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The controlling body of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County is the County Central Committee, which consists primarily of all the ward chairsand  precinct chairs, plus additional elected members from at least 2/3 of the precincts. These members are elected in local ward meetings early (usually February) of odd-numbered years and serve a two-year term.

About a month after they're elected these CCC members . . . possibly up to nearly 1,000 of them . . . meet to elect a County Chair, two Vice Chairs and well over 100 members to represent Bernalillo County on the State Central Committee, all to serve two year terms. Other party officers include the Secretary and Treasurer, who are appointed by the County Chair.

In addition to the County Central Committee, which is obviously too large a body to meet regularly, some authority is delegated to the Executive Committee, which consists of the five county officers and all the ward chairs. There are two other committees specified in the county rules: The Resolutions & Platform Committee and the Credentials & Rules Committee. These two committees each have one representative from each ward, and are chaired by a committee member selected by the County Chair. The County Chair also has the authority to create additional committees as he or she determines are necessary.

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