in common with them than I thought. Having watched my wife on the receiving end of outrageous slander from my own (R) party, I realized that the NM Republican party is corrupt and out of control. I have changed my heart, my mind and my party affiliation. As a newly minted Democrat, I would like to get directly involved with the party now. I am ready to serve.MaleCD1
VencillCraigAGrowing up in a small town New Mexico -- moved to the big city of Albuquerque to go to UNM, meet my wife and raise a family. I've been self-employed since the mid-1990's -- current. It's important for this (Self Nomination) "... Committee" to mention I've worked in the national, regional and local marketplace as a TV commercial producer/director and photographer for my entire career including special assignments in TV news. I feel, I have a valuable perspective and am a good candidate for this committee. I've always struggled in the private sector and have been part of the fabric of central New Mexico for a number of years. My family has volunteered countless times to help do fundraising for youth, we've been involved in APS sports, annually help organize clean-up neighborhoods groups, we attend city council meetings, we write letters of concern to our elected officials, we opposed the A.R.T. (Albuquerque Rapid Transit) and lost. We always support our neighborhood businesses, especially around the Nob Hill Neighborhood. Understanding some of life's struggles is something that has been part of what we actually experience and strive to overcome. Elections have consequences, I hope to be a part of the solution.MaleCD1
VigilJacobAs a social worker and policy professional concerned with racial equity, civic participation, and policies that will address inequality on the state and local level, I have long wanted to be involved with politics in my community. The party structure and processes are arcane and inaccessible to many members of our community and I want to made a difference in that regard.MaleCD1
VigilRebeccaDI have been involved with the New Mexico Democratic Party since 1975. As a Young Democrat, I was a volunteer for the various Democratic Candidates running for office. I worked at the Ward and Precinct levels, Ward Secretary, Precinct Chair and Ward Chair. I was Secretary of State for 12 years and have supported the New Mexico Democratic Party for over 46 years and I continue to be involved in the process of our party. I started in 1975 at 20 years old and was elected to the office of Secretary of State at the age of 32. I am dedicated to my party's platform and will continue to believe that our party is what is best for New Mexico.FemaleCD1
VigilVirginiaAt 87 years old, I'm a lifelong Democrat who only used my voice during elections. I felt the need to do something more after learning about this part of the process. As a SCC member, I want to make sure I bring a voice not only for the elderly like me, but also veterans like my late husband and for my children and grandchildren. We need more people from our community involved with our party and it's never too late to do something new. I hope to make an impact while I still can.FemaleCD1
VillegasBeatriceElaineI am currently learning more about the democratic process in my community. I currently work as a Social Worker in Albuquerque and I have observed how challenges with our systems affect the families I work with. I am at a point in my life where I want to get more involved so that I can advocate for the families I work with. The past four years were a rude awakening. More than ever I believe that is it important to use our knowledge in our field to implement policies that can support families in Albuquerque. I want to offer my perspective to a group of individuals who can make a difference in the community. By joining the SCC, I feel I can accomplish this goal.FemaleCD1
WaldMichaelHRecently moved to New Mexico from Texas where my Democratic involvement seemed to be a continuous uphill battle. I want to contribute to enhance New Mexico's place as the best run Democratic state in the nation.MaleCD1
WalkerQuincyDeshawnI am a democrat indigenous youth that wants to get involved and their voice heardMaleCD1
WeahkeeAustinRainMaking sure the Democratic party is forward-thinking and progressive is crucial to the health of the Party. While the Democratic party is a big tent party, it is crucial to uplift voices of young people, and people of color. As someone who has been door knocking and educating voters on issues important to Native people since 2003, I know that the more we prioritize issues, and our future, the better chance we have to grow our collective power.MaleCD1
WeahkeeLaurieAMy name is Laurie Weahkee, I’m Diné, Cochiti and Zuni Pueblo. I’ve spent many years working on environmental, economic and social justice issues here in New Mexico. In more recent years, I’ve worked against photo id, fought to ensure Native communities have local polling locations to ensure Native people are active members of our state and nation’s democracy. I’ve implemented voter engagement strategies in hard-to-reach Native communities where running water and lack of broadband have been difficult obstacles to overcome. I consider myself an ally to the immigrant, LGBTQ, Chicano and Mexicano communities as I have worked alongside many of these communities who fight for equity and dignity for our families. I believe in pragmatic strategy and action. I believe in the Democratic values for the society we strive to build together. I’m a lifelong Democrat, and have taken active membership at various times throughout my life. I’m running for the State Central Committee because I want to ensure Democrats’ leadership and values remain focused on our pursuit for racial equity; our demand for economic dignity for our families and the fight for climate justice remain core to our party. Please vote Laurie Weahkee for State Central Committee. Ahxe’hee.FemaleCD1
