2021 in the Rearview Mirror

In 2021, the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County (DPBC) focused through this newsletter on unifying political leaders and constituents. At the same time, we commented on national developments, intending to add to the conversations Democrats have with peers and policymakers.

The Blue Review profiled political and policy leaders our readers might otherwise never know. And we identified active Democrats to engineer the party’s sometimes complex machinery. The newsletter’s work was accomplished by a team of ten communications experts, writers and techs. Its readership expanded participation in party affairs through volunteering and enlisting friends and contacts—and wound up building an activist core beyond anything in the county party’s history. We’re resolved to do more of the same in these virtual pages as we hold elected leaders accountable and make the county Democratic party more inclusive as we go.

DPBC’s work was taken forward by literally thousands of Democrats who volunteered in a host of capacities: reaching out to newcomers, long-time supporters and donors; coordinating meetings and educational presentations; managing our finances; organizing caucuses; designing databases to make information available to candidates; lobbying; and weighing in on priorities for the party.

Here’s a look in The Blue Review’s 2021 rearview mirror, taking into account improvements on the national front, where the Biden administration delivered the first-ever monthly tax credit for families with children, responded to the COVID crisis with vaccination mandates for federal workers and large businesses, patched together a consensus to finance infrastructure improvements and broadband expansion, restored national monuments and environmental standards for public lands.

Via the Blue Review, we reached and brought to our Democratic subscribers the points of view of Albuquerque African American leaders, nationally distinguished female leaders, assertive organizers of LGBTQ groups, Asian-American Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities, and leaders of the healthy Veterans and Military Families caucus.

We reflected on legislative conduct after the first session of the State’s 55th legislature following repeal of the statute criminalizing abortion, passage of the right to aid in dying, a community solar program, liquor laws friendlier to small businesses, and establishing a nonpartisan redistricting commission, among many other accomplishments. We ran a 19-part series exploring the science undergirding Coronavirus policy in New Mexico, recognizing Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham’s national leadership in the public health arena.

Replacing in-person “Third Thursday” events during the pandemic, we spent September in tandem with the West Side Dems focusing on crime and policing policy. In October we ran a series on the prospects for a paid legislature, and in November we helped organize volunteers to get out the vote in municipal and Albuquerque Public Schools elections and for the December run-off elections. 

Throughout the year, we introduced readers to lead volunteers in the county party, including county officers, tech team organizers; ward, precinct, and standing chairs. The pandemic required the county party to step up online access to Democratic Party events. Our “zoom” organizational events helped elect 1034 people to the county central committee (CCC), and approve credentials of 1800 people for 63 ward meetings. In addition, CCC members elected 169 state central committee (SCC) members in April.

We’re happy to have all of our 2000+ subscribers as well as the activist Democrats who do not yet subscribe. We hope you’ll stay with us as we go into 2022, preparing for new leaders as we implement new congressional district, ward and precinct boundaries, ensure that Democrats win in every possible race in the November 2022 midterms, and continue to bring you national stories that affect us locally.