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PLEASE NOTE: Event annoucements can appear on the web site, in the Blue Review and (when applicable) in the Weekend Li'l Blue. But these free announcements are only announcements. They are not free campaign advertising! For any contested primary race please refrain from using your campaign slogans that could be construed by anyone as showing favortism toward your campaign by the county party. Phrases like "proven leadership", "our next representative", "the true democrat", etc. will be edited out before we include your announcement. These are fine for paid advertisements. If you wish to run a paid ad please contact Millie via email at


When you submit an event for our website and our Blue Review e-newsletter, it can also be posted on our Bernalillo County Democratic Party Facebook Page if you select that option. If so, we reserve the right to edit the content to fit the Facebook format and add an image. Please LIKE our Facebook page, and when you see the post, SHARE it with your friends.

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