WeinerRichardD.I have been an SCC member since 2019, following the rebirth of my political activity in the wake of Trump’s 2016 “election”. I first became involved in politics in the 1960s as an active opponent of the Vietnam war, leading to my working on the presidential campaign of anti-war candidate Eugene McCarthy. In the 1980s I helped organize several environmental campaigns in California, and in the early 1990s, I was inspired to move to New Mexico and attend UNM law school. I have only practiced public-interest law since becoming a lawyer, including representing New Mexico utility ratepayers at the Attorney General’s Office and representing victims of housing discrimination at New Mexico Legal Aid. I am currently a member and legislative team leader with Indivisible Nob Hill and a researcher/writer with Retake Our Democracy’s Transformation Study Group (focusing on taxation policy and reining in corporate power). In those capacities, I’ve been involved in the legislative session on taxation, housing, and other issues. I would like to continue serving on the SCC to help support the Adelante Caucus and the work of the State Platform Resolutions Committee (SPARC) to keep the Democratic Party of New Mexico moving in a progressive direction.MaleCD1
WeisburdStefI want the people living in the East Mountains and in Gregg Schmedes’ and Stephanie Lord’s districts to have a greater voice because we are completely disenfranchised by them in every other way. After campaigning for Claudia Risner, Jessica Velasquez and Athena Christodoulou, I co-founded the 350NM Rural Advocacy group which is trying to find common ground with conservatives in rural communities around drought, broadband, expanding educational opportunities and the need to diversify the NM economy. I am on the boards of NM Solar Energy Association and 350NM, and I’m a volunteer on the Adelante legislative committee. I recently retired as an informal K12 educator at UNM’s School of Engineering but am still part of a divestment and emissions reduction campaign at UNM. I would like to work on programs that bring climate change education to every child in New Mexico, that protect New Mexico’s water-reliant industries from climate change and that ensure that all New Mexico communities are poised to share in and to make the most of our abundant renewable resources and other opportunities presented by the world’s 3rd energy transition.FemaleCD1
WestDianaMayI first became involved with the Democratic Party in 2008 when I voted for Barack Obama. Since then, I've remained active for elections, but was unsure how else to become involved. After participating in my first ward meeting, fellow Democrats explained joining the SCC would be a great way to help set the tone for our party and leaders. This is important to me because I want fellow New Mexicans to feel as welcome to our party as I do. I also hope to set an example to my children and grandchildren so that they will become active, and maybe even future Democratic leaders!FemaleCD1
WilderCamilleI am inspired to run for the SCC as a parent of children who I want to grow up to have a fair and just world. We are barely holding onto our democracy and need to stand up in order to keep it from being taken away. I am uniquely qualified because of my commitment to my precinct in the South Valley and because I have worked for APS as a school social worker for 16 years. The neighborhood is diverse with a long agricultural history which is already feeling the impact of climate change. The growing season is shortened and the river has less water. It is a special place and I want it to continue to be an environment where we can raise our children and grow food safely. In my work, I serve teenagers with disabilities and help them through school. I have worked with all kinds of families and I want my students to have access to safety and opportunities. I have to make larger changes if I want my students and families to have fair and equal opportunities. I can make a difference because I am rooted in my neighborhood and committed to my work.FemaleCD1
WilkinsonDorothyAlmaI have been involved as Precinct chair since 2017. I am now a Ward chair and I want to become more involved in the state party.FemaleCD1
WilliamsPatriciaGreeneI have been an active volunteer at the grassroots level of the Democratic party for decades. I think the possibility of selecting a candidate for CD1 is an unusual and interesting opportunity but I am more interested in the policy, budget and platform issues that are the regular work of SCC. I do not want that more mundane foundational work to be overshadowed by a special circumstance.FemaleCD1
WoffardNickAI am running for a seat on the SCC to bring real change to our state of New Mexico. As a young science teacher, I have the perspective of working with our communities who live in poverty, I am able to advocate for intelligent progress and bold innovations in the fields of science here in our state, and I understand that our upcoming generations are sick of incremental change and want bold action on climate change, racial injustice, immigration reform, and tax policy. if I am elected to the SCC, I will do my best to help create a Democratic party that represents the people of our great state, that holds our government and party to the highest standards of integrity and transparency, and takes the lead on the national stage in new bold action for our future.MaleCD1
WomackGailLynnI care deeply about building and energizing our community and have been active in doing so as a precinct chair, ward co-chair and key member of our community engagement project team. I am running for SCC as I would like to take a more active role in shaping the future of our party in New Mexico.FemaleCD1
WrightChristinaSueI would like to actively participate in our local party!....FemaleCD1
WrightChristinaSueMs.I am interested in being more involved in the Democratic Party....FemaleCD1
WrightChristinaSueMsWant to support democracy particularly people who have been under served by our country...FemaleCD1
WrightRebekahStaggsMy involvement in local politics began while I was in Texas. As a recent college graduate living in a conservative county, I felt compelled to find a way to reach out and connect with like-minded, progressive neighbors. I've now been in New Mexico for over a decade. Political dynamics over the last several years have been eye-opening, and we as a community cannot afford to simply be on the sidelines while hatred and attacks on America become mainstream. I am committed to doing my part to protect democracy and to reach out in the community to involve others in the democratic process as well.FemaleCD1
WronsRalphJordanI would appreciate your vote for State Central Committee from HD24. I first registered as a Democrat when I turned 18. I became very interested in environmental protection within a couple years and that has informed my political involvement throughout the last 40 years (30 in Albuquerque). I re-registered as a Democrat in spring 2016 so that I could vote for Bernie in the NM presidential primary and have kept my Democrat voter registration since. (I was a Green Party member for 20 years) My political activism amped up when trump got elected. I’ve been a member of Indivisible Nob Hill (resist trump!) since February 2017 and was elected first time ever as a Precinct chair one month later. I canvassed my precinct to GOTV for Dem candidates and also canvassed and/or called for other Dem candidates in BernCo, in 2017, 2018 & 2020. Now I’ve just been elected Ward Chair and my goal is to get all 11 of our precinct chair positions filled. I also volunteered for the DPBC Rules Committee and will work the same for DPNM Rules and would like to work with others to attract and mentor youth to Dem & environmental protection politics.MaleCD1
ZamoraIsabelleJoyceMs.I am running because someone needs to run and it is not easy to make that commitment. We need to be at the table. We need our voice to be strong and clear. We need to do this! We need to have representatives that truly listen to those in their districts and stand for the issues and concerns of their constituents, the people who elect them. It takes the right person in the right circumstances to put aside their life and make the commitment to something greater than themselves – to their community. I am at that place in my life. I have reached my retirement after 25 years with the City of Albuquerque and currently hold a MPA from UNM. I am a member of LULAC’s Council 8057, and I would like to continue serving my community. I feel we need to work together to make the changes that need to be made – especially regarding how we take care of our citizens – from healthcare to education to economic prosperity. Bottom line is I feel like I can help make these differences and that is why I am running.FemaleCD1
WinslowTracyLynneWhy am I running for this seat? The person who represents this seat is the lone voice for Congressional District 2 in Bernalillo County. We need a strong voice at that table. I have represented us for the last 4 years and during this time I have been able to learn more about the structure of the CD and state system. Being the lone representative means that you need to know how to navigate this CD. In the next 2 years it's going to be imperative that we have someone who can do this so that we can work together to take our House Seat back. The person who sits in this seat has the unique position of straddling so many lines in this state and the SCC is a place to have our voices heard. Not only are we in CD2, we're in a State House seat that reaches to Chaco Canyon, a State Senate seat that meanders to south of Belen, and local representatives in Bernalillo County- we need someone who understands this dance we do between all these spaces. And that's me!FemaleCD2
AstorgaStephenEnriqueI'm running to get more involved within my community and Political involvement...MaleCD3
BrooksRonI am a Democrat who wants to help make a difference for those who have no voice!MaleCD3
CookJeremyI have a record of attending and voting in person or proxy in SCC meetings for the past 4 years. Happy to be the advocate for the westside for 2 more years.MaleCD3
NewAmyKatherineI am running for SCC because I think it is important to be involved. As a progressive democrat I feel that the party has some work to do as far as being about more progressive ideals. We need people who think healthcare is a right and people deserve a living wage and we need to have the green new deal. We need people in the SCC that will vote for people that will bring about the change we need and will work to bring the party back to where it was when it put people ahead of corporations.FemaleCD3
PopeHaroldJamesJr.I would like to continue serving as a member of the SCC. While I am now an elected official I would still like to be involved in promoting the party, growing the party, and electing new leadership. We must not be complacent and we must have all Democrats willing to serve if we are to ensure we keep the House, Senate, and our State wide races.MaleCD3
SantosElvaXxxMrs.I am running for this office because I feel it's very important that each one of us be involved in our community, beginning with the County Democratic Party, our neighborhood associations, our State Democratic Party, and finally, with our national politics. The future of all Americans is in the hands of voters who are informed and take part in politics, from local organizations on up to the National Party. Policies are formed by those who take part in politics, and we can't leave it to "others" to do that for us, then complain because we don't like those policies.FemaleCD3
SantosJohnGilbertMr.I am running for this office because I believe it is important to be involved in all areas of leadership in my community.MaleCD3