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Please provide the necessary contact information and select the type(s) of report(s) you wish to receive. Please note that while requests by ward and precinct chairs for standard reports will be honored automatically for their wards and/or precincts, all other requests will need to be approved by the County Chair. All standard reports, unless designated as a PDF format report, will be in Microsoft Excel format. If you want your report in a different format please add that information in the appropriate "Special Instructions" field.

Registration Tracking Summary Reports will take several weeks before the data will become meaningful since we won't start the tracking process until a request is received. Examples of the standard Registration Change and Tracking Summary reports can be viewed by clicking on the appropriate link here:

Sample Registration Change Report

Sample Tracking Summary

NOTE: When you're ready to submit the form, if the captcha image does not show when you hover over where it should be, click on the small refresh button just to the left of it.

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