Events Calendar

Event Time Date Location Description
Third Party Agent Training 02:00pm Thursday 18 January 2018 Voting Machine Warehouse

2400 Broadway SE, Building H. Learn more about how to become a Third Party Agent Registrant.  For more information on attending, contact the Bureau of Elections at (505) 468-1291 ext. 1217

Women's March Sunday 21 January 2018 Civic Plaza
Call to be Published Saturday 27 January 2018
Delegate Elections Saturday 24 February 2018
Ward Packet Certification 10:00am Sunday 25 February 2018
Delegate Credentialing Tuesday 27 February 2018
DPBC Pre-Primary Convention 02:00pm Sunday 04 March 2018 Albq. Convention Center, Ballrooms A and B

Registration is 12:30-1:45 p.m.

DPNM Pre-Primary Convention 09:00am Saturday 10 March 2018 Albq. Convention Center, Ballrooms A, B, and C

Registration starts at 7 a.m